Couch Cushion Rage!!!

I am willing to defend a lot of the strange and weird things we do as women like eye lash curling or slathering our faces with mud masks and the like, but I cannot, will not, defend the over abundance of couch cushions or copious amounts of decorative bed pillows that are typically found in our houses, apartments, and bedrooms. Finally, someone has brought this issue to light! Couch cushions are absolutely positively useless in any way shape or form. Why does anybody need a cushion on top of cushions?!? My aunt literally has 22 couch cushions on her sectional and every time we go to visit, anybody that sits down has to find a place to put these things because the cusions themselves take up 90% of the diameter of the seat cushions. How is this practical...and if you say they can be used for they can't. About 100% of couch cushions are decorative, meaning, they aren't meant for your head and all of its oils, and scents, and make-ups, and hair products to lay gingerly across because you can't really wash the things. Their entire purpose is to take up space and for retailers to just charge you for the luxury of doing so. Down with couch cushions and decorative bed pillows!

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  • 2 or 3 is normal, any more than that and they become floor furniture if I need a seat and they are in the way.


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