10 Misconceptions everyone gets wrong and thinks is true

10. There is NO Gravity in space

10 Misconceptions everyone gets wrong and thinks is true

This is utter rubbish, Often a myth taught in schools.

We actually have something in space called zero-gravity or rather micro-gravity that keeps the gravitational physics of things like planets in orbits and forms solar systems.

There is a degree of gravitational force in space, but it's just a considerable less in percentage to that of the earth's gravity where there is something it drops immediately to the ground.

Gravity is what holds the moon in orbit around Earth. Gravity also causes Earth to orbit the sun.

9. We came and evolved from apes

This myth is the biggest misconception among most people and often is taught as a pseudo- scientific fact in school, hence the reason why people always ask....

If we evolved from apes, Why are the apes still here??

The truth is, and scientists will tell you this themselves, infact a quick read of evolution on wikipedia will tell you the same thing.

that we actually just share a common ancestor with apes and primates, and the apes and monkeys we see today evolved from the same ancestor we evolved from.

8. There was three wise men

Actually the bible never once states how many wise men there were, just "wise men".. It does not specifiy the number.

This is another myth created by the roman pagan festival of sol invictus (read more on that 7.)

7. Christmas is the birthdate of Jesus

Many people will often associate Christmas with christianity as the offical birthdate of the messiah, but it's often overlooked.

The roman empire officially adopted christianity as the new faith , but prior to that there has there own pre-existing pagan polythiestic religion, with many roman gods like Venus, Mars and Jupiter.

The Ancient romans did'nt want to get rid of there pagan rituals too much, so they kind of mixed it in with christianity and created "Roman catholicism".

There was a pagan festival called "Sol Invictus" (Meaning birth of the sun in latin) Which idolized the sun worship, it was on 25th of December.

This kind of messed with the romans too much, so when the gregorian calender was created by the romans they change the date of jesus origial birth date to the sol invictus date, so they could still practice their rituals.

Hence why the Christmas tradition to put up a Christmas tree in the house, was already a pagan tradition.

The truth is noone knows when the actual birthdate was, some speculate it could have been near Easter time of the start of the year, others debate calenders.

Infact even some sects and denominations of protestant christians refuse to see Christmas as a actual christian holiday and consider it a pagan holiday.

6. Coffee keeps you awake and gives you energy

Studies have shown conclusively that coffee has no direct link to keeping awake or giving you extra energy.

Infact, it's been observed that drinking coffee actually slows you down and drains you of energy in the long run.

5. Germs don't get on the food if you pick it up fast before 5 seconds

Infact this has no correlation to germs being on the food, regardless of whether the food is on the floor for 5 seconds or not.

The germs would still get to the food...

4. Eve ate a apple of knowledge good and evil

Actually this is a misconception and myth taught by athiests and commonly believed by many.

The bible does not actually specify what kind of fruit it was, only that it was a "fruit", but it does'nt actually say what fruit it was.

So remember eve ate a fruit, not a apple...

3. Illuminati and Freemasonry are the same

Often confused by conspiracy theorists, the illuminati was a bavarian freethinking athiest society formed in 1776 in bavaria,germany by adam weispaut with attempts to infiltrate the catholic chruch and rule the world, they are not known to exist anymore.....

The freemasons are a separate fraternity and secret society having their roots in the knight's templar orders and going back to the crusades of the middle ages, but having the first grand temple constructed in england in 1611.

Often many conspiracy theorists confused the two...

2. There is 365 days in a year

There is actually 365.25 to be precise, the 0.25 accumalates to 1 after four years and a extra day is added evrery four years known as "leap year".

So to be precise, there is actually 365 days and 6 hours in a year

1. Prostitution is Illegal

Actually within many American states it is illegal and a criminal offence, but some states like Nevada it is legal.

Within U.K. however it is legal, the act of soliciting in public however is illegal.

How it goes, is that the trade is often associated with exploitation and drugs and gangs, hence why it is illegal to solicit or curb crawl, but done in privacy it is perfectly legal.


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  • Yup! Very cool.
    I knew most of these, but the ones I didn't refreshed my day. =)

    I'll be waiting for the next one.


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  • Yeah many of these should be obvious but sadly they aren't.

    -9. As far as the 9 it still says that apes are related to us and in essence you are an ape to a degree. A ferret isn't the same thing as a weasel but is in essence the same thing. So I can understand why people get that confused.

    -8. Oh gosh don't get me started on how Roman Paganism is mixed with Christianity.

    -7. Same with that one. Jesus was probably born around August.

    -6. That makes sense now that I've thought about it. Energy you get from food and drink but not caffeine really. Caffeine increases heart rate. As your heart rate increases more energy is used and thus it does slow you down but it keeps you alert.

    -5. Germs are literally everywhere. Even in the air. You just can't see them. It's rather impossible to eat something and it not have some germs on it.

    -4. Right. Many people have said apples, but it was a fruit. It could be anything. It could have looked like a banana for all we know.

    -3. Dude!! So true. I know of some free masons. What happened was a guy took symbols and rituals that free masons used and made them "evil". This is where the Illuminati came from, but they are separate.

    -2. Well yeah technically because of the "leap year" *eye roll*

    -1. People haven't been far or had access to any form of media if they think prostitution is completely illegal.


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  • Illuminati "they are not known to exist anymore..."

    Yeah sure bro. Jet fuel can't melt steel beams.

    • No, i'm talking more about the historical "illuminati" as dated by history books, if the illuminati still exist now under the shadows, it's probably most likely a conspiracy theory

  • #6 I have long suspected. Do you have a source for that? I'd be interested in seeing what you found about that.

    #2 Isn't exactly right. There is actually slightly less than than 365.25. To maintain accuracy sometimes we have to skip a leap year.

  • Oh man, I am gonna have to stir things up here to make things interesting. Number 10 will need to be revisit. Since the earth is not round, yup I am a FLAT EARTH-ER hahahaha!!! This isn't a troll, there had been a lot of uprising with this subject. Honest thought on this, the evidence is leaning more towards the Flat Earth more so than modern science. I am soon doing a series of it of my own :D

  • You selected my MHO for afterlife, you are believer just like me mate!

  • Thank you, I've been waiting for someone to say some of these. :)

  • Lol cool take, and I think number 2 is the dumbest thing people believe

  • cool, dude. but then learn to spell...