Ten random facts you ought to know! Thanks to Libra Pads! :P

Iโ€™m not sure if I am the only one, but I enjoy reading the back of my Libra Pads for random โ€œOdd Spotโ€ (random facts). So here I am sharing ten random facts that I thought were pretty cool! XD

Random fact 1:

The first VCR was made in 1956 and was the size of a piano

Ten random facts you ought to know! Thanks to Libra Pads! :P

Random fact 2:

Placing a piece of charcoal, chalk or several mothballs in a toolbox prevents tools from rusting

Random fact 3:

Honey is the only food that does not spoil

Random fact 4:

Bats are the only mammal that can fly

Random fact 5:

You can stop a sneeze by pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth

Random fact 6:

Hair grows the slowest at night

Random fact 7:

Jelly fish are made of 95% water

Random fact 8:

Your thumb is the same size as your nose

Random fact 9:

Chickens will not walk on ice

Random fact 10:

Penguins only have one mate their entire life and propose by giving their mate a pebble

Thank you for reading! :)

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Im not sure about some of these facts. Like I know that chalk in a toolbox doesn't prevent rusting. First hand experience.

    And there is no way your thumb can be the size of your nose. I dont think there is any correlation for any body part being size related to another body part. For example, the arm span being the exact same as your height. Theyre just not true.

    • Yeah I figured some of those random facts seem a bit far fetched. I actually tried the thumb one. It's surprisingly spot on. I guess some have a bit of leeway. Did you do it yours? Lol

Most Helpful Girl

  • #5... if only. IF ONLY.
    I have girlfriends who can do that swallowing-the-sneeze thing... you know what I'm talking about? Where there's no explosion phase at all, and they just make a little cute letter "t" noise and then "excuse me"?

    For me, there is NO way to prevent a sneeze. If I even try any sort of sneeze-prevention mechanism, all that happens is that the snot just gets propelled at a greater velocity, and it's that much more likely to end up in someone else's face. (Think of sticking a finger in a garden hose... yeah, that water's still comin' out.)

    I've learned this the hard way.

    But, srsly, y'all have such cute stuff these days. Back in the '80's, we had tampons in plain packaging, and... other tampons in plain packaging. Even maxi pads weren't too much of a thing, yet.


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  • LOL i love reading those too!

    this is awesome! i actually looked my thumb for a sec like 'really?' haha

    • HAHA i got today's one! Well two anyways :P and i think some of them are really cool!
      Yeah surprisingly it's a hit and miss with the thumb and nose one

  • My thumb is exactly, both width and length, the size of my nose, wtf anatomy? @.@
    And penguins also choose the best pebble for their mates, not just a random one. ^ยท^

    • Hahah I omg you tried the thumb/nose one! HAHA I did it too but it's exactly the same size. That's pretty cool!
      Yeah I would expect the male penguin to find a pretty pebble lol not just any pebble :P

  • Awesome! I liked the stopping a sneeze fact! Lol and penguins are so cute! Lol

    • Haha o don't know how true that sneezing one is LOOOL but only one way to find out :P I know right! Cute waddling penguins

  • My thumb is definitely not the size of my nose