10 more Misconceptions everyone gets wrong #2

In the last series of my Misconception myTakes, I went through a list of ten of the most commonly believed misconceptions. This is part #2, in the series...Part 1: 10 Misconceptions everyone gets wrong and thinks is true

10. Australia's capital is Sydney

10 more Misconceptions everyone gets wrong #2

This is commonly believed by many, it's actually Canberra...The reason why so many believe this, is because Sydney is actually the capital of the district of New south wales, a district in Australia.

9. There are ONLY five senses

The five common senses are sight, earing, taste, smell and touch.

Another massive misconception, scientists actually speculate they are more than five sense, 10 more, such as Time and space reasoning to perception of time,

Thermoception (the sense of heat and temperature) and Nociception (t he sense of pain and damaged tissue) and many others...

Not to mention extra sensory perception, which is still debated to exist by nueroscientists, (The sense of inuitition and Supernatural.

8. Napoleon was Unusually short

Actually Napoleon was fairly average in height, 5' 6 which is quite median for a caucasian male at the time in early 1800s.

How this myth came about was the tabloids and British news articles at the time made a anti-french sentiment, making fun and a mockery of Napoleon's unusually shortness and appearence during the Napoleonic wars of Europe.

7. Ancient Egypt is the oldest and first Civillisation

Actually the Ancient Sumerians (which inhabitabed modern day Iraq) pre-date the egyptians by a millenia, ancient uSmer goes back to 3000BC at least, and even the Indus valley civillisation in India could be much older than both of them.

6. You Would Die Instantly or Pop in Space without a protective uniform

This is an exaggeration, you would'nt actually pop or inflate as the sci-fi blockbusters make you believe.

Due to the extreme conditions of space and high exposure to cosmic radiation, you would most likely suffer from a wide range of illnesses and cancers later on in life, but it's possible you could survive for a few minutes or so.

If you could hold your breath that long...

5. Depression is an excuse for weak people and not a real illness

Actually it's much more complex than that; clinically depressed people (people who suffer from the mental illness, not the "normal depression") have missing links in the neurotransmitters in the brain and have chemical imbalances that cause the illness.

Infact it's genetic and hereditory, meaning certain people have a predisposition to clinical depression.

4. There are only 8 planets in our solar system

Actually originally there was 9, including the dwarf planet pluto (untill it's declassification into a dwarf).

But even Jupiter alone has like 11 moons, and it's been speculated beyond the Kuiper asteroid belt and pluto, styx, ceres and instellar space, they maybe more planets twice the size of the ones in our "known" solar system.

Eris, Charon and Ceres all come under "Dwarf planets", so it's safe to say if you included all the dwarf planets in our solar system, they would be thousands.

Infact it's been speculated by many that a very large uniditified planet 11 times the size of jupiter beyond instellar space may be just outside our solar system, named and dubbed Infamously "Planet X" or Nibiru by conspiracy theorists.

3. Dreams are Random

Not true. Dreams are composed mostly of the stuff and people you see in real life. Infact it's been said that every person you see in your dreams, you met subconciously in real life.

That means, everyday people you see throughout the day, you've seen at least once before without realising, and what you dream of in the day is a manifestation of your subconcious mind.

Another interesting fact is that computers and A.I. can dream too; bearing in mind dreams are just ideas and Images. This can be simulated by a Artificial Intelligence, so to speak...

2. The Sun is a Giant Yellow ball of fire

The Sun is actually a gas giant and contains no fire, the combustion is a result of the gases and the actual color of the sun is white.

Also, the sun is actually a star, and scientists estimate the sun will explode into a supernovae in a couple billion of years...

1. Blackholes are Giant wormholes into other dimensions

Sci-fi fans mostly believe this, but it's commonly also believed that blackholes are these giant warps of time and space collapsing in on itself, into nothingness to other dimensions.

Although our understanding and research of blackhole's is limted. We do know what they are NOT. Infact if you was passing through a blackhole or near it. It's quite possible you could survive, and bear in mind the shape of blackhole are not actually wormholes or passages, they actually spherical in shape...


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  • "The sense of inuititio" yes. I believe in it.


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  • The sun is too small a star o die in a supernova. Most likely it will gradually lose it's outer layers and become a white dwarf.

  • Wasn't Ur founded as a city-state in at least 4000 BC?