7 Types of People Who REALLY Make the World Suck


Fricken Feminists

7 Types of People Who REALLY Make the World Suck

I'm going to be real with you, GaG. It's not just radical feminists for me. It's feminism. The very definition of the word. The way the movement exists today. It promotes women it doesn't promote equality. And I know the argument is that the idea of feminism is just that men and women are equal...then why have feminism? Why not call it fucking equalism?

It's a toxic movement that creates artificial problems to support the idea that men suck. That masculinity is somehow a bad thing...umm reality check? Masculine men are the bomb.

And this isn't to say women don't have problems men don't...but that goes both ways. Men have problems women don't, as well. Instead of reducing ourselves to whiny self promoting movements why not work TOGETHER to make REAL change for..not just girls and women, but boys and men. Oh, I know...in 2016 that idea makes ME the radical

Radical LGBT activists

7 Types of People Who REALLY Make the World Suck

(tongue firmly in cheek)

To be 100% clear, this is not all LGBT people. Gay marriage? I'm totally for that! And I'm sure Caitlyn Jenner is a complete GILF. I believe in people doing what makes them happy...but there are lines..

7 Types of People Who REALLY Make the World Suck

Line. Officially. Crossed.


The scary world where red is blue, blue is your pronoun, and if you say otherwise you're chromophobic "scum" who seriously just triggered someone's SSS (special snowflake syndrome). Also, they have blue, pink etc hair, spread love by saying people who aren't like them (some form of gender weirdness or racial minority) should die, they don't like to bathe and have never felt the touch of another person between their legs (as adults...sorry, that was reaaally bad).

In other words...

7 Types of People Who REALLY Make the World Suck

What is it with these PC crazies and oversaturated colors and cheap clothing?? Visit a salon, dress like a human, get a job and get over yourself, and get happy! Just be normal..

Black Lives Matter promoters

Black lives do matter. I know you guys hate to hear this...but all lives matter. I don't think that needs a hashtag either. It should be obvious to any decent human being that other human life matters. And if it isn't, a hashtag isn't going to change their views.

And FYI, Black Lives Matter people often times hate White people. That's a fact. It's a hate group. Just because you're a minority and more vulnerable to being discriminated against doesn't mean you can't be a racist radical. There's a name for that...it's Micah Xavier Johnson

7 Types of People Who REALLY Make the World Suck


You might not like the term, but whatever you want to call it, hating on people because of their sexuality is wrong. Keep your mind out of their bedroom. Nobody is asking you to stick it in the poop shoot or lick some linoleum. They just wanna do that with each other. LGBT people exist. It's okay. This?

7 Types of People Who REALLY Make the World Suck

Not so much..


7 Types of People Who REALLY Make the World Suck

Men and women work best together as a team. Lets not let angry bitter feminists, crazy ass MRA's or just the people on both sides who hate the other gender because they won't fuck them tear the rest of us apart. Man and woman are like a lock and key. We complement each other. That's beautiful.

Religious zealots

It's radical Islam. It's old fashioned Christianity. Orthodox Judaism. It's a toxic mentality that is hurting everyone. These are the people that beat, stone, rape, etc. And none are any better. Why hate on Christians but go all ra-ra Muslim? Never seen a Christian do this:

7 Types of People Who REALLY Make the World Suck

Hillary Clinton (Shrillary), Donald Trump (the oompa loompa), Bernie Sanders (fascist), etc

7 Types of People Who REALLY Make the World Suck

Need I say more xD

I'm sure there are more but these are the ones that spring to mind, today. I will enjoy being shit on by both sides for being honest <3

7 Types of People Who REALLY Make the World Suck
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  • madhatters4
    i have no issue with a feminist who simply believes women deserve to be treated equally. which is what the feminist movement at its core is about
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    • Malloy1997

      Which, isn't what Feminists stand for these days-So, fuck Feminists!

    • @Malloy1997 that's not really true. unless you know all feminists it's not fair to say what they stand for.

      but the large feminist movements are still about those core values. individuals who bastardize the message or interpret in a way that means oppressing mean or superiority for women are not true feminists

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  • Anonymous
    I love how you use feminism and sexism in one post. XD
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    • Anonymous

      Yup, it's because I'm a moderate and don't pick a side to think for me

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  • ThatJarHead
    I got a good laugh out of this then I saw the comments... I think my brain just exploded.
  • Nothanks700
    "Fricken Feminists"

    I can see you being on the fence, or maybe completely opposed to feminism for the reasons addressed. But that is not feminism. Feminism is majorly about realizing that women are in a subordinate place to men all over the world (and this still is clearly the case) please look to literally any executive board in America, or just freaking visit the middle east. People still wrongly hold women to a higher responsibility in the household, and men to a higher responsibility in the workplace. We just aren't there yet.

