Public Places Behaviors I Just Hate


All of us have certain things that drive us crazy. Here are the people with certain behaviors that I totally hate:

1. The walking texters who can't even raise their eyes to see if the way is clear ahead.

2. The loud phone speakers who keep shouting for long, oblivious of their surroundings.

3. The drivers with 'baby on board' sign, who think that they should be the center of all other drivers.

4. The dog owners who believe all the world wants to be licked by their dogs, feeling offended if someone asks them to keep their dogs away.

5. The plane passengers who get up and walk as soon as the plane stops, usually walking past those who are seated in the front.

6. The metro commuters who just can't wait for you to get out so that they get in.

Public Places Behaviors I Just Hate

7. The everywhere selfie takers, usually teen girls.

8. The backpack carriers in an elevator or metro. They are just unaware of the unease their bags can cause to the others in a small space.

What are the behaviors that annoy you the most?

Public Places Behaviors I Just Hate
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  • madhatters4
    I have the
    baby ob board sign

    but that's only because i have a baby on board and hope it will encourage people to drive less insanely around me (e. g. not tail gate)
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    Is this still revelant?
    • BlueLights

      Sorry, no offence meant😊but some people with the sign feel very entitled.

    • no offense taken. i certainly have no sense of entitlement. i just hope people will see the sign and feel encouraged to drive safer around me... although i wish you didn't need a sign for people to feel encouraged to drive safely

    • BlueLights

      I wish everyone drives safely😆

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  • Rissyanne
    I also hate when I go to the grocery store and putting my groceries in the car and someone is waiting to get my parking spot. They want you to hurry as fast as you can. They will even hold up traffic instead of moving on to the next spot.
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    • BlueLights

      Oh yes I hate this too! I know these people don't mind blocking 20 cars just because they are waiting for someone to leave the parking spot. They just don't care.

  • baseball69
    Someone texting while walking or driving is very irksome to me. Whatever is on your phone. m, it can wait until u reach a good destination.
    I don't get why people do musically, it is very annoying when people lip sing and do some weird movement at the same time.
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  • bente2
    I kinda get the metro one because I've been stuck in the doors before and it was terrifying.
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  • SuitAndTie
    Number 6 and 8 yes yes yes!!! Also, the (group of) people standing right in the middle of a busy street so people have to manoeuvre around them instead of waiting on the side.
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  • FatherJack
    1 & 2 mainly , those twats that yell into a phone & keep wandering around aimlessly.. like a cheap clockwork toy , getting in the way... from me it's a... SHOVE!!
    • BlueLights

      haha😁😂😂I love the clock example

  • KiaTate
    People who are rude for sales associates.
    People who try wall in tiny spaces.
    People who try to touch my hair.
  • TheInvisibleMan
    I agree with all, but especially number 4. I fucking hate dogs, and I hate dog owners even more.
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  • __Victoria__
    I don't like when people talking loud on the bus they are pain in the neck
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  • John_Doesnt
    Does pooping in public bother you? Because I'm okay with it.
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  • helloitsmethere
    The plane passengers one annoy me the MOST -_-
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