70 Years since Auschwitz.

On the 27th of December 1945 Soviet troops were met by a sight that they never could have imagined. As the soldiers walked through the gates of the cocentration camp they got to see thousands of emaciated detainees and piles of corpses, that were left behind by the nazis and the rest of the 60 000 prisoners that were forced to move to another location.

70 Years since Auschwitz.

"Arbeit macht frei"- Work makes you free

Auschwitz, which was active between 1939-1945 was originally meant to be a detention center for political prisoners, but evolved into a concentration camp where the Nazis sent e.g Jews, artists, homosexuals, invalids and others that didn't fit into the nazi Germany. Auschwiz was divided into 3 divisions that could fit over 100 000 prisoners at once, and it is estimated that at least 1 million people died in these horrific camps. It is hard to calculate though as people unfit for work were killed instantly upon arrival and weren't documented as Auschwitz prisoners.

Corpses of Auschwitz prisoners

What can we learn from Auschwitz?

I think it is very important that we never forget the terrible things that happened in Auschwitz, and the rest of Germany during WW2. To make sure that something like this never happends again we need to teach about it in schools everywhere, so that young&old understand the damage that extrem nationalism and racism can do. This was not the work of one man, Hitler; but rather by the whole German nation that suported and actually gave him the power. It is impossible to understand how the German people, and especially the SS soldiers actually supported Hitler after seeing the terror that he made. I'm not saying this to blame it the Germans, but because we need to understand that if this could happen to them, it can happen in any country. The important thing however is to look forward and remember that everyone has the right to live free and express their opinion, independent of their race, religion and other differences.


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  • Did you know concentration camps was made by the 'Americans' and the 'British' first time? Do you know how many 'children' and 'women' died during the Anglo-Boer War in British concentration camps and that British only put women and children in those camps? Do you know how many died in American camps 100 years before WWII? Do you know how many Soviets just killed from their 'own' people and how many died in Soviet concentration camps?

    I do not care if you want to tell about a part of the history, tell about other parts too. why don't you have a day for British and American and Soviets crimes?

    I bet until this very day and before seeing this you thought it was Germans who created concentration camps.

    No, go tell your friends in the history class that it was the Americans and British who made and killed hundreds of thousands in concentration camps when Germans heard about their crimes only in encyclopaedias.

    • I've said it before and I'll say it again, the reason I wrote this was because it has been 70 years since Auschwitz was shut down and I simply wanted to honor the fallen and make sure that people who don't know much about this got more info. I know that e. g Stalin was a terrible dictator and that he put children and women in work- camps as well. I have in fact read a book about it. I do not know why we don't honor other victims of WW2 as much as this, but in my opinion it is better that we at least remember something, and if you look at history you can see that Hitler played the biggest role in WW2.

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    • @kambo_trick3y
      interment camps in Cherokee removal are considered one of the first modern interment camps.
      then the civil war
      British interment the actual concentration camps in Anglo-Boer War
      American interment camps in WWII
      Soviet holocaust
      Gulag vs German concentration camps

      If your problem is with the term concentration camp know concentration camps idea was taken from the Boer war camps that a large number were concentrated at certain places. Also before the war the camps weren’t near to what was seen at the end of the war. Germans called concentration camps the "teaching camps" And the camp was somewhere that the negative elements of the society especially and primarily the 6 million armed communists in Germany were concentrated some without trial and some with trial in hope to come back to the society.

      tens of thousands were released over the years from the camps.

    • Germans did have rules for their own society as you want to have for yours. The majority wanted those camps for the armed communists who threatened the existence of Germany.

      For that you have no right to complain. Their Reich, their Volk, their Führer. You can tell about C-camps during the war.

      In the last year many German civilians didn’t have any supplies and thousands died of starvation. And so the same happened in the concentration camps.

      Have a good day. Though I do not deny any crime done in any camps. I didn’t deny in the post either. But it is good when I go to Iran and I am known everywhere with holocaust Russians be known by Starving 7 million Ukrainian and killing 62 million and supporting the death of more than 100 million in 70 years. Still someone with the name ‘Klara Hitler’ is supposed to be a walking criminal but someone with the name ‘Marx’ with clear communist ideas is accepted and Is ‘funny’.

      If you think I buys this , think again. mein freund.

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  • People have a right to express their opinions providing they aren't promoting hatred and violence.

    Now I share your sentiments and what happened during the World War II with the Holocaust must never be forgotten but I do find it sickening how people seem to forget that many more people died in World War II than just Jews and Jews weren't the only victims put in concentration camps. Why does nobody spare a though for the people locked in Gulags by the Soviet Union who would have endured inhumane punishment? Why are no thoughts spared for all the innocent civilians that died in World War II? Why is there no memorial day for the victims of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki war crimes? The bombing of Dresden? Why does nobody speak of the Rape of Nanking which occurred shortly before World War II commenced?

    It's not only the Holocaust that needs to be remembered and never forgotten but the entire war needs never to be forgotten and that message seems to be lost as everyone seems to focus solely on the Holocaust.

    Let's never forget what happened to Jews in the Holocaust, but let's not forget the other tragedies that comprised World War II either.

