Genuinely awful types of people

That are too Self-righteous to know they are awful.Genuinely awful types of people.

1. The intellectual bully

Pseudo-intellectuals who use their supreme "knowledge" to attack and demean anyone they think is beneath their intelligence level.

Way too full of themselves to ever think they are wrong, Or in the wrong.

2. Psychological Bully

One of the most common types of asshole on the net, What makes them different is they will sometimes try to justify their bullying or hide it by claiming they are just trying to help their targets.

When called on their actions they will start playing they victim, And accusing people of trying to make them accept something.

3. The Strait male hater

An ultra "Feminist" who has gone completely off the deep end. So convinced of her cause of fighting the imaginary oppression of female in first world countries, That she has become an evil and spiteful harpy.

Always happy to spew pure hate venom at those evil cisgender white males. Lives for the denigration of men.

The Misandry is real :P

4. The spiteful hater of all women

Like the male hater, Only in reverse. No matter what they call themselves it is pure Misogyny on an epic scale.

Some very annoying and whiny fellas.

5. The Anti-racist who has no problem being a bigot.

Easy to spot. A person suffering from serious internalized racism and does their best to demean and defame their own race, And preaching about the superiority of another race every chance they get.

All in the name of equality!

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  • Great take! This one guy on here... not gonna mention any names... left me with these quotes... on my opinion about how I find many men attractive.

    "Woman, My pinky finger is smarter then you lol"
    I believe that falls under The Intellectual Bully: usually believes they are smarter. He definitely hit that nail on the head.πŸ”¨

    "Because it's stupid and gross, And I just wanted to call something a crock of shit lol"
    This one probably falls under Psychological Bully.

    "You just keep trying lol Well you most likely have no pride, self-respect, or even any real self-awareness... So you are probably smug in your internalized racism." Here again I'm thinking Psychological Bully.

    "Yeah, you are. Inadvertently or not. When those kooky f*ckwads brags about all the white bitches that worship them, Who do you think they are talking about?" Now, what's interesting about this one is that if you notice, you myTake owner mentioned this..
    "What makes them different is they will sometimes try to justify their bullying or hide it by claiming they are just trying to help their targets". Notice how the quoted party seems to be trying to "help me" by warning me of the "kooky wads" who will think that I worship them. What are your thoughts owner? Psychological Bully for that one? That's what I'm leaning towards.

    People are crazy I tell ya. Great myTake by the way! You really know how to get on that bully level and get in their minds minds if ya know what I mean and pick them out. Thumbs up for that! πŸ‘

    • I'm not a bully just a realist, And way too proud.

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    • Well I'm gonna take my mixed race family into a bunker somewhere for the night while the races rally for "complete domination" (said in my best Mortal Kombat "finish him" voiceπŸ˜‰). Take care and power to the people! #allLivesmatterπŸ˜‚

    • Whatever retard.

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  • Great my take. Although, I wish I could understand why the MGTOWs get perceived as misogynists a lot. I'm under the impression that these are just men that got hit hard by divorce and decided to not take a part in relationships again.


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  • Very good Take, I mostly dislike 1,2 and 4... they are the most awful types, but the others are quite rare and insignificant.

  • Mgtow isn't misogynistic. I don't know how you came to that conclusion.

    • Everyone I've seen seems to have some deep rooted hatred against women.

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    • Yeah but feminist in general have supported unequal laws so extreme or not in the west they are all bad.

    • They have gone fucking crazy lol