Cuddling 101 - Why you should do it more!

Cuddling 101 - Why you should do it more!

wouldn't things be better if we all just cuddled a little more?


I'll tell you why - cuddling is great!

Everyone likes to be held every once in a while whether it's with a family member, friend or your significant other and has provided many health benefits.

Cuddling 101 - Why you should do it more!

- It can reduce stress and anxiety levels which can release those happy "lurve" chemicals like Oxytocin. This can aid in reducing Blood Pressure that often can cause other health issue such as Heart Disease which is one of leading causes of deaths in countries like the U.K and America.

Speaking of healthy heart, it also can also create intimacy

Goes without saying doesn't it ? Physical intimacy is important in relationships as in one way helps us feel to connected to our significant other.

It could also provide a source of comfort when words alone dont make the mark. It can ease emotional and physical pain which provide a source of natural healing.

Cuddling 101 - Why you should do it more!

In these modern times , where social media and texting is seen as a more efficient form of communication; this is one form that does not need to exchange through words and yet can be equally as expressive.

Cuddling 101 - Why you should do it more!

So shhh... no talking 😉 let's cuddle instead!

I hope you enjoyed this take as its my second one



Cuddling 101 - Why you should do it more!
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  • Zoi02
    Cause it feels nice feeling another person skin, heart beat also their scent.
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  • SydneySentinel
    I'm lacking in the cuddle department... nice take!!
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  • Aguysopinion4799
    I LOVE hugging and cuddling people, the problem is that people tend to still be in a situation where it is awkward.

    Luckily I surrounded myself with friends who like to hug and I hug people as frequently as possible.

    I couldn't agree more madam Ultimega as there is pretty much nothing bad in a hug, if you refuse a hug, you likely have a medical situation that leads you to have difficulty regarding physical contact or affection.

    Great take! <3
  • theCobbler
    Amen ! AMEN !
    This may sound out of place , but I've seen several escorts during this last year ( 2019 ) and it's so, funny , that when they ask , " Well , you want to get it on "? I look at them , withoutvany emotion and Say "" I can Sex myself , I can't hug and cuddle myself " !

    So AMEN , ! I Need a hug ! 🤗🤗🤗
    • roland77

      Naked sleeping being cuddled up, instant agreement from me!

  • FatherJack
    Good take , positive sentiment. However this is one area where there is a large gender divide , the vast majority of women have someone human of either gender to have physical affection from , whereas single men especially do not. Personally , I do not seek human physical contact , but did have 2 adorable ferrets that would climb on me for a cuddle. Many people , much more so males , have not been shown much , if any , physical affection and this is alien to them.
  • RickPen
    I can understand the view, and agree that people generally respond well to physical touch. For me, I don't care for physical touch, so I'll refrain. Not really an issue, though.
  • Navarro26
    I love cuddling, Especially with my babygirl @ultimega 😘😘
    • ultimega

      I love cuddling you too baba💕

  • ShadowofRegret
    I love cuddling, that is why I always cuddle with my pillow when I go to sleep.😌
  • koolkal
    I agree as long as it's not over bearing. Sometimes a person is cuddled in a way that makes them feel trapped.
  • Insightfull
    So agree! I love cuddling. It feels so nice and comfortable
  • roland77
    Aww, I love cuddling up, especially sleeping naked. So nice to be directly with her.
  • Lionboy79
    Cuddling is the best way to impress in silence I like / I love or I am here for you depending on the situation. And it's quite an international language. Thanks, Ultimega for bringing this in spotlight - I'd really like to huge you now! ;)
  • Biancatsumi1991
    It makes me feel safe and secured. I love cuddling. It makes me happy too.
  • Xoirwinkan
    Oh yeah, as soon as I get a girlfriend, so... at least a few years.
  • sukcitup
    I so appreciate your thoughts about this... I so agree... Cuddling is so gooood.. m I miss it in covid times
  • DomTreddo
    I'm lacking in cuddles. I just really want someone to cuddle with me and that's it.
  • Laozi
    That's why I cuddle with my cat. It makes me calm, peaceful and forget the world for a moment.
  • Burtonfan
    See for me cuddling can cause stiffness and discomfort.
  • bklynbadboy1
    Awwww! I love this
  • nonratracereality
    Couldn't agree more.
  • Phoenix98
    Good take, I agree.
  • Jjpayne
    Thank you! This was a good message :)
  • SirRexington
    I wish I had someone to cuddle...
  • anton_dee
    Yup, cuddling is a great emotional stimulant.
  • VeronicaMay
    I really feel like hugging someone now 😂
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • bananathunder
    thanks for the MyTake :D
  • CharlieDMX
    I agree
  • mT2359
    Care & warm humane treatment of individuals.
    • People forget that everyone of every age needs human touch and care! Hugs, hand holding, a shoulder squeeze... This is why massage is SO important. Babies get touched all the time. It's the reason they thrive. But adults need it just as much. Especially people who are older and alone!!!

    • mT2359


  • username4h
    I agree
  • mikew1
    Women love it most time u get laid to
  • ThatGuy133
    Cuddling... a great start to foreplay.
  • Prof_Don
    Cuddling is awesome 🙂
  • Chris006
    Awesome take!😎🌞🤘💪
  • howlinsilently
    Is soooooo nice to get and give
  • Deku2009
    Great point !
  • Smegskull
    I think you'll find that's called assault.
    • goaded

      Then you're doing it wrong.

      To offer a hug/cuddle, hold your arms wide in the direction of the cuddlee. If they accept your offer, they will step in and embrace you, you may then embrace them. If they do not, they are not frigid, mean or a bitch, they just don't want to hug you right now.

      The standard indication that someone wants to end a hug is a short extra squeeze; you may recipricate, or not, but you must let them go at that point.

      If someone has to say stop, or push you away, then you're getting into sexual assault; stop immediately and apologise for being an idiot.

    • Smegskull

      Offering a hug may be an unwanted sexual advance which comes under sexual harassment.

    • goaded

      Then you're doing it wrong.

      Or at least when there's no indication it might be accepted.

      Stop playing the victim.

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  • Anonymous
    The world is an uglier place because we care more about ourselves than giving love like this.
    • ultimega

      I know its sad... to think as well something simple as giving someone a hug could brighten anyones day.

    • Anonymous

      Hope you've been well. I haven't seen you in about 7 years.

    • ultimega

      ? What do you mean ~ do I know you?

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  • Anonymous
    Cuddling is stupid. POINT BLANK
    • ultimega

      You just need a nice cuddle with kisses