    • The reason I wrote this was because of it being 70 years since Auschwitz was shut down, but I agree with you, we could spare some more thought for other victims as well..

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  • Auschwitz-Birkenau (or something like that) it's the name as it included two camps:
    Birkenau where the Nazi had their living quarters and the "most fit" ones "worked," and Auschwitz*, the one where the "less fit" were sent

    *the name is a German misspronunciation of the nearby town Oświęcim

    • Might very well be true, didn't see anything about it when I did my research though ^^

  • The whole german nation didn't give him power. If they did it's because they didn't do anything. Fervent minorities can easily replace complacent majorities. Sadly, I feel like this whole thing is starting up all over again.

    • I'm sure it is and that is why we need to keep people informed so that it doesn't happen!

  • holy shit the antisemitism in these comments. I'm really shocked.

  • From what I understand the Holocaust is falsified and exaggerated by the Jews to gain sympathy from the rest of the world. Up until the age of the internet it was widely regarded as the truth, but with the internet now it gives the opportunity for the common person to share their experiences, knowledge and research findings in regards to whether or not it really happened the way we are all told it did. If you google the term 'holocaust' you find quite a bit of research and literature on how it has been turned into a business for the Jews. How a lot of the information has been falsified and exaggerated. At first it was 6 million jews, then it was 2.6 now it is 1 million. The numbers keep jumping around and getting less. After reading many articles from both sides of the argument I have come to believe a lot of it is falsified and untrue and extremely exaggerated. I could write here lots of examples but you can easily do this by googling the search term 'holocaust fake'. Just by me saying I don't believe in it in the eyes of some would say I'm anti-semetic, no I'm not, 'I'm anti telling lies to try and gain sympathy'. I don't believe a lot of what the government tells us because we all know politicians are trained liars and whenever there is a poll asking what people in what profession are renowned for lying politicians are always number 1. I got one line to say, using the line and title from a famous song from hip-hop group Public Enemy..."don't believe the hype!"

    • Excuse me but you have just done the worst thing to a Jewish person. You just justified the murder of all these people and as a Jewish person myself, I can tell you that a "BUSINESS" is different than MEMORIALIZING, COMMEMORATING, AND BLESSING the lives that were taken for no reason other than the coward behavior of Hitler.

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    • My grandfather was one of the liberators at Dachau. I don't know how accurate the numbers are but people died. To the best of my knowledge the scale was what was claimed.
      I do think it's wrong to focus specifically on the Jewish part of the whole thing at the expense of the other people who died but I wouldn't go so far as to suggest that it was made up or exaggerated, God forbid. Perhaps it's been a bit simplified for history books.

      I agree that it might be best to focus on "WWII in general" and nationalism/racism. And yes we do tend to ignore the very long and horrific history of British imperialism as well as American actions.

    • Go tell that to my Grandma... she watched her dad walk off to the gas chambers at Dachau. How dare you call it an overexageration.

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  • This shows how dangerous ethnic nationalism can be if it's not quelled in an early stage , and with Angela Merkel saying "German multiculturalism has 'utterly failed" , the rise of Japanese rightwing militarism and of course China into the fray. Eyes are on the multicultural states like America and perhaps Canada to see what lies ahead.

  • It always give me chills just to imagine what those people went through, and also how a person could do that to another human being.
    I don't know what went through the soldier's minds when they bumped into this concentration camps, but I would have probably just cried right there.
    It is scary to think that humans did that, I mean, if they did it once, why isn't it gonna happen again?

    • And that is exactly why we never must forget this, this is a prat of history that we really don't want to repeat itself..

  • I swear, I've never learned anything about the Holocaust or WWII in school. Isn't that fucking crazy?

    • That is scary to be honest, but I guess that is where the world is going...

    • All I've really learned is geography, 1600-1800 American history, US government, and tiny bits of ancient world history. Nowhere near enough.

    • I agree, even though history class might be boring it is also very important

  • To all the idiots trying to downplay the holocaust because other atrocities happen are just stupid strawman arguments. This article isn't about stalin it's about auschwitz.

  • My thoughts are will all those who still survive past this ordeal, but also to the millions of souls who didn't.

    My Grandma was taken to Dachau with her family as a little girl, but she sadly passed away 8 years ago.

    I just don't understand why some cretins still think it's a hoax or whatever.

    • Yeah it's unbelievable how so many people say that it is fake or that the Jews "deserved" it...

  • This is partly why im glad syriza won in greece. They are the only force standing in the way of the Nazi Golden Dawn party

  • Typical jewish, anti german propaganda. Congratulations.

    • Could you explain what you mean by that?

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    • Yeah. Alright. Of course you, as a jews sympathiser, won't ever say a thing about the millions of jews killed by Stalin. Not to mention about the war crimes they are committing today in the middle east.

    • You are missing the whole point of this take, of course we know Stalin was a monster and that the middle east is a war zone but it doesn't mean we can't remember this specific event once a year.

  • It is terrible... but I think humans are cruel by nature...

    people will balk at that... but meh... look at history and the world around us..

