A Closer Look At The Refugee Crisis


Disclaimer: This is pretty much a pro-refugee myTake, don't read it if you think you'll get triggered :)

What went wrong?

Since 2014, Europe was confronted with the highest number of refugees since the last world war. The main reason for this is the current crisis in Syria, and the rise of the Islamic State in the Middle East. For a very long time, Syria had been lead by a family of dictators rather peacefully. It was quite a developed country. Things started to change in 2011, during the Arab Spring. Many authoritarian regimes, for example Tunisia, Egypt and Lybia, fell as a result of a rising number of protests and conflicts. However, the Syrian dictators refused to step down and accept a change. Instead, they turned to military forces to surpress the starting revolution. Different ethnicities, religious and political groups started fighting each other, and the situation became grim. The rising Islamis State took advantage of this, and started to cause an even greater mess in the already struggling Syria. All hell broke loose, literally, with an increasing number of public executions, murders of civillians and the use of chemical weaponery.

A Closer Look At The Refugee Crisis

Where did they go?

Understandably, the Syrians didn't like being trapped between IS, a horrific political regime and a bunch of rebel groups. About of the third of the population was forced to move within the country, while another 4 million have decided to flee abroad. The vast majority of them settled in refugee camps in Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Egypt. It should be pointed out that the richest nearby countries, such as Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar have accepted NONE of the refugees. The poorer neighboring countries were not prepared for so many refugees, resulting in a shortage of food, medicine and shelter. Meanwhile, the situation in Syria didn't seem to get any better. Therefore, many of the refugees decided to go for a long-term solution instead of a temporary one - Europe.

A Closer Look At The Refugee Crisis

How did Europe take it?

Not well, of course. Just like Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, the European Union was not ready for such an enormous influx of refugees. This put a huge amount of pressure especially on the countries in the South - Italy, Greece and Hungary. These countries weren't able to take care of them, causing a similar situation as in the refugee camps mentioned above. Most of the European countries saw the trouble the border states got into, and refused to take large numbers of refugees themselves. Germany's counceller Angela Merkel was the first one to take action, announcing that she will accept 800,000 refugees in 2015 alone. Not everyone was happy about this, natural.

A Closer Look At The Refugee Crisis

Arguments for and against refugees:

1. Many Europeans fear that the ongoing influx of refugees will slowly turn the continent into a Muslim "territory"

Even if the European Union were to accept all 4 million Syrian refugees, the number of Muslims would only rise about 2%.

2. Muslims generally have a higher birth rate that Europeans. this leads to speculation that there will soon be more refugees than natives in some of the countries in Europe.

While the higher birth rates have been proven true, it has also been studied that as the standard of living increases, the birth rates decrease. Therefore, if Europe accepts the refugees and makes an effort to integrate them, their birth rates will drop and everybody will be happy.

3. "They will either take our jobs OR they will live off of our governments support."

Yes, some of the refugees will definitely take advantage of the system. However, the majority of them are educated individuals who are willing to work if given the opportunity. The refugees can help strengthen the European infrastructure, as they'd be willing to take the jobs that most europeans consider "dirty", similar to the Eastern European workforce in the UK or Germany.

4. Refugees travelling with smartphones etc. lead to the belief that they don't really need help.

Yes they do. Syria was quite a developed country before the war, as mentioned above. The families are about to embark on an extremely dangerous journey. If you were in their place, would you leave your phone behind?

5. They commint violent crime and make Europe less safe.

Yes they do. I will get to this below.

How would I solve this?

Bear in mind that I am no politician, and I only know what the news tells me. However, I have pretty clear idea on how I would solve this. i would controll the influx of refugees, and take their fingerprints, photos and documents. They'd ba allowed to move around the country freely, of course. However, the moment they commit a crime, however petty it might be (for example riding the bus without a ticket, underage drinking etc), they'd be deported and denied the opportunity to come back. This might be difficult to establish, especially given the huge numbers of refugees. However, it gives everyone a chance if they behave, and if they don't they'll be gone. At the same time, if we were merciless and really kept this rule strict, the refugees would be motivated to behave well for fear of deportation.

A Closer Look At The Refugee Crisis

We are writing history right now. This is what kids will learn about in school a hundred years from now. Do we want to be remembered ass xenophobic rich bastards? Lets help while we can, and be he best we can possible be :)

I took a lot of this info from this YouTube video (Kurzgesagt - The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained). It's an awesome channel, I highly recommend it :)

A Closer Look At The Refugee Crisis
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  • springocelot
    Your pro-refugee arguments are weak, yet your solution is good. Problem is, no western european government would implement it out of fear.

    People are witnessing this right now in EU. The police, the governments, give and let them get away with everything. Free housing, free food, almost unlimited welfare, they don't get charged for things like rape and polygamous marriage just because they belong to a certain religion. Worse still, the media won't report the crimes of migrants/muslims until at least a month later (when it's too late), if ever. All that does is build a spoiled brat mentality. Do you realize how hard it is to undo a spoiled brat, when you've been spoiling them for years?

