Living Holocaust Survivor Weighs in on Immigration Camps, and Politics.

With all the 24-hour a day spamming of how the border patrol is running concentration camps, and how Trump is a "Nazi" and anyone who doesn't agree that Trump is a "Nazi" is also a "Nazi", I thought it best to share what a real, Holocaust survivor thought about the border as well as the political landscape.

To anyone who has read the history of the Holocaust or didn't fall asleep in history class, what he says should come as no surprise:

"This is not a concentration camp."

"...I said at that time I would think this is a country club."

"First the Nazis gave us to wear yellow arm bands, on the left arm. Then they gave us Star of David, one on the front, one on the back."

"If you walked on the street, on the same sidewalk that the SS man walked, and if you didn't step down, they would kill you."

"If I had any piece of bread at night with me, if somebody know about it they would steal it from me."

This living Holocaust survivor has a message to all those out there who think that America is Running Concentration camps:

"GROW UP!" "You can't compare, anytime I hear it, it's sickening!"

His response to people who call their political opponents "Nazis" also "It's sickening!" You know what he is right, calling someone a Nazi just because you disagree is sickening!


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  • Honestly to me the American Immigration Camps doesn't look that bad compared to the one in Europe / France and especially the one during the WW2.
    Too calling everyone a nazi is pointless I doubt people who got called a nazi nowadays care much about it, everyone use it for everything nowadays so

    After I don't live in America and I don't know much about the illegal immigration in America so


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  • It's not rocket science if you're not an indoctrinated retard.

    Let's say hundreds of thousands of Americans started fleeing to Canada with their entire families. How do you think the Canadian government would handle such a situation? If you think they would grant 800,000 illegals citizenship every year then you're a little bit naive. I bet they would deport people and probably arrest others. Would the Canadian government then be responsible for splitting families apart or would the adults who broke Canadian laws be at fault?


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  • I think you guys will do anything to try to justify the objectification of other people. A Jewish person who survived the holocaust says the detention center is not a concentration camp and that is supposed to justify the policy of separating children from the mothers and fathers?

    That only means that something like the holocaust will most likely happen again.

    1. Prejudice

    The Nazi government actually fostered and promoted prejudice. According to the dictionary definition, prejudice is comprised of “unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, especially of a hostile nature, regarding an ethnic, racial, social or religious group.” Anti-Semitism has been around since the earliest days of the Hebrews, but it reached epic proportions with the Nazis, especially when they passed the Nuremberg Laws in 1935—which attempted to prevent relationships between Aryans and Jews, “Gypsies, Negroes, and their bastard offspring,” and made so-called “race defilement” a crime.

    2. Scapegoating

    The Nazis scapegoated the Jews, blaming them for every societal problem in German society. They published an enormous quantity of propaganda that blamed the Jews for the wrongdoings, mistakes, or faults that plagued “civilization;” and declared Jews and others untermenschen, or sub-human.

    3. Discrimination

    In the case of the Jews, the Nazi’s prejudice against them made them easy to scapegoat. This naturally led to discriminatory laws by the government, and caused violent acts against them that individuals could perpetrate with impunity.

    Jews were required to wear a yellow Star of David sewn onto their outerwear like a badge of shame so others could see and avoid them. Or they could, if so moved, hurl epithets towards them and even physically assault them with the awareness they could do so without consequence.

    4. Persecution

    Persecution of minorities isn’t new. The persecution of the Christians by the Romans is one example, and another glaring case in point is the current situation of the Baha’is in Iran. But the system created and utilized by the Nazis against the Jews was likely the most organized and efficient one in history.

    Jews were forced from their homes, their valuables confiscated, crowded into ghettoes, homes, businesses and temples lost during Kristallnacht, a two-day pogrom (November 9 and 10, 1938) commonly called the “Night of Broken Glass:”

    • The Nazi's entered other countries and demanded things. Let's see, who in the current situation is doing that?

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    • There is nothing about your point to address since we owe these people nothing. We don't need to grant them asylum when there is no war in Mexico. Turn them away and if they continue breaking our laws then arrest them. That's our current policy.

      However, if they manage to get into a sanctuary city or state, then they are inevitably granted a pseudo-citizenship through programs like DACA. Come illegally like the million plus other people who come every year, or don't come at all.

    • @Servus09 I don't care what you think you owe or to whom you think you owe it. I live in America. I am an American citizen. And I have a say in our political discourse. So if your vision of America includes ripping children away from people who cross the border illegally, I have a difference of opinion. And I will voice that opinion for as long as I am able. Whether you like it or not.

      As for your information on asylum laws, again this is just simple ignorance. Most of these people are not Mexican. And if you did any basic research into the issue you would know that.

      I can't teach you about asylum laws or why we even have them here at GaG. Sir, you need to do a lot of reading.

  • First, look up the definition of "concentration camp". The prison camps the children are being kept in, definitely fit the definition. They aren't "extermination camps", but they are definitionally concentration camps.

    Second, look up the cherry-picked survivors of some random tragedy who disagree with you too. There have been a few Holocaust survivors to come out against Trump, saying he wields confusion like a despot, like the Nazis did... does that mean he IS a Nazi by your logic? He both is and isn't... it's almost like people can go through the same event and have different opinions and perspectives. Here are some examples: (I saw this one a little bit ago).