  • Its all propaganda. The figures are exaggerated manifold.

    • Maybe check your sources man, because this is all true

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    • One doesn't need to study hard to know that and how the holocaust happened, it's almost common sense.

    • Nobody is asking you to do a Phd on auschwitz. working your brain makes you think rationally and have logical reasoning

  • It seems like such a distant past even though it really wasn't that long ago. Things change quickly

  • tell me why is this any more terrible then people dying from starvation, diseases, injustice. etc... it's propoganda, 60 million people died during ww2 , 6 million of them were jews. tell me , is it fair to forget about those other 54 million people that died, that werent jewish. Was it terrbile what happened yes, its the work of maniacs but partially i do agree with some of Hitlers ideas. Today we do quite the opposite of what the nazis promoted, mutli culturalisme, wow whoopy fucking do, what a great idea. all over in Europe , neighbourhoods are burning. we just thrw open the borders , and tell everyone to get in. i do believe some races are inferior, like roma's sinti's, they have other values then the average hard working european person with a family of their own. in their point of view, stealing isn't bad. so what do we do, we allow them to. i think they should be extreminated, its what they have done for hundreds of years. some religions out there aren't competable with our social standards. multi cultiralism probably caused more people to die then what the nazis did. im sorry but you should focuss on the injustice that happens these days, what have we learned from it, nothing if you ask me, the first we met each other we started killing each other. first about shelter, food and natural resources, and today because of religion, money , power , well i think we have developed for the worse. by the way can you stop generalizing the german nation and people, not everybody supported Hitler, not everybody in Germany was a nazi, a lot of people were supressed. im offended by you, my grandfather was half german. and you are from a country, that supported the nazi regime, when will you take blame for the actions of your country. stupid take, badly written, no facts and a lot of generalizing.

    • Wow okay, first off Finland was not supporting Germany at all, but during WW2 we had 2 choices, to use the resources Hitler gave us or to get invaded by Russia. Now what would you have chosen? Never did Finland agree with or support the ideas of Hitler and his nazi agenda, we just did what we had to do to survive. And as I already explained I don't believe that 100% of the Germans supported Hitler, but the fact still remains that there he had a lot of supporters, not to mention his cold hearted army of SS soldiers. The rest of your comment was pretty much racism and nationalism at it's finest so I'm not even going to bother with that.

    • what a lame excuse, just explaining away the involvement of your own country, your country is no better then switzerland, they got rich from stealing money from the jews. people like your are totally oblivious to the truth and the facts. good job

    • SO you are trying to educate me about my own country? We start having history in 4th grade, which means I've learned about my own and other countries for about 6 years now. We value education much in Finland and that is why we top the PISA results every year. Now I don't know where you got your bullshit facts from, but trust me when I say that Finland never was and never will support the Nazi agenda that Hitler had. I don't know from what country you are, but if you dare to reveal that I'm sure I'll find a lot worse things than accepting a few tanks from Germany.

  • Today shows that this evil still exist.

  • I'm not necessarily being "that guy", but a young, impressionable mind like yours seems to have taken what you learned in school while you missed the teachings the world gives people.

    I'm not trying to take away from the Holocaust and the only real reason I thought to comment was the mention of Soviet's discovering Auschwitz... while Stalin himself (not HIMSELF, but you know what I mean) killed more people than Hitler did outside of war casualties.

    But school doesn't teach you that sort of stuff because they give you the view that is a little off-center from factual. Soviets were allies, Allies were us, so it's tough to show that we were sided with a nation stricken with it's own problems. Sure, the alliances wasn't so much out of choice as it was by default (and maybe some necessity). But I imagine you either have an interest in this topic, or it was covered in your schooling recently and so you wrote about it here.

    @Illusive_Man wrote below about the dangers of nationalism, but I don't see rose-colored views of history to be a better alternative. History repeats itself (maybe not in the same ways or to the same extent as certain cases) because people and their pride. People don't care to learn about the history in it's entirety, or even at all.

    Don't take this as an insult, but being so baffled that you "can't understand how the German people enabled Hitler's rise to power" is just silly. With thorough research of the era, of the events leading up to the 30's in Germany, to the state of the country, and to the desperation felt... it becomes apparent how it happened. And then in the very next sentence, you state that it needs to be understood so it can be prevented.

    That's precisely what I'm on about- it CAN be understood and already is by some. One thing you'll learn in life is that it doesn't hurt to find additional sources of info and to look at things from different perspectives... precisely what happened to the German people ;)

    • I know that Stalin himself was at least as bad as Hitler, and that he had prison camps of his own. I was however at the Russian soldiers, who were just average farmers and workers, and that never had seen something as horrible as the concentration camps. I've seen testimonies by Russian veterans that underline this.

      As for the Germans allowing Hitler to get the power I know that it isn't black and white at all, and maybe I had my emotions take over a little. But the fact still remains that normal Germans were shouting and applauding when Hitler held his nationalistic and racist speeches. The point that I was trying to make was that you can hardly blame everything on Hitler, because what he did would never have been able without the cold blooded SS soldiers and blinded people supporting him.