    Your intention is all well and good, but it's far too naive given the situation.
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  • Waffles731
    We Westerns have screwed over the middle east an africa for over hundred years, what did we think was going to happen
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    • But really though. I'm not for or against refugees. I frankly don't care, tbh. But let's stop the charade and bullshit that the region was fucked up on its own or that the US and other Super powers didn't arm dictators and terrorists or the UK wasn't a major part in the Israel/Palestine conflict or that years of colonization didn't lead to warlords in Africa coming into power overtaking weak ass central governments

    • Waffles731

      Which is why I said westerners not the United States

    • The fuck are you talking about hundreds of years? First of all, if the Ottomans wouldn't have entered WW1, this would most likely would have been avoided, so blame them for fucking up. Yes, the West didn't do the right thing after they took control, but they wouldn't have taken control of the land if the Ottomans wouldn't have entered the war.

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    the question is why should Europe take them in and integrate them? are they children in need of parents? they are of a totally different race and culture. i don't see why Europe owes them a house, job (or government assistance), health insurance and a college education.

    europeans have come a long way and just a few generations ago most of them were living in horrid conditions working in factories, coal mines, etc. not to mention the devestation of wars.

    so when things were hard who did the europeans turn to? nobody adopted them and handed them nice lifestyles. they did it on their own.
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  • Phoenix98
    If you wanted to help out the refugee's you should have never brought them into Europe and if the middle east actually cared about it's own people the nations there would have extended a helping hand.

    FYI, unless Europe does something it's nations are going to fall and it's people will be overwhelmed. I suspect in 5 years or less Germany will go through an economic collapse.

    The only nations that are going to survive the immigrant horde unscathed are the ones that have cut themselves off and are patrolling and guarding the boarders with soldiers and military vehicles with shoot on sight orders.

    Also your article is wrong from the very beginning.

    Most of the immigrants aren't even Syrian for one.

    Most if not all of them are healthy, strong military age young men, no women no children no old folks.

    Rape rates have increased by 1400% since they started arriving.

    Sexual assault and sex crimes have risen.

    Petty crime has risen.

    Violent crime has risen.

    The immigrants are not sticking to the nations they have been assigned to but are instead hopping nations to Germany to leech off of it's infinite welfare.

    Or they are attacking the boarders of countries, tearing down it's boarder security and overwhelming personal.

    Since the immigrants were let into Europe a lot of high ranking terrorist leaders have been spotted all across Europe.

    Since the immigrants were let into Europe several terrorist cells have been uncovered.

    since the immigrants got into Europe a new policy was erected forcing women not to wear short skirts because it to easily tempted the immigrant to rape young women and children.

    since the immigrants were let into Europe France was put on a nation wide lockdown for the first time since the last world war.

    Since the immigrants were let into Europe some of the biggest and most brutal and high causality terrorist attacks in modern history have happened and since they let them in over half a dozen major attacks have happened.

    Not to mention that somehow they were able to get entire truck loads of military grade firearm sand explosives into France a gun free nation were firearms are banned.

    Here are the immigrants you love so much.


    O and just FYI just not more then a week or two ago a Arab immigrant raped and murdered a girl and dumped her body by a river she used to study at ^^.

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    • Rissyanne

      None of these liberals are going to believe you. They are to busy defending terrorist... thugs and criminals

    • Phoenix98

      @Rissyanne Mhmm

    • TheFlak38

      Thanks for speaking the truth. The masses are too brain polluted to realise this. In my town here in Saxony we have such incidents literally every week. Last Tuesday a young man was stabbed by some Arab savage. And they always stab in the thigh, trying to hit the main artery so that the victim will bleed to death quickly. Last week I walked through the city center and found myself in a mob of 50+ Arabs fighting each other and destroying everything around them. Since they are unable to build and create civilisation they destroy everything we've built. And of course no police in sight. They don't give a shit about us. We're evil Nazis and deserve all this.

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  • nalaa
    As for your arguments about 1/2, look it's about islam really. It's not about increase in muslims that concerns people it's about the values we fear they might bring.
    You make it sound like people have an irrational fear of islam in Europe. But you know I'm from germany for decades we've had many muslim immigrants (from Turkey) and yes there were occasionally but overall people didn't mind that much, primarily because Turkey is relatively secular (or used to be?) and shared a lot of our values. You can't really say the same about most of the middle east including syria.

    My dad works with refugees and my uncle is a policemen in cologone, which made headlines about a year ago because dozens of girls assaulted by "arabic looking" immigrants and that's a problem and that rightfully so concerns people.
    Both my dad and my uncle can tell you dozen stories like. I understand that in the police you are dealing with pre selected set of people about 80% of the people they arrest are from the middle east and north africa. And they can't do anything. Because if someone is a fleeing war your country is not allowed to send them back to the warzone, so they just let them go. And most of them might not be from Syria but that's part of the problem. You can't reasonably expect who are fleeing war to have proper documentation. So a lot of people who are just unhappy with their current situation are piggybacking on that. If it was just people Syria we wouldn't have a problem
    Another headline just recently was that a boy was raped in austria by a refugee who called it an "emergency".

