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Lots of people love to judge, and they all suck.

Banksy Change
Banksy Change

Soon after my dad died, we became homeless. At school, I was put in the free lunch line, called out to speak to the counselor. I became "that kid." We moved around a lot, living in cars, parks, on the ground, motels, strangers who let us crash with them. Didn't take mom long to realize, lots of pervs out there that like little girls, so I was pimped out. Got money for food, places to stay and drugs for mom.

When I became a teen and wanted to get a job, when they found out I was homeless, the job was somehow filled. On a couple of interviews, I had 2 people tell me that they know I'm a hooker, all homeless females are hookers and thieves. So get out of their store.

I ended up dropping out of high school, got a job as a motel housekeeper. Not glamorous, but I'm trying. When people find out I dropped out of high school, they immediately assume I got pregnant or cuz of drugs. Nope on both. People like to make lots of assumptions and those judgments and assumptions do hurt.

Lots of people love to judge, and they all suck.
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  • ZELLxoxo
    Those that judge you aren't worth it. Those that will understand and stick around will be your true friends.
    -Sending you a virtual hug-
    Stay Strong ❤
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    • Anonymous

      so true... just those that judge always seem to be in your face... ready to share their opinion.

  • cute_short_nerd
    Life is tough. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.
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  • dmvgirl16
    Ur story is so sad and i really hope everything is well now and yes people can make judgments and assumptions but do not let that bother u and also if u ever need anything u can always message me I am here for u i know that people can be so mean but i know that it is going to be okay and I'm here to support U if u want
    • Anonymous

      Thanks... means a lot... I just wanted you to know... hope you are doing ok... I tried to mssg you, didn't go through

  • sumretard
    how would a job interviewer find out ur homeless?
    if i was homeless i wouldn't have this problem... first of all dont blab ur mouth and spread the news to friends and family about ur homelessness.. that ways its impossible for anyone to find out,
    secondly... steal a nice suit from a clothes shop and shower in the river.. then no one can smell or see that ur homeless
    • Anonymous

      When they ask for your address and you list the shelter. Sometimes they can see you in the area wearing the same clothes and put it together... your name says it all, ... must be nice to live in your world.

  • BhaniLovesMusic
    I wish you can hold yourself up every where you go. Everyone deserve respect, whether its homeless or president
    • Anonymous


  • blutwolfe
    Ya they do suck, my situation isn't as bad as yours I don't think, but I grew up homeless with abusive parents, never talk about it in person. I moved away to start a new life and it feels like a new life honestly. It's all stereotypes, no one knows anything if they don't know anything about you
  • DaMack999
    People are on streets due to a lot of systemic problems and national disasters. Example. When Katerina hit so many low income families lots homes, jobs, and many ended up like your situation. Am glad you bring this up to people's attention we need loud voices for 99%. Its time to wake up the billionaire bombs rich by accident or through inheritance like Trump.
  • novert
    I'm sorry! 🤗 the human race can be monstrous. Stay strong!! Sometime the world just gives you a horrible hand!! Just keep fighting for life..
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    I would say nothing but because you have struggled and not been in your place but yeah i know the pain you have suffered I am sorry here's a hug for you that's all I can offer.

    https://tse1. mm. bing. net/th? id=OGC.1e545827884db170a0f6038fb1bde04d&pid=Api&rurl=https%3a%2f%2fmedia. giphy. com%2fmedia%2fIzjh72nujomnLV9aSm%2fgiphy. gif&ehk=pjJyQw6E4LmFgeiKh7OcF8833f1hUx9wgrZNZ4YuNPk%3d
  • You have had a tough life and struggled a lot. I hope things start getting better for you and you get to lead a better life soon.
  • BlckGrl
    Virtual hug 😊💗 ok how it feels to be homeless maybe not exactly your situation but I understand
  • Adam1978
    That sign I can support. Few beggars seem to work on actually make it happen thought.
  • Mystery_World
    All I can say is we can't change people.. work hard and have someone to be with you.. you deserve a luxurious life in future.
  • crazy8000
    Some countries are society still in their early teens compared to humans age with maturity.
    People are the society.
    People with narrow mind tends to judge but have problems with getting judged.

    It's a huge mess and multiple reasons and people that starts from a certain point have an attitude that makes it hard for them to see and to become a better person. especially on how to treat other's and understand how thing's really are, to treat people that doesn't have it as easy as them.

    (If you live in USA. it's seen as a dysfunctional society, a ghetto, in many countries)
  • Gedaria
    Sadly we all do it. Either side of the situation. I would suggest be economical with the truth. I am not promoting lying but tell people just enough.
  • TonyMetal___86
    Your story made me sad and mad st the same time, well i'm not surprised because the majority of people are heartless and doesn't care if you live or die!

    You don't have to worry cause god is watching you and one day you will be rewarded and become better than all these people who had hurt you...

    Your a young girl, should be living in a warm safe humble house, food is present on your table and your needs provided by a man, i hope that you find a real man someday, get married and become a happy housewife and forget all the bad things that occured in your life...

    Your a human being and you have a soul which makes you priceless, i wish if you were living or working somewhere next to me so i be able to help you...
    • Anonymous

      I think you are sweet and nice and caring. Just, god doesn't care, gave up on me a long time ago. People who were supposed to help, god saw that they just continued to use and hurt. There are lots of people like me out there, I wonder how many you walk by every day and either ignore or just dont notice.

    • God haven't gave up on you and you will see, he's seeing everything and you will be better than anyone else in heaven and i hope that god will give you a nice life someday here on earth...

      I'm a normal citizen, i'm not rich, i'm just good and don't need anyone to be able to live, l always help people who needs help when i walk on the streets and see someone who really needs help than i help as much as i can, i like seeing people happy and i never ignored someone who is hurt and never will...

      There will always be good people dear even though they are rare these days...

  • 888theGreat
    I will judge best female butt on here. I don't know how one could post pic without real ID though
  • Happy_88
    Clever but being a bum isn’t going to change anything
  • robertKugler
    Self defeating statement there.. Or somewhat of an oxymoron.. N tiny bit hypicrital no?
  • 1wetsMaNicker
    Yes they do hurt 😒
  • Iron_Man
    Im sorry
  • Marked.
  • Oric50
    Get your GED.
  • Anonymous
    I wanna hug you
    • BlckGrl

      Me too

    • Anonymous

      Are you the asker?

    • BlckGrl

      No I was just agreeing