Yet Another 10 more Misconceptions everyone gets wrong

This is part #3, in the series...Part 2:

10. Cleopatra was Egyptian

Yet Another 10 more Misconceptions everyone gets wrong #3

Cleopatra was actually speculated to be of greek origin and possibly mixed raced greek and egyptian.

Bearing in mind, In 332 BC Alexander the great conquered egypt as part of his greek empire and that he assigned his general ptomely there after his time of death, and the ptoemelic dynasty (from greece) inhabitated egypt at her time of reign, cleopatra's ancestry traces back to ptomely.

9. Black people never had a presence in Britian and America prior to the slave trade

Actually quite incorrect, It's been recorded and documented that some Africans were living in England in the 1700s, such as Equiano (A slave who won freedom and published his autobiography, published in 1789 and attracting wide attention, was considered highly influential in gaining passage of the Slave Trade Act 1807)

But not only him, The Ancient Romans occupying Britian in 200 ad, Had Emperor Septimius Severus based in britian, Severus who was born in Leptis Magna in the Roman province of Africa and of north African descent, Black Africans also may have had a presence in Renaissance Europe in the medieval ages too...

And also in Meso-america, Olmec heads have been found which resemble African or negroid males, which suggest possibly Africans inhabitating the americas, before the natives..

8. Alexander The Great was Greek

If you seen the 300 film, you probably recognise the infamous battle where leonas fights through hordes of the persian empire and army, as epic as this was potrayed in the film, this is actually fictionalized.

As the battle was fought by Alexander the great, and he was actually Macedonian and NOT greek, But He did unite the various greek states, such as sparta and Olympia.

7. The Ancient Egyptians were black or some ambigious race

Well this is up for debate, and still often disputed by many anthropologists and archaeologists, but the fact remains ancient egyptians were most likely the same color as modern day present egyptians.

A DNA test has been done on mummies and found that they share the same DNA as present day egyptians, Also The Ancient romans, greeks and Islamic ummayad caliphate all inhabitated egypt at one point.

But, they never really mixed or assimilated within the society, just occupying it for a few hundred years, so it's safe to say Egyptians were dark skinned caucasians.

Some people and conspiracy theorists even claim that the reason sphinxes noses are cut off, is to hide their African or negroid features, but this is yet to be proven.....

6. Microwaves and Cellphones cause Cancer

Although microwaves and cellphones do use a small form of radiation, It is perfectly safe in small doses.

We're often exposed to UV sunlight radiation everyday to day basis, and it has no effect whether or not we develop cancerous cells.

Microwaves are a form of "electromagnetic" radiation; that is, they are waves of electrical and magnetic energy moving together through space. Electromagnetic radiation ranges from the energetic x-rays to the less energetic radio frequency waves used in broadcasting, Microwave radiation being the smallest type of radiation is perfectly safe, to use in homes to heat food.

The rays heats up the water molecules in the food, and not the food itself, so your food is NOT radioactive. Also cellphones are perfectly safe to use aswell.

5. Global Warming is not real

Actually the effects of carbon emissions and global warming is noticeable , every year reports of the ice caps melting and glaciers in the northern hemisphere's vanishing can be atttributed to climate change.

Although the temperature does seem to go up every year by a degree, but recently it's gone back down.

It's safe to say, the long term effects of global warming won't hit us to like the year 2100 or something, there is the worry of the ozone layer being depleted and earth's atmosphere becoming too toxic in the near future, with oxygen levels going down and air pollution.

And there is the landfills being overpacked, and natural resources such as fossil fuels, crude oil and gas being all used up, untill there is a better alternative to burning fossil fuels, such as a renewable energy the effects of global warming are very real.....

4. Chocolate is bad for you

Chocolate is often associated with fat people, heart disease and cholestrol.

But it actually has some health benefits too, Dark chocolate or rather pure chocolate is just extracted from cocoa beans, contains lots of Iron and can be very healthy.

The thing is you have to look at the labels for how much percentage the dark chocolate is, compared to Milk chocolate that is often unhealthy and filled with sugar and additives.

3. Cannibis is not harmful

Often a perpetuated myth created by legalizers and cannibis activists and junkies, the claim is that cannibis is a natural plant/drug that has been smoked for thousands of years and has no (or appears to have no adverse effects on health).

Although this is somewhat true, cannibis in comparison to tobbacco, does not contain all the nasty additives, like tar and carcinogenics that cause cancer and heart disease and damage respiratiory functions.

Cannibis can still be attributed to mental health issues, like development of schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. And Although in some cases Cannibis is prescribed as a medication to epileptic sufferers , "medical cannibis"

It's also often debated that cannibis may also cause cancer...

2. Travelling by car is more safer than planes

You would probably be inclined to believe that travelling by plane or flight is much more dangerous than travelling in a car, with all the dangers of things like air turbulence, faulty technology and the fear of the plane crashing into the sea...

But statistics show otherwise, The number of car crashes every year greatly outnumber that of aviation accidents.

Forget 9/11, Infact the odds of a plane crashing are one in 11 million (Source

Whereas the odds of dying in a car accident are one in 5,000. (2006 study by Harvard University)

The reason for this, is because Planes don't face traffic dangers and the risk of crashing into other planes, planes often use auto-pilot and have quite accurate results and is based on things like mathematical calculations and a computer does a better job than a human manned car.

1. Christopher Columbus was Spanish and the first European to discover the Americas

Christopher Columbus was actually Italian, and born in Genoa.

Columbus is often attributed to the discovery of the americas, although he wasn't the first explorer to go to the Americas.

Leif Ericson, a norse explorer in the 11 century, preceded him by reaching what is believed to be the island now known as Newfoundland, part of modern Canada, though he never made it to the mainland, technically he would be classed as the first to discover the Americas.


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