    Another issue is that while in the media you see families escaping war, because it makes a good picture. Such as the cartoon you posted. But the reality most people heading for Europe are not families, they're single young men. Who a lot of people feel should stay and build up their country again.
    And another thing is seeking refugee is Europe has typically been a temporary solution. You go to a country where it's safe while a war is going on and then you go back. But in this case it's clear from that start that most of them will not go back

    Lastly I think the biggest problem of all is that people feel they can't voice any concern without being labled a racist or islamophobe
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    • This.

      The biggest issue is that it's mostly not even syrian war-refugees, but mostly people striving for better economics.

      Additionally unlimited immigration will cause destabilisation. Ridiculous high crime rates among immigration-focused areas is just one aspect of it - it will just get worse.

      And the people are slowly starting to get pissed about it. It's not that the majority of people have an issue with immigrants per se, but there are limits to what can and should be respected and those limits have been crossed several times. As a result there is a drastic increase of the right-wing in all european nations. Unlike in the past, this time it's not the lower class becoming more right-winged, but it is the middle-class. Stable members who aren't just looking for a scapegoat.

      And this entire refugee policy of "tolerance" will then backfire. One extreme leads to another. As extreme the left-wing policies were, the right-wing ones will become similar extreme.

  • TheFlak38
    And you article is wrong from the beginning already. They are not refugees, they are INVADERS! First off, the majority of them aren't even Syrians. They come from Africans countries where there is no war so that already blows you social justice theory out the water. Now about Syria, if they were in danger they would have gone to the closest safe place possible which is Southern Turkey, Northern Syria and Northern Iraq where there are already many real refugees. The rest of them are young fit men of military age who deserted their country and risked their lives in the Mediterranean to come here and force their way of life on us. Women and children stay behind in the "war zone" of course.
    You say that the muslim population would rise only by 2%. Muslims in Germany are 2% of the population and yet they commit 30% of crimes (numbers of 2015, we don't know about 2016 yet). And of course they get away with it because that's what the anti german government and the EU want. They want a population replacement as cheap labour which they can (or think they can) control easily.
    This tiny percentage of muslims is more than enough to turn Europe into a third world shithole! Even the UN predicts that Sweden will in less than 50 years be a third world country. Look back into history. We have seen this numerous times. Portugal was once the most powerful European country during the 15th century. It only took 10% of African blood through slavery into their living space to make them the most poor and backward country and this in less than 100 years!
    If they are so educated and with the ability to strengthen our infrastructure then why didn't they do it in their lands? Why do they live in third world shitholes?
    As for you compliments in the end, you once again prove how the media and education system in Europe brainwashes young people with mere words like "racist" and "xenophobia". The fact that these savages rape and murder Europeans specifically is not racist and xenophobic for you at all. Let us blame Europeans and shame them so they conform to their own demographic destruction.
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    • TheFlak38

      This is what happens because of your naive worldview.

    • TheFlak38

      And our children won't remember us at all if we all follow your naive worldview. Our children want to live in a safe environment. Not with police forces guarding Christmas markets and monuments. Is this the bright future you imagine for our children? The fact that we have train station and attractions guarded by the police 24/7 is a crystal clear evidence that your worldview and social justice theory is one epic FAIL!

    • JulieXO

      The middle east is socially less developed. It is beacuse they live in the desert, and their economic and social development only started after the discovery of oil. That is why their way of life may seem primal to us. but if you look at Europe, 200 years ago, it's not too different. Women had no rights, physical punishment was a thing etc. Should we bash people just because their cultutre simply hasn't grown and evolved as fast as ours?
      You say that they should have gone to the neighboring countries, and many of them have. The problem is that the refugee camps are overcrowded and thus unsafe.
      some of the military aged men you pinted out go to Europe without their families, so that they don't have to go on the very danagerous journey. The want to make money to be able to provide a ssafe journey for them. The people from the Middle East are jsut like us, the only differenc is how culturally and socially developed we are.

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  • UnknownReflection
    Great take. I loved it. I am agree with you on the helping attitude but we have to be careful as well. Accepting such float of refugees been a huge mistake.
    Yes, there are many educated people, civil citizens and peaceful human beings in these areas as well. Many people from these countries working at Microsoft, NASA already etc. . but at the other side, there are hatred, radical practices, beliefs against West and so on as well.
    Western world should invent and lunch certain programs for good monitoring and identification documentary for each individual. Something that haven't been done.
    The undeniable fact first comes with culture, belief and it's differences. It's not their fault. They see new environments, new cultural aspects and atmosphere that they never got used to it before. These elements can simply trick their behaviors. And we must learn to make sure if they can cope with our culture. Otherwise, it'll be a disaster as somehow it is today. And we have to be worried about our history and culture, because accepting everyone uncontrollably can destroy the Western culture. If they come here they have to cope with everything related to this culture otherwise, they should stay where they used to be from the first place. Plus, we should not forget how many radicals and terrorists can hide among the other civil citizens. This is why high monitoring is required before we accept anyone.
    Simply, we should find a correct way to separate the good and bad or we should hold everyone back in order to protect ourselves.
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  • Jan1ssary_
    Honestly I couldn't read what all u wrote cause I am not free right now but I'll share my opinion as being citizen of the country which accepted at least 4 million Syrian here.

