Loving Yourself For Valentines Day

Loving Yourself For Valentines Day

Okay. I know what you're thinking. Here's another bitterly single girl attempting to self-empower herself. But let me say what I have to say.

Of course relationships are beautiful. And specifically important on Valentines Day, but I want to take this myTake to point out that all of us should take a moment to love who we are.

Everyone is so hard on themselves. They stress themselves out, worry about how they look, what people think of them, their jobs, and so many other things. But I feel like these people, all of us, should take even a moment out of Valentines Day to love themselves. To be proud of their accomplishments and their mistakes. To say "Hey, I've had a few ups and downs but I've made it so far".

So take that moment. Buy yourself a big box of chocolates or grab your closest friend to go see a movie. Get a big stupid stuffed monkey or order the most expensive take-out. Do something that you would do for a significant other for yourself, because although relationships are beautiful, so are you.


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  • I think the most important relationship someone can have is with themselves. You have to live with yourself 24/7 so might as well treat yourself lovingly and well :)