Why I hate moving houses

Why I hate moving houses.

As a person with a very complicated and negative childhood I moved around a lot. I was ok with it, I was always bullied so each time we moved I got new people to meet. I'd always make 1-2 great friends.

Here's why I hate moving.

  1. Being the new kid in school. I always get stared at, people whisper and judge. I also have to find out which teachers are cool and which aren't and where to sit during lunch. High schoolers can be very mean.
  2. The physical process itself. It is very exhausted (mentally and physically) to drive hours, unpack everything into the house and then unpack all of those into each room.
  3. Leaving friends behind. I can't keep in touch with all my friends (we don't all have the same social media to talk on) and it's always very sad. I end up crying.
  4. Making new friends. It's difficult enough when you're new but when you're like me-opinionated and loud- people tend to either A. Hate me strongly or B. Be way too intimidated by me.
  5. Getting caught up in classes. Some classes at the new school are usually very far behind or far ahead. It's always a game of either catch up or sit in boredom. '
  6. The waiting. The waiting till the actual day we move is stressful to me, the waiting till the first day at the new school, the waiting till school ends.
  7. Having a crush and finally telling them. I finally told my crush I liked them and they were going to talk about it tomorrow with me (they like me back) and now I have to tell them I can't do anything with them since I'm moving.

I'm sure there are more I'd think of later but those are the most prominant for me. The only good things of moving is the job my step father will have, a better house and a chance to reinvent myself at my new school. But I don't want to 'reinvent' myself. I am who I am and I'm not going to change myself or pretend to be someone else that I'm not just because I may be a bit abrasive or loud to a lot of people.

I hate uprooting myself and just moving. Especially without any warning. It always causes me to cry and I get into a fit of depression. Moving seriously sucks ass.

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  • I am very lucky - I never had to move that much - My house is not too far from the family home - I only lived outside the area of my family home once with a girlfriend but even that was only 20 mins away.
    First things first concentrate on all the positives. It helps you face the negatives again it is a bit of the "What doesn't break you makes you stronger". I kinda know where you are coming from there are times when I am a bit of a force of nature where some people take to me and others don't.
    I could spend all my energy getting people who don't like me to tolerate me or there is another option fuck them I am going to concentrate on the people who like/care for me.
    I walk into a new room and I don't give a flying fuck what people think of me but I do care what the 10 people I clicked with in the room thought when I leave the room and oh yeah I think there was 80/90 other people doing something else in room, nothing to do with me.

  • I know exactly how you mean, I went to 5 different elementary schools and 2 high schools. It's hard to make friends when either you move away or they do for that matter. (7.) actually happened to me by the way, but she moved away and that was in midle school, go figure. I liked a girl in high school and I ended up moving away, it happened in elementary school also.

    -Theres always a reason why I've always been single.

  • I see your point, nice Take, as always :)
    I guess I was lucky, I never had to move in my life...


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