    Well first of all Syrians fucked here, we accepted them to help but they don't live like humans here, they don't obey the rules they began to have their own neighborhoods they began to rob people and and harras women here cause of their clothing style. And it makes me angry as fuck, if I wasn't in military I'd definitely create a group and kick them out of my country. I can now understand why EU don't want Syrians in their country cause they know these things will be happen and yeah you guys are doing the right thing with not accepting them honestly.

    Our fuckin government accepts them because they have diffrent reasons and goals. Erdogan sees himself as the Caliphate and leader of all Muslims thats why he wants to keep them in our country. But situation isn't that good people becoming more and more racist against them. Syrians must obey the rules or they will get an ass kick soon thats sure.
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    • FatherJack

      You are right , I'm partly of Magyar ( Hungarian ) descent & the Turks & other Turkic / Uralic , ( which include the Magyars... even the Finns ) people have a common root , very different culture to Arabs. I see Turks as cousin people & look at how Hungary has built up a border fence & defences & told the " refugees " to " Baszd meg !! " ... fuck off in Magyar !!

    • Jan1ssary_

      @FatherJack Same as I do u are our cousins, thats religions seperating us actually. U are doing right thing with not letting them in seriously.

  • front2back
    Meanwhile, in Germany, refugees are making things a living Hell.
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  • rzx_arbitrary
    The problem with importing Islamic refugees is namely:

    1. The incompatibility of Western Culture and Islam (if meticulously practiced as outlined in the Quran).
    2. The inability anyone has to properly vet them before taking them in.
    3. The patent fact that known terrorist groups, ISIS included, have openly admitted that they can, will, and have historically posed as refugees to infiltrate civilized countries; particularly European ones.
    4. A substantial percentage of them quite simply aren't refugees; attributable to point #3.
    5. The adamant refusal to assimilate to Western cultural standards. In particular, legal standards, such as: "Don't rape women. Don't kill people. Don't steal from people. Don't commit arson. Don't kidnap people. Don't engage in sex trafficking."
    6. The fact that when they do commit crimes, it's covered up by the media, swept underneath the rug, and the criminals are often protected, while whistle-blowers are slandered prosecuted. (Ex: Tommy Robinson.)
    7. Europe by and large has laws that disarm it's own citizens and leaves them helpless to defend themselves in situations in which they are outnumbered. And, a large quantity of crimes committed by migrants are done in groups. From gang beatings, to gang rapes, to gang kidnappings, they often commit their worst atrocities in numbers.

    I can empathize with people who want to support the influx of refugees, because I get where they're coming from. Most people who support it do so because they're kind hearted, empathetic people who want to help those who are in need. And that is absolutely admirable.

    But, even a brief analysis of the tragic outcomes of importing the violent culture that is Islam into Europe over the past few years stands as an outstanding testament for why that cannot be allowed to continue. Not without far stricter regulation. Actual ISIS fighters have come into the U. K, left, gone to war, and returned without problem, and that fact alone is utterly reprehensible.

    It's not easy to vet these people. They come from uncivilized societies in which paper records on individual people often simply do not exist. And it's not generally easy to gage how willing someone is to abide by the legal standards of a Western society at a glance.

    All that said, though: I like your "one chance" policy idea. If that was coupled with a rigorous evaluation of someone's behavior in an isolated living area beforehand, then it might just filter out the violent ones ahead of time.
  • spuitkaas
    Honestly, I think you miss a few points here. I think not a lot of people are against the coming of Syrian refugees, but about the refugees from other countries. I live in the Netherlands and many neighbouring countries have been having trouble for years with young men often from northen Africa causing trouble.
    Right now we in the Netherlands have trouble again with Moroccans, Algerians and Eritreans coming here with the refugee influx, knowing they have no chance toget registered here, go stealing from the people, become pickpockets and setting refugee camps on fire.
    Also it's not the Syrian refugees who are raping women, but the Northern-Africans again. Also the people of the attack in France and Brussel were from Northern-African decent.
    Don't get me wrong. I know some Northern-African people who are very nice and have every right to be here because they're fully integrated, but there are also so many troublemakers.
    You said as a solution that we should deport the refugees faster if they committed a crime, but you can't deport a refugee. Where should you deport them to? To their home country that's in war? In my opinion it makes more sense to deport the real troublemakers back to where they came from if they committed crimes. They actually have a place to go to that's not in war.
  • AleDeEurope
    I don't understand the point of destroying your house and your family to help out a stranger...
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    • rjroy3

      *applauds you*

      I appreciate people that get it. Every topic involving the border and immigration can be related to a personal home analogy.
      "Walls don't work. I know the human spirit".
      Yea, front doors don't work. Take the front and back door off the hinges. I know the human spirit. They're gonna get in either way.