    And masculinity? When have what are basically humanoid gorillas contributed to society in a productive way? Sure, you find them attractive because 3000 years ago, they were great at providing. Now, they suck at it. They typically work low paying construction jobs, etc. They are the grunts of modern society. And, keep in mind, I am talking about pure masculine dudes, not just guys who are somewhat more masculine than average. When our species brains evolve in 2k years, nobody will find these guys attractive.

    Radical LGBT activists

    There have never been laws saying trans people could not enter restrooms of their identity until recently. That is the problem. You have been peeing in the same restroom with them your entire life, and haven't noticed. Now, they are suddenly rapists and pedophiles? Give me a god damn break.


    I have no idea what this is, but since I'm taking the opposite side on your other arguments, I might as well continue the trend, and say why do you give a crap what other people dress like? Mind your own life

    Black Lives Matter promoters

    Yes, people fighting for fair treatment and equal rights have pissed the privilege class off for millennia. It's nothing new. When was the last time you got stopped and frisked for no apparent reason? How about pulled over for a busted taillight, and had back up called on you? All lives do matter, but black lives have been in danger systemically for decades, in a way white people do not have to deal with.

    The last three I agree with, and at least you are a rational person, even if I don't agree with everything you've said.

    I am not a huge fan of religion of any kind, but it is very weird how our media has this bias either for or against Muslims vs. Christians

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    • Anonymous

      Maybe we don't want to recognize that as women we have different brains from men. And that we struggle in certain fields because of that. Our temperaments aren't the same.

      I think masculinity can go to extremes like anything. But at the same time our ideas of what's masculine may be very different. For me it doesn't preclude being thoughtful, sensitive or intelligent.

      I don't have a problem with transgender people in bathrooms.. in most cases. I saw this beautiful girl in the new named Jazz. She was born a boy. I would want to keep HER safe in bathrooms from men like the one in the photo as well.

      The part about how they dress was a joke. It's the fact that THEY thought police and censor. They tell people what we can and can't say and expect us to use bizarre imaginary pronouns and call is bigots if we don't. They're the worst.

      Black lives matter is NOT about that unfortunately. It's turned into a hateful movement that promotes racial violence and illegal activities.

    • Anonymous

      There is definitely a discussion to be had about treatment of Blacks in our country but BLM is not the way to do it and I think MLK, Nelson Mandela etc would agree with that

    • Applepie97

      Great answer!!

  • TakeMaker
    What a load of whinging shit. You hate anyone who seems to stand up and try and make a difference for a cause they believe in. It's people like you who are the lethargic, apathetic useless ballast holding this world back.

    You are a human sandbag on the rising balloon of humanity.
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    • Anonymous

      You make me laugh my ass off with shit! These people aren't making a difference policing people's thoughts on the Internet. I work, I pay taxes, I volunteer at the local SPCA and nursing home, and I always speak up for others when I'm in a position to. I am the absolute opposite of apathetic and ALWAYS stand up for my beliefs.

      The only thing I attacked in this post is mob mentality... and you're obvs a victim of that. Enjoy being an anti social, politically correct loser who never gets laid tho!

    • TakeMaker

      You just attacked people who stand up for what they believe in, but you doing the same is all good... oh how utterly fucking amazing you are and they're all pieces of shit.

      And I'm happily fucking my boyfriend while you're out wiping shit off old people, try again with the insults if you like... that was weak.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, classy. Bash me for giving back. You're right, MY insults suck.

      You just perfectly exemplified the difference between people who actually contribute (with actions) and people who think they do (with words). I didn't really say anything all that hateful. Just called bullshit on both sides.

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  • pervertedjester
    Every time I see the first picture I can never figure out if that's a woman or a man... img-9gag-fun.9cache.com/photo/a0Ye6mX_700b.jpg It looks like Daniel Radcliffe in a Rasta Whig.
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  • ObscuredBeyond
    With those Westboro signs:

    - The sign in the guy's right hand is partially true. Any impenitence in the heart is hated by God, but especially if it is arrogant. (Psalm 5:5) "Pride" parades are all about homosexual arrogance.

    - The sign in his left hand is false. "God does not desire that any should have to perish." (2 Peter 3:9)
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    • Anonymous

      It's only true if you believe in God...

    • Does pride come before a fall only if one believes, or does it seem to be universal regardless what one believes?

    • TheSpartan

      I don't know why they keep referencing the WBC. They're a tiny, irrelevant, non-violent group.

