10 Random People/Things That Really Irritate Me

1. People who talk to dogs.

And not in the cute, off-handed way most people talk to their dogs. I've been guilty of asking a dog questions like........

"Want to go out?"


"Are you hungry?'

But I don't expect the dog to actually understand me, just respond to the sound of my voice. No, what is annoying is people who actually think they can communicate with their pets on a human level :/

What's really sad are the ones who ask their dog the same question like 3 or 4 times, Then actually get upset that the f*cking thing never answers back.

2. Hipster D-bags who hate everything just because they think it's hip to be the super unpleasant guy/girl that just hates every damn thing.

People who act like their whole existence revolves around hating popular things and shitting all over anyone who dares to say something positive about the objects of their irrational disdain.

You see this type a lot around discussion boards about super popular TV shows like the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

If you are still around during the 6th or 7th season bitching about the same things you did during the first season, the problem is you.

3. Community Guidelines

Almost all sites on the internet are plagued by these bastards in one form or another. And they always have two things in common, Being vague and stupid.

Even I see the need for community guidelines but they become way too fascist when they start interfering with my ability to see a nice pair of titties anywhere I happen to be on the internet at any giving time.

And for all those that might use the old 'kids might be using these sites' argument, I remember being a kid myself and I loved looking at boobs even then.

And as much as I try to play nice with everyone, sometimes you just really need to call someone a bi-polar c*nt. And, It's actually really hard to call someone a bi-polar c*nt in a totally non-offensive way :(

4. Robert Kirkman

What an asshole..............

As much as I love The Walking Dead show, I never really cared that much for the comic book or its creator. It gives me a great feeling of relief that all the really great things about the show didn't even come from the comic book.

I'm not even sure why I despise this guy so much, I just know that I do. Really rubs me the wrong way.

On a side note, I really like both the Outcast comic and TV show.

5. Micheal Moore, Janeane Garofalo and all other 'outspoken' SJW heroes.

This 500-pound turd in a hat is the perfect role model for the whole ultra-leftist/Social justice ideology.

Smug and overbearing when they are getting (or think they are getting) their way, but turn into unhinged crybabies when people don't agree with any of their nonsense.

And this hate-mongering psycho with a bullhorn is just as bad, If not worse.

6. People who try to call Kanye West a genius.

Mr. Kardashian is not a genius. A marginally talented egomaniac who makes overproduced pop/rap with very catchy lyrics, yes.

But not a genius.

If you have to start calling rappers musical geniuses, there's probably much more deserving ones out there, IMHO.

7. Chronic Complainers.

I don't really mind complainers up to a point, There is a lot of stupid out there to complain about. I even complain some myself.

But it does reach a point where it gets really annoying really fast. Like, the type of person you could give a bag of money to and they would complain about having to carry it.

8. Elitism

I hate elitism with a passion.

And despite all their pedigree and eugenics talk, the truly elite keep coming from humble or even impoverished backgrounds.

And I agree with Huckabee, Hillary Clinton is an elitist snob to the core.

Despite all her surface bullshit.

9. Women that start a blowjob but don't finish it.

Seriously, That shit should be illegal.

Mean ass bitches :(

10. People that try to badmouth Donald Trump.

The Donald is going all the way, Deal with it!

He's gonna take his right foot and he's gonna whop Hillary on that side of her face...

...and you wanna know something? There's not a damn thing you're gonna be able to do about it.

You're Fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Bonus: Onision



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  • You make points about how you hate people who complain, whilst complaining? Hillary may be an elitist, I don't know. And Micheal Moore is certainly ultra left. But Trump is the dumbest person I have ever seen grace the national presidential stage. Did you watch the fucking debate? I really don't get how he has avid supporters. Nothing, literally nothing the man says is factual. Both candidates kind of suck, but Trump is a freaking nightmare


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  • If I start a blowjob and don't finish it means your dick is nasty tasting and you need to properly wash your dick xD I actually like onision because he is an asshole, but an honest one :D

    • Seeing blowjob, nasty dick and asshole in the same sentence almost made me queasy for some reason.

    • Really? All I see onision doing is talking shit, sounds like just pure asshole to me. What's the deal with the masks he wears now? Being 30 and still looking like an emo teen from 2005 was barely tolerable, the headwear just takes the cringe factor into overload.