    • JenSCDC


    • @rjroy3 These people saying we have to help those in need, but won't even give a dime to a homeless man, even less open the doors of their house to give them shelter. Bunch of hypocrites.

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  • JenSCDC
    The crime rate among refugees in Germany is lower than that of the regular German population.

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  • Tarvold
    Now, I don't wish for any of what I'm about to say to happen, but let's just keep it real and tell it like it is.

    Until the US is nuked back to the stone ages, none of these problems in the Middle East will be over.

    The last chance for peace died with Saddam - the Americans were just too fucking stupid to see that Saddam was keeping a lid on ISIS and all the bloodshed that followed. Let's be honest though, they probably didn't care either. 911 just happened, and they needed to shoot somebody, anybody.

    So long as America and Americans "think" that they're the "leaders of the free world", the world won't have peace. If nothing else, the American government can be bought for cheap, and there's just way too much money to be made by American corporations selling guns to fuel both sides of the conflicts.

    Come to think of it, now that Trump has started cutting out the lobbyist middle men and just put big corp execs in positions of power, things in the Middle East will probably get a whole lot worse. Which means that the refugee crisis will get a whole lot worse. The snowball has rolled down the hill long ago. There's no stopping this avalanche now.
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  • oddwaffle
    2. Is partly true but it's not really. Women tend to hold off on giving birth when they think their livelihood not secured enough for their children. They would keep holding it u til they get somewhere safe and start having babies. It's like a natural mother instinct. That's why a lot of refugees give birth after reaching a safe country. This gives the illusion that refugees have higher birth rate. However, a study concluded that after the initial birth spike, the new comers will copy the residents and non of them will have babies.

    3. Yes and no. This is highly dependent on the economy. Refugees tend to be extremely self sufficient (they would have to be or they would die) so they will often open their own businesses or work in anything that will pay them. They are extremely hard working because death always hang over them.

    This means an economy that allows the refugees to intergrade into the community and encourage small businesses will see an increase in job opening. These refugees will start new businesses and hire people.

    On the other hand, an unwelcome economy will push these refugees into their own closed circle. They would b driven underground and get rich by the black economy while smunching on social security.
  • goldfinch23
    1. Refugees won't be "spread" equally, but they pick countries they want to live in. Per logic of average human being, if I'm running from war, I would be thankful for new chance and I will stay in the first peaceful country where is no danger for me.
    Because of this, they are burden for particular countries. Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, etc.
    2. Birth rate decrease? Another lie. At least in the UK where is more and more Muslims and not because of refugees, but because of their high birth rate.
    Integration of refugees failed in countries I wrote above, either in the UK.
    3. To keep them happy, government give up and keep paying benefits to them. I don't know where you get your statement about educated individuals. It's completely fail. Germany is clear evidence of it. Since 2014, only 1% of refugees has find job and most of them are non skilled.
    4. I don't care about their smartphones. I do care if they are safe in their country. There is no danger for them at all. And I'm going to tell you how I get this conclusion.
    Czech Republic accepted some of refugees whose pass background check by Czech Secret Service. Majority of them went to Germany. Those who were sent back to Czech Republic, flew to their original countries. If they flew back, I assume there is no danger at all, if they prefer live there instead of peaceful and developed country.
    5. Their crimes it's chapter itself. New Years Eve attacks in Germany, 1000 % rising rapes in Sweden, etc.
  • Raymond_Reddington
    Holland is already a small country. And with our open borders, the refugees just keep coming and coming. If we'd just close our borders, everything would be fine for us. Send them back to where they came from, and let them deal with their own problems.
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  • gobsmacked3
    I think you fail to mention the American/Israeli effect of the sad situation in Syria...

    it never helps being in an oil rich Nation as we saw previously in the destruction of Iraq

    As for refugees, we are all one human race so should look after each other. I remember amidst the Nazi march through Europe in WW2 millions were fleeing and found sanctuary in places like Syria

    Memories are very short in the minds of most
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    • rjroy3

      Tell that to the Middle Eastern nations nearby that rejected them and refuse to take in refugees. You can go through our history and easily find several times we lead humanitarian efforts and took in people or went out to people who needed our help. Why is this single crisis so important? So important we need to risk the chance of letting in terrorists? Where do we draw the line?

      You can't use the same argument over and over and over that we're all humans and have to look out for eachother, when this is one of the few times many people say "No, we don't want to risk helping these people". We helped Japan after the tsunami, the people of Haiti both times they had cataclysmic events. We regularly help our allies in the middle east. We helped other countries with the Ebola outbreak. At what point can we accept a simple "No, not this time"? Where do you personally draw the line? Is there a line?