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  • vishna
    You're the 8th person though, you're tone deaf and even though you've probably heard people explain things to you and provide counterexamples to the broad way you explain things-you don't care, and you continue to paint things as black and white.
    Yea, being a dangerous zealot is bad, wearing that ugly ass outfit and trying to go out in public (let alone a bathroom) is a crime against humanity, making people feel fear because of their gender or because of who they're attracted to is bad.
    But you're just as bad and just as blind for thinking all feminists don't like men, that all BLM supporters hate white people or cops or actually give two shits about that murderer in Texas, and so on.
    And you're just as bad because you're spitting in people's faces and shutting them up like "no, nope, no-this is how they are, this is how YOU are"
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    • bjjk067

      You gave valid points, lets see how she responds :p

    • Anonymous

      Soo pretty much you agree with all of them but 1 and you hate me for it? I've heard Black Lives Matter explained a million times. Who hasn't. Your condescending tone perfectly exemplifies that of most activist through.

      The fact is that the hashtag is a fundamentally bad idea. Like most movements that spread through the Internet. Why? The protection of anonymity leaves room for the radicalization of ideals. People then go out and act out the behavior they had ample space to develop free of counterpoint online.

      You wanna fucking make a difference? Don't post hateful shit on Twitter. Don't kill cops because they're White. Don't wreck small business cause someone was unjustly killed.

      Do it the way MLK did it. With peaceful protests. Make yourself seen and heard without behaving the way the people you're against do

    • vishna

      No, I don't hate you. I'm saying-your mentality is a part of the problem. Also, I don't agree with all of your points, however, I strongly agree with you on three points. Beyond that, I see truth that there are issues within the other points-but not every person/idea emanating from those things are bad.
      And what you're saying, I don't disagree with "Don't post hateful shit on Twitter. Don't kill cops because they're White. Don't wreck small business cause someone was unjustly killed." I know no one personally who supports the idea of BLM movement and condones things like that. We are not in a black or white world. I can support the BLM movement, appreciate cops, hate police brutality, and that doesn't make me on in a million. When hundreds of people were peacefully protesting in the streets below, one mad man decided to hide in the shadows and shoot.

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  • SirenDep
    I agree on most points, but the images you used were offensive, as well as your phrasing.

    In western countries, equalitarianism is going to be more useful than feminism, but in many eastern countries, where women are still not considered independent, feminism is needed. Sadly sexists of both genders still exist, especially in eastern countries.

    I support the right of people to have their own sexual preferences without loosing their rights or becoming outcasts, and I 'd never reject a friend or abandon my child for that. But I'm against the lgbt ideology, that projects their individual sexual preferences as an alternative way of living, and is trying to change the institutions of marriage and family.

    It's crazy to create a fake persona, take hours to get ready, use a ton of filters and retouching just for some likes on social media. However, I like seeing photos of people who have a unique personal style, who are into subcultures and alternative styles, who dare to color and cut their own hair, who diy their clothes and pull it off.

    It's alright to have religious beliefs or not, to be a devoted christian or muslim or buddist or even an atheist. However, it's wrong to show lack of respect for other religions and insult or use violence against people who don't share your beliefs. As an orthodox christian theologian, I demand to have the right to build a church in another country to pray and I am also willing to let people of other religions build their temples in my country too.
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  • chc0009
    I'd say Trump is the worst, Clinton is in the middle, and Sanders is the best choice for me.

    But those feminazis are hypocrites. I'm for women's rights, but they've got to brave the responsibilities too like us men. Gender equality means nothing is free, just like the rest of us.

    And black lives do matter, but these activists are getting too out of control.
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    • Anonymous

      If you believe nothing is free... no idea why you'd think Sanders is the best choice

    • chc0009

      Well, he's not perfect, but he's less divisive in his rhetoric than Clinton or Trump, who keep using that "us vs. them" mentality.

    • @MytakeOwner Many people don't support a candidate on issues. They support a candidate based on emotions, and because that candidate "acts cool", or because a candidate is charismatic.

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  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Lots of truth in what you say - I think in short what is annoying you is people who take a good belief to the extreme and to the exclusion of everything else - I don't know if we agree on everything but it is quite close - OMG that Clinton/Trump meme, the first thing springs to mind is the poll segment on the news shows Clump now has unfavourable rating of 117%.
  • BigJake
    Pretty good list. The black lives matter people are really on the top of my list. We've got the President now shilling for a racial activist group. How silly is that? And what makes it downright disgusting is that most black lives matter activists are racists in that they paint all white people with the same brush. Beyond that, some of them just flat hate white people. So yeah, not a big fan of a supposedly anti-hate group filled with hateful people.
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  • LittleSally
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  • lost_alice
    the part that you said about feminism- it isn't equalism because it was made to make women equal to men, if men were still sexist, women would have to be sexist too, it doesn't make sense
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    • Anonymous

      I'm confused

    • lost_alice

      feminism was made to change the way man treated women And the way women should act it couldn't be called equalism.