    Third, if the GOP doesn't want to be compared to Nazis, then they should:
    1) Stop nominating and electing Holocaust deniers, white supremacists and self-proclaimed fascists. There are about a dozen up for seats in various elections around the country, all on the GOP ticket. Which means there are many, many GOP voters who thought that was a good idea.
    2) Revoke the endorsements of the KKK and Neo-Nazis. Because right now, all those people think their boy is in the WH, regardless of whether that was Trump's intention or not.
    3) Stop targeting religious and ethnic minorities and immigrants for inflammatory rhetoric and persecution.
    The GOP has a Nazi problem. This country has a Nazi problem. It's up to us to fix it.

    • 1. Who are these holocaust deniers?

      2. The party that endorses and elects people to office, and endorses them, in the kkk are democrats, eg., senator Byrd, HRC:

      In fact unlike Hillary, and other democrats Trump has denounced David Duke and KKK ad infinitum:

      3. "inflammatory rhetoric" like calling anyone who disagrees Nazis? That is inflammatory! GROW UP!

      4. As to your video about everyone being upset about separating children, yes it is upsetting, but this practice happened under Obama, yet he wasn't a Nazi, and Trump who you label as a Nazi ended this practice.

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    • Obama instituted the same policy of child separation, it was Trump that ended it, so how is he a "Nazi" for ending it? Also you demand GOP renounce candidates, it already has for at least 2 of the 3 you mentioned. Again why don't the democrats have to renounce their KKK members/supporters at the center of their party (which they haven't done over decades)? Isn't being KKK members etc, despicable enough that all parties should cut them off?

    • 1) Okay, find me a clip of Hillary Clinton denying the Holocaust. Or better yet, don't! Since we weren't discussing Hillary Clinton, you're just trying to deflect since you can't stand your own ground. "But she did it first!" (Disclaimer: Hillary Clinton has never advocated for white supremacy or denied the Holocaust).
      2) Donald Trump tells us there are many "fine people" marching with Neo-Nazis. The Democrats should get rid of their bad elements too, but there is no equivalency here. Turns out far-right political ideologies, tend to align with the right-wing party. My problem isn't the hypocrisy. It's people like you who try to argue that their favorite autocrats shouldn't be held accountable because other people do bad things.

  • The comparison between detention centers in the U. S. and concentration camps in Nazi Germany is ridiculous, and no rational person should make this comparison, nor should anyone humor such a cheap, and disrespectful political ploy.

    In particular, Michael Hayden, the former director of the CIA, has used this emotionally-charged comparison to deliberately manipulate the opinion of the U. S. people on an unsound premise. When interviewed, he admitted to as much. This recoils against everything the Intelligence Community he led stands for.

    There is definitely an argument to be made that the President should have used greater discretion in deciding who is prosecuted criminally. There are arguments to be made that the law is insufficient, and Congress is as responsible as the President, that the facilities are not being run appropriately, that the tracking system for children is insufficient, that the agencies involved are not subject to appropriate oversight, that the agencies are not resourced appropriately etc. but let's keep the discussion grounded on the situation at hand, and not this ridiculous hyperbole.

  • Yeah that doesn't change the fact that people are being treated inhumanely.

    Also, norms are eroded gradually. You accept one indignity, then the next, then the next. The Nazis didn't start by building death camps either. They started by shit-talking Jews, boycutting their shops, harrassing them, passing discriminatory laws.

    So yeah, you're full of shit dude.


    Honestly though. I couldn't care less. It's not the only time people were treated like shit and not the last time. But I also do nto care about the comparisions.

  • America does NOT run extermination camps but it starts again running concentration camps, like during the Civil War and during WW2.
    But there's no war to excuse it.

  • It’s absolutely correct to say the detention centers on the border aren’t like Nazi concentration camps. It’s also fair to say modern Conservatives aren’t like the Nazis were *in their final form*.

    It is, however, the case that the detention centers are contrary to American values and culture. And that modern Conservatives are very similar to early Nazis in both speech and action, and that they’re on the same trajectory as the early Nazi Party (lip service about what Hitler called “socialism” not withstanding).

    So while I agree that it’s hyperbolic for some on the Left to call these “concentration camps”, the fact that you use this to justify immoral behavior by proto-Fascists is illogical and unacceptable.

    • And what are "American values and culture," exactly? And what "speech and action" are you talking about, specifically?

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    • He is trolling do not feed.

    • Interesting. Not very familiar with trolling, are ya?

  • The left love comparing everything to the Nazis and Hitler. They'll scare people into believing their opinion

  • The Leftists can't get enough of the native population to ruin this nation with marxism, so they have to import a larger underclass that can be more easily conned into it. And they cry crocodile tears about it.

    Unemployment at record lows and wages finally rising? Well, they will fix that! Import a vast new underclass to drive unemployment up and wages down again!

    Fewer people on the welfare state teat? Well, they will fix that too! Overcrowd the public services and schools with millions of impoverished and illiterate people!

    One way to reduce poverty is to *stop importing more of it*. But the Left can't have that!

    What the Left is doing here can be boiled down to one word: TREASON.

  • Yeah listen too the old fella, he still tough as nails.

  • Oh now better listen to this senile man and destroy American civilisation (or what's left) also of course he has an (((agenda)))

    • What is his agenda, standing up to BS exaggerations?

  • Wish the media would report that. But of course that goes against what the owners of America want.

  • Wonder how leftists will manage this guy now.

  • Bingo


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