    • @rjroy3 Call me a fool idealist but when it comes to the needs of others in a situation like this there never should be discussion of a 'line'. we are all one human race, one big extended family- if I was hungry and had a piece of bread and cheese and you were hungry and had nothing, I was always taught to share half with you

      everyone should chip in and help their fellow human

      And it is not just on the States, it is on all. I cringe at how reluctant Australia has been to be more open to refugess. Particularly when they have so much space in their country to accommodate them

      The sad part of this is it always comes back to the 'colour of their cloth'- ie Muslim. A group of people that have been treated appallingly since 9/11, just look at the tragic Pakistan flood of a decade ago that displaced 5 million that no one knew about and few if any cared to help.

      Why?- Muslim Nation

    • @rjroy3 Even during the tragedy of Katrina, rather than drop all to help out their own citizens the governments main focus was on annexing Iraq's mineral riches

      Why?- Black people whose main demographic was low economic standing

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  • Cccgala
    I think leaving one's country to seek refuge abroad is a self-centered decision. It may guarantee a person "peace" but that act will result to bigger problems for the countries intercepting refugees and it will cause more problems in the long run.

    Do the refugees really identify themselves as people who seek refuge or do they identify themselves as future foreign nationals if they ever acquire citizenship?

    Being a refugee is one of the "quickest" (if not easiest) ways to citizenship eligibility. Some countries give considerations to naturalization when an applicant is a refugee for a considerable number of years.

    Refugees wouldn't seek refuge in another land if their place can cater to their needs in the first place.

    I understand your side. However, I think it's actually close to impossible to have your solutions in real life since there are more problems tied with the issue.
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  • FatherJack
    Most of these " refugees " are not even Syrian , & are nearly all , fit , military age MEN ... " and I only know what the news tells me " ... you are letting the " media " think for you , there is MUCH more to the Arab Springs & this current conflict than meets the eye , " ISIS / Daesh " or whatever are really a CIA / Mossad creation , look up Agenda 21 , please open your eyes & do not let yourself be brainwashed. Ex British Army that has served in the Middle East , let me tell you from experience the " media " tells you ONLY their " truth " .
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  • hero-hero
    The Syrian crisis was basically caused by outside interference from USA , Russia , Turkey , Qatar , Iran and Saudia Arabia. Despite that , those countries refused to have and refugees at all. Those poor people never wanted to leave their homes. they were forced to. but in my opinion to make things more fair , the countries i mentioned should be the only countries that receive refugees.. At least they should pay for their SINS...
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    • jacquesvol

      Look at a map with Middle East oil resources:

      Mainly the US and it's Arab and EU (UK, Poland, France) allies wanted to do away with Saddam, Khaddafi and Assad, all three connected with the Baath parties and trying to sell their oil through other channels than Wall Street and City corps. The US wanted a military presence near the oil fields. Thus they started fucking up the Middle East. Good for war during decades. And millions of refugees.

      The next target is Iran. But to attack Iran, it was impossible to let Iraq and Syria have a stable situation and a full army. You can't attack with a possible enemy in your back.
      Thus it ain't over yet. You'll hear a lot of ant Iran propaganda the next years.

      Andno, that's not the work of ONE president like G-W Bush and his personal oil interests. It's the work of the Wall Street lobby machine.

    • jacquesvol

      The " the Arab Spring" ? Google OTPOR -CANVAS and. Einstein Institute and Gene Sharp.
      the Arab Spring
      A lot to read and learn from American sources.
      You can download handbooks how to start a revolution in about any language here: www.aeinstein.org/.../

      www.aeinstein.org is financed by the National Endowment for Democracy. A US govt service.

    • hero-hero

      @jacquesvol thanks for your insightful opinion man. i agree with most of what you said. but i dont agree that the US is going to attack Iran. The Us is making a big profit of the presence of Iran that makes its presence is worth it. the rich gulf state is in great need for the US becoz of Iran. they obey it for that. Look at the arms purchased by them from the US. tens of billions of dollars for arms they don't even know how to use it but buying it out of fears form Iran. The united sates policy is not to wipe Iran but to contain it never let it grow much and never let it fall. that way makes a balance pretty much needed in the US.
      LoL , Iam living in the middle east. so i know lots of things that westerners don't know about it.

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  • HonestWhiteGuy
    As most liberal posts tend to be, your post is idealistic and sounds good but in reality, doesn't work, kinda like communism/socialism don't work but many liberal professors in colleges seem to love the "idea of it". Or we could just you know, keep almost all out like Japan and China do and minimize any risk, but I guess thats not "nice" enough for bleeding heart liberals even though its the logical thing to do.

    You also forgot to mention that a lot of European nations like Greece and France have very high unemployment and economic problems of their own. Letting in a bunch of uneducated, unskilled and often times violent immigrants is going to make things worse.

    Its a simple fcking solution in my opinion, close the borders. Saudi Arabia hasn't taken any.

    by the way just wondering, has your stance changed at all since the latest attack in Berlin where 12 died and 50 were injured by a Muslim truck driver? I bet those people are loving your proposed ideas of continuing to let in more refugees
    • JulieXO

      My views have indeed changed after Berlin. It might be a bit hippocritical, since I still believed in letting refugees in after Paris. But I used to live in Berlin, and my family and friends still do. It hit me hard when it happened so close to home. However, I still believe that not all of the refugees are bad people, and judging the many by the actions ofthe few is unfair. I do think the way we treat them should be stricter though.