  • You're good AND terrible lol we could be frenemies!!

  • All bow before the cuck king, Onision.

  • Number 7... YESSS x100000

  • wow... nice take

  • i hate dogs and elitists. i have to stifle the urge to kick them.

  • kGood post

  • I was into this until you mentioned the filth that is Donald Trump. 😑

  • Dogs can actually understand you, there have been multiple studies confirmung this. And even if they couldn't, if I ask my dog 'wanna cookie?' They know exactly what they get and where to go.
    9&10 are stupid so I won't even form an answer.

    • I think he misworded what he meant. He acknowledged that simple things like "wanna go outside?" are normal but what is not normal is people that try to talk to their dogs and get mad when they don't respond. A funny example that would trigger him is the 44th story in Count Lucanor lolol

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  • 7. Chronic Complainers

    The irony.

    I don't know, michael moore doesn't seem that bad. I know SP went after him, but SP goes after everybody.

    8. Elitism

    More irony

    Honestly I can't fathom how anybody can be so excited about Donald Trump at this point. Hillary Clinton is awful, but Trump is awful too. I always think it's weird when people act like one of them isn't actually that bad. They are both awful.

    Onision drive me up a wall.

    • who hate everything just because they think it's hip to be the super unpleasant guy/girl that just hates every damn thing.

      More irony still. But I don't like hipsters either TBH.

      Yeah, that would suck. No pun intended.

      mine would be people who misuse the word irony. But I do that too.

  • Ha! I liked that

  • Lol you are probably going to get shit for the last ones...
    But damn, you touched on some things that I hate with a passion too. Nice! 👍

  • Man, this was post was so great until it got to 10. It's like a wonderful, good tasting meal that ends with a boot covered in fungus.

  • Good take - I disagree with most but believe in people being allowed to let off steam plus it seems to be the latest trend on GaG is takes on pet peeves that said, they are an enjoyable series

  • Most is agreeable.

  • 1. It is possible.
    3. If there were no guidelines, every site would be full of nude racist people.
    9. Do they exist?

  • I agree.

  • Great take! I'm sad that Kanye wasn't home with his wife when she was robbed. They probably would've pistol whipped him, and that would be glorious.

  • Good post, but you can let #1 bug you all you want, dogs recognize words.

  • "9. Women that start a blowjob but don't finish it."

    I didn't knew woman even do this :O

  • Yeah big bad science hurts your brain I know...


    • So, by this 'science' if my left nut itches more than my right one it must be capable of cognitive thought :o
      What a crock of shit.

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    • First that was not your position. Your position was “I don't expect the dog to actually understand me, just respond to the sound of my voice" Second, the evidence from the study infers an actual understanding of meaning not just a response to voice cues like pitch change. The study states “We discovered three neural mechanisms of speech processing in dogs. First, there was a LH bias for processing meaningful words, independently of intonation. Second, acoustic cues of affective speech intonation were processed independently of word meaning in R mESG, and intonational markedness increased functional connectivity between auditory and caudate regions. Third, dogs relied on both word meaning and intonation when processing the reward value of verbal utterances. All three findings reveal functional analogies between dog and human brain mechanisms ” and

    • “Lateralized lexical processing does not appear to be a uniquely human capacity that follows from the emergence of language, but rather a more ancient function that can be exploited to link arbitrary sound sequences to meanings. What makes lexical items uniquely human is thus not the neural capacity to process them, but the invention of using them.”

      They collected tangible evidence utilizing functional magnetic resonance imaging. While a dog might not write you a sonnet, they do have some grasp of human language. From personal experience I've observed my dog process entire sentences such as "If you want to go for a walk, you have to get your leach" and then she would go searching for her leach, if she found it she would pick it up and bring it to me and then sit down to have it put on her collar so that she could go for a walk. If she couldn't find it after a reasonable search she would vocalize a sound of frustration like a little kid saying I don't know where my shoes are... :p

  • The irony of #7 broke my screen...

  • No what's disgusting... a woman won't finish a blowjob... well she probably doesn't wanna end up eating her own shit juice and taste, especially if she just took it up the ass. Come on, would you? Don't do the ass, if you're gonna do it, do the real thing!!

  • Okay, I was with you until you brought up Trump.