Three super easy ways to make delicious desserts!

Do you love desserts but not good at cooking? Don't worry! Here are 3 ways to make delicious desserts!

1) Honey lemon drink

Three super easy ways to make delicious desserts!

For this drink, all you need are honey, lemon and cool water (ps: must be cool water, not hot or warm )


① Slice the lemon and make some lemon juice with spoon in cup

② Add some honey and cool water

③ Stir them with spoon for 10 to 20 seconds

It's delicious and healthy! Full of VItamin C, good to body especially skin!🍋

2) Fruits yogurt

All you need: The fruits you like, strawberry or something else. Plain yogurt 150g ( for sure u can get as much as you want)


① Cut the fruits into pellets

② Put yogurt into and mix them ( I like to put some raisins also 😊)

Very tasty! It was my dinner tonight. It can be dessert after dinner, and u no need to worry about you will get fat!

3) Oreo chocolates

All you need: Oreo cookies and plain chocolates


① Heat the chocolates into semiftuid

② Crumble the Oreo cookies

③ Mix them, you can make some lovely appearances you like😉

④ Put into fridge for several hrs (4 hrs perhaps ) Freez it

It's delicious and super easy to cook! It can be a nice gift to ur bf/gf, husband/ wife😊😉

They are super easy right? 😄Hope u persons like my myTake.


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  • Honey lemon drink sounds good.❤