  • Blitzkrieger
    Actually a refugee stops being a refugee the moment they want to immigrate. I dont believe in feel good politics. I also dont believe in interventionism either. We should stop with intervening in the middle east and its people as well, every economical immigrant should be send back.

    I disagree with everything you said. This mindset has brought us in the misery we are in in the first place.
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    • JenSCDC

      What misery are you talking about?

    • @JenSCDC in my country alone people from the jewish community fled to israel because they didn't feel safe here despite the government providing millions of euros to secure their buildings and cars as well as provide them with personal bodyguards. they ran away because of the increasing crime rate and because all former european terrorist attacks have been organized from in my country. thats sounds like misery to me. the police stays away from them because they are underfunded. this has major economical conseqences as foreign corporations dont want to invest in our economy due to the terrorists organizing in brussels.

    • JenSCDC

      Sounds more like panic to me.

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  • bedroomdweller
    @springocelot and @Blitzkrieger nailed it. I also think your "solutions" are based on pure idealism without considering context. Your approach is almost childish in nature.

    No wonder how you are over supportive of these "regugees".

    @Phoenix98 is helping you get some reality check there. All in all, I've argued this a zillion times here. But it's covered here alright. Cheers
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    • "refugees"

    • Phoenix98

      Thank you sir

      and I didn't even post the video of like 20 or 30 Muslim immigrants attacking a woman and her child before chasing them into their house and surrounding the house. They had to hold back the Germans in the house from kicking their asses they even brought out a rifle to scare em off with.

      And as usual the cops were nowhere in sight.

  • OjosOscuros2
    Notice how the only comments down voted express your pro-refugee sentiments. Its so interesting.
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    • JulieXO

      I haen'T downvoter a single comment :)

  • echoaj
    I am pro helping out the refugees. We need to treat other with humanity and decency. People need to put themselves in their shoes. I would want people to help me out if I had nothing.
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    • Rissyanne

      You need to take in a family and cloth feed and provide medical for them.

    • echoaj

      @Rissyanne I honestly would If I could.

    • Rissyanne

      But you expect tax payers to. Liberals are so good at spending other people's money. Like Michael Moore... the pos is sitting on millions but he wants everyone else to give there money.

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  • Danher525
    They are refugees, they should not live in our country they should get a tent and food that is it not homes and stuff unless they get citizenship. I don't care about religion believes but they are going to change our countries into their own look at France they tried to change the flag and anthem when it's not their country so they can go.
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  • kickme
    the smart countries that didn't take any refugees will still have running water in 30 years. it's cheaper to help them where they are.

    Look what has happened in the United states with 2 races with 2 vastly different cultures trying to get along. 100 years later, and one race is still living off of everyone else and committing crime against them at a massive rate, crying discrimation in the process.
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  • DiegoO
    Your intentions are good, however the refugees crisis is complex, among those who enter Europe, looking for a better living there are criminals, take in consideration also that the muslim culture ix extremely dominant, therefore it´s tough to make them assimalate western values that are the opposite of theirs.
    • They are non-western, non-white.

    • DiegoO

      @Ironic_Pepe that donΒ΄t has to do anything with the issue.

    • It has everything to do with the issue. "the muslim culture ix extremely dominant, therefore itΒ΄s tough to make them assimalate western values that are the opposite of theirs."

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  • capturemyheartnow
    Whenever any refugees go to advanced countries , they are absorbed in that country according to their country's policy for refugee. So question of their race , religion or other background does not arise as they are absorbed on humanitarian grounds. If they are absorbed in Jobs or if they are able to contribute to the economy of the adopted country , then they are reducing the burden on the government as they become self sufficient. When they get citizenship , they should be treated as equal citizens without any discrimination.
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  • Hans222
    Compliments Julie, a very well made and wise take. Great job! :D
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  • Righttobeararms83
    If the people of a country does not want the refugees their government must accept that. Governments are supposed to look after its own people first.
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  • WalterRadio
    The problem is rooted much deeper in the past than with these Syrians. People from Moslem countries have been pouring into Western Europe for decades. North Africa was the favorite place to escape from until recently.

    Europeans never should have taken any. They should have put them back on boats and forced them off at gunpoint on their home shores.

    As far as the Syrians, what they should have done is to establish tent cities in or near Syria, stocked with food, water, medical care, etc. Then give a rifle and a box of bullets to every male 17 to 70 and pointed them into the direction of their enemy. If they come back without being wounded, shoot them.
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  • rjroy3
    When it comes down to it we have to make the tough choice of either sitback and do nothing, while focusing on ourselves. Or do humanitarian efforts at the expense of time, money and blood. It is always a cost/benefit analysis. We can't help every single country that has a problem, nor should we. We are not the worlds police and over extending ourselves longterm hurts our citizens. So where do we draw the line? Where and when should we help and how much is too much? How much of our time, money and blood is expendable for the cause?
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  • BruceTrails
    Great take and I strongly agree with your committing crime idea.
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  • jacquesvol
    This refers to 2011 but it has only gotten worse:


    Half of refugees in the world flee wars started or fueled by the US govt.
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    • jacquesvol

      Sorry for the double graph.