    • Anonymous

      I never said feminism could be called equalism. I said if feminism was what it claims to be it wouldn't be called feminism. It would be called equalism.

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  • thekawaiikiwi
    Wow, I opened this topic thinking it'd be another dumb liberal propaganda post... but I gotta say I agree with most of what you've written.

    Color me surprised; I guess all women really aren't as dumb as nails.
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  • Rissyanne
    I thought this was funny. And I agree with all of it... except I support Trump. But I have never heard of Tumblrinas.
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  • Pacificblue62
    Don't usually find myself handing our compliments on articles about gender, race, religion etc. Usually getting in to arguments. But have to here. you're awesome. Thank you for speaking the truth, especially about #1! More people need to listen to that. I don't see what you said there being said enough. Also agree with you on the others. Except tumblr don't know too much about.
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  • Ntnrmlchck
    Your honesty is appreciated, maybe if there were more people willing to have HONEST discussions on these topics, there would be progress!
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  • SnatchFinderGeneral
    "Men and women work best together as a team."

    This is the champion of quotes.
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  • Girl_Ex_Machina
    I agree with most of this. But I humbly disagree with you on one point. You can have pink hair and still be pretty awesome.
  • JudgmentDay
    As long as anti-natalists, existential nihilists or nihilistic or even pessimistic people aren't on the list, then I'm cool with this.
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  • EchoOfLife
    Nice take, but if you don't mind, I'm just gonna eat some popcorn and read the comments... Want some? *hands popcorn*
    • Lol why do I feel like I've seen this like everywhere?

  • Thebeck
    THANK YOU!!! Thanks you so much. I thought I was all alone with this view point. People don't seem to understand that there are flaws with everything.
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  • Heymonyo
    I rarely make it past the first papragraph of a my take becuase I get bored out of my wits, but I liked yours. You're probably a pretty cool chick
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  • Malloy1997
    This is the best MyTake I've seen!

    The worst people are definitely the Feminists, or Black Lives Matter people. Feminists are man haters, and BLM people are racists.
  • MrsAthruZ
    • Anonymous

      I understand the point, duh. But you're working under the idea that people think black lives don't matter. Only fringe movements would ever say that.

    • MrsAthruZ

      You just said that the #BLM movement bothered you?

    • MrsAthruZ

      All lives matter... Why do you have to be insensitive right now? We know that 🙄🖕🏼

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  • bluenose1872
    She is one smug looking, square faced, ugly boot at the top. Women only hate what hates them, loathe actually. Men hate her she hates men.
  • Unit1
    Excellent take =)
    I agree with everything.

    Without these, the world would be a better place and society wouldn't be so dumb and toxic.
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  • SlightlyCrazy
    Okay so I everything here is subject to opinion whether I like it or not
    But Bernie sanders is literally the opposite of a fascist
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  • Emberremembers
    My mind=everything you just listed except the religion thing
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  • MimTcgraw
    Thanks for that take :)
    Live the life you love
    Love the life you live
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  • Jager66
    Tumbler is where the ass cancer of the world congregates.
  • shinyunicorn
    you had me at "all lives matter"

    smh you ruined a perfectly good take
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    • You're right, obviously only SOME lives matter. Who agrees with the crazy idea that people of every race matter?

    • Malloy1997

      I'm going to assume you're racist then? Why shouldn't ALL lives matter?

  • Dred1614
    Couldn't agree more. The BLM and LGBT crazies top my list.
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  • SIGguy
    Shoulda put conspiracy theorists on that list, too.
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  • ADFSDF1996
    Racists belong on that list in my opinion.
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    • Anonymous

      You don't see racists, rapists, murderers etc because those go without saying

  • BigBallerSodaPop
    Yea they do suck. Never seen much of them in real life, though.
  • WhaChaChaKing
    You forgot people like you.
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  • Supersonic_Sex_Ninja
    You must like being called names!
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  • alor1an
    i agree with this entire list.
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  • Princess_Rue
    I love you.
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  • Hidden_P
    Yup. Spot on.
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  • Jxpxtxr
    I agreed with everything below the BLM-promoters.
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  • AleDeEurope
    Agree with all of that.
    Great Take.
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  • Heera
    life would be boring without tumblrinas tho :'(
  • zombiebabe
    excellent take
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  • BelleGirl21
    I like it.
  • adrianalima0
    lolololol good my take
  • thatnicksuitsme
    Omg i love that. Good take.
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  • blessed_curse
    First one :D And then I think of my country..
  • SatyricLord
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  • Anonymous
    Funny how you conveniently left out white racists like KKK.

    Also, let this man in the same bathroom as DAUGHTER? Sounds like he would be far more dangerous to sons... why are women always victims you fucking feminist