Let's enjoy the simple things in life! Why we should take time to stop and smell the roses.

A great Gager recently wrote a mytake about forty five small things that they will always appreciate. @Ginnyweasley made many good points in her myTake: 45 small things I will always appreciate. The fact is we should take the time to be thankful for the small things we take for granted.Here is why.

  1. They can be taken away from us in an instant: Yes, sadly its true we can lose precious time if we don't stop and enjoy the little things life has to offer us. We never know when our last breath is going to be on this earth. If we spend too much time worrying about what is wrong with the world then we have wasted time. So we need to enjoy the small moments in life rather than worry about the big deals in life.
  2. The media has already done it's job of what it has set out to do. The media pretty much is trying to scare the crap out of people by over playing on current events and problems. People say they can't go to the movies anymore over fear of being attacked or shot in a theater. Children are afraid to go to school over fear of bullies or reataliation. Parents teach their children not to trust anyone not even authority figures over fear one may be a pedophile or serial rapist. I'm not sayingwe shouldn't be weary about these things because we should be. I'm saying if we worry on it too much we might never get to enjoy relaxation and peace like intended.
  3. It's good for your health: Laughter is the best medicine. Hugs kill depression. Hot drinks like cider and cocoa help reduce stress. These little things can help so much. Spending time with people you love increases social skills, boosts memory, helps you find common ground, and so much more. The little things truly do mean the most.

So in short, live for the moment. Don't stress on details everyday. Learn to dance in the rain :)

Let's enjoy the simple things in life! Why we should take time to stop and smell the roses.

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  • firs of all thank you for mentioning me and i love this its all so true!

    • Welcome :) It really is true

    • we need more time to enjoy the life we are given not worry about the future or the past. Because the past has already happened, and the future hasn't happened yet :)

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