    • jacquesvol

      Given the situation in these war ridden countries, and considering which country is responsible for it, it's my opinion that all those who 'qualify' for deportation (by your rules exposed here) should be deported to the countries responsible for the wars: The US and its British ally. Single fare to Washington or London thus.

  • IceCubedude
    i feel bad for syrians and what happened to them and what they are facing it shouldn't have gotten to this point, they need help, food , clothes shelter and medicine and my suggestion is that they should aid these people with all that but not make them citizens and once the crisis is solved deport them back their home countries.

    muslims are already fking up eruope and i like in a place full of them and iam not saying this to be an asshole, they are simply too backwards, brain washed and most of them are violent and dont want to live like europeans.

    integrate them in the euroepan culture you say? in the UK alone there are 4-5 million muslims and plenty of them want sharia law, still live like they did back in their home countries and are racist, violent, and cause all kinds of problems for the countries they are in.

    keeping muslims in Europe is never a good answer, no offense they are simply not fit for living among civilised people.
  • Benk111
    due to climate change in the next 10-15 years the middle east will (likely) become uninhabitable and they'll all have to move.
  • qwertykeyboard
    We (Turks) also have the same problem. There are 4 million Syrian refugees in Turkey.
  • ElissaDido
    Nice MyTake❀️
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  • archiz
    Marking this to read after my finals
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  • DareYouAsk
    Great MyTake and I respect you !
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  • up_64
    Weak arghments good solution.
  • Adigelunar
    i feel sorry for them
  • Omar5881
    Great take
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  • Anonymous
    2016 will also go down as the year that people started to wake up to the fact that candlelight vigils, holding hands, and hash tags on social media will not make Islamic terrorism go away. If you recall, after Bataclan attack in Paris in November 2015 where 137 were murdered, the response was still to sing kumbaya. But already, when the San Bernadino terrorists slaughtered their co-workers for no reason other than that they were not Muslim, some Americans began to wake up and ask the hard question: Why do so many Muslims hate us? Could it be that Presidents Bush and Obama lied to us when they said Islam is a religion of peace?

    The slaughter continued and increased in 2016. In June a Muslim killed 49 in the Pulse nightclub. In July, a Muslim terrorist drove a truck through a crowd of families that had gathered together to watch fireworks. He killed 86 including many children. More recently, a Somali refugee who was getting a free ride to starting a new life in the US (how many of your children will get these kind of benefits?) re-paid the generosity of Americans by trying to run over their sons and daughters at Ohio State. As I write this, the two terror attacks that are in the news are the assassination of the Russian ambassador in Turkey and the murder of 12 when a Muslim terrorist drove a truck through a traditional German Christmas market in Berlin. By the time you read this, there may be more.

    With the latest attacks, I’ve seen almost none of maudlin gestures that characterize the Western response to Islamic terror. Even some liberal voices are starting to notice that there may be a problem with Islamic immigration. When we look back, 2016 will mark the year that it finally started to dawn on people that Islam is incompatible with Western civilization.
  • Anonymous
    The statistic under point 1 seems very questionable.
    "Even if the European Union were to accept all 4 million Syrian refugees, the number of Muslims would only rise about 2%."

    Really? 4 million people would be only a 2% increase in the number of European Muslims? That would imply that there are currently 200 million muslims in Europe. That seems way off.

    4 million would be a HUGE percent increase.
  • Anonymous
    Most european migrants are not refugees.

    They are young male economic migrants.

    They are separate issues and should be treated separately.
  • Anonymous
    Two different cultures don't mix. Where I live that's a proven fact. The U. K has pulled out of the EU but the damage is already done. Parts of Britain have been taken over by Muslim refugees. Non Muslims aren't allowed because it's run by shia Muslim law's. Google it and you'll think parts of Briatain was in a war torn countr in the middle East , not in the heart of the U. K.

    Eventually you'll see an uprising amongst them. I despise refugees living in my coountry. WTF did we win the world war for... to remove Htler and let Muslims rule the world instead. They are slowly taking over

    The Jewish refugees were the reason for the uprsing of the Nazis. Jews took over business and homes , the Germans were becoming downtrodden. This is what'll happen with the refugees from other countries. Well need a dictator to solve the problems the EU has caused
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  • Anonymous
    Remove kebab.
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  • Anonymous
    in all honesty, we caused this and refuse to accept the responsibility of our actions
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  • Anonymous
    I hope you'll will not get triggered by this


    The civilians seems to be living well under ISIS

    When I watched many videos on this website, I realised medias can be very deceptive regarding the conflict. Maybe 80% are lies.
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