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Gender Wars... Apparently There Is Such A Thing!

Well I knew it existed , but it came to my attention after writing my first take: https://www.girlsaskguys.com/relationships/a25895-what-do-women-want-what-do-men-want-problem-solved

And a writer's curiosity took over me to investigate and an idealist in me to make another take.

Well this little war of yours is not really what you think it is. It´s not who is better , it´s about who sucks less. And boys and girls , we are BOTH losing it!

Gender wars... apparently there is such a thing!

Like a country covered in a civil war , killing it´s own citizens and destroying its own infrastructure , like an autoimmune disease killing the body it was meant to protect , this war is killing us , humans , humanity!

Gender Wars... Apparently There Is Such A Thing!

From the moment we are born , we are separated , divided. Gender , country , color of our skin , religion , social status. Think about it , you never head choice with that , including religion , we all did what our parents and schools told us to. It´s all pre default for us so it would be US against THEM! That's how society works , divide and conquer. But there is no "them" only us!

We focus on this petty little differences but we are all more alike then we think. This world is interconnected , we all need each other , hell we need other species of this planet as well.

Gender Wars... Apparently There Is Such A Thing!

If there was an alien species observing us I would bet they would have a hard time knowing who is male and who is female. They would have a hard time because greed,ego,shallowness,stubbornness... both men and women are guilty of this.

But! Selfless,unconditional given love,sacrifice,empathy and caring for others...both men and women share this virtues!

And thankfully , only boys and girls fight this war , but men and women don´t , so grow up , it´s not about the age, it's about maturity

Gender Wars... Apparently There Is Such A Thing!

I hated woman , got hurt real bad , "you are all bitches" I used to think , I was a boy then. Now I´m a man and can see both sides of the story.

Yes there are bad people ,and just like I got cheated and hurted , somebody else will also get hurt. And from that pain will raise another crusader for this stupid meaningless war.

Bad things and good things aren't based on the sex , but on a person , both male and female. Yes there are "bad" people , please don´t be one. Love is a giving thing and the more you give , the more you have!

Gender Wars... Apparently There Is Such A Thing!

Love you all guys and gals out there!! Stop showering each other with insults that hurt us both , but shower with praises and love , we need it like flowers need water!

Gender Wars... Apparently There Is Such A Thing!

Make this world a better place , for everybody and be awesome!!!

Gender Wars... Apparently There Is Such A Thing!
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  • purpleluv

    Nice take liked it a lot.

  • Anonymous

    Your distinction between boys and men shows you're nothing but another brainwashed feminazi...

    By your logic men have always been nothing but boys when we all know that it's the exact opposite. In other words, modern men are the ones who are feminized... so please stop pretending you are a SYMBOL of "real men"

    This is just a feminazi shaming tactic used to coerce and indirectly force men to comply with modern feminist society.

    • Right , brainwashed. No , I have a heavy dislike for feminism , I´m more for humanizam... hell all this "faminazi" thing is typical American shit , iif I didn't stumble upon this site I wouldn't even know that thing exist , cause you see with the exception of those crazy Russian chicks , we don´t really have it in Europe. I pity you , because there's so much beauty in this world , yet you choose to be bitter and pathetic and don´t see the power that you have , to be what ever you want. Still , I might be wrong , I don´t know anything , I´m trying , I want this world to be better for everybody. Anyway , as long as you post your opinion as a Anonymous , for you , I am a real man.

    • Anonymous

      Dude, you're whole comment SCREAMS feminism. Europe is completely overridden by feminism and 99% of the men like you are indoctrinated by feminists since childhood... albeit to varying degrees...

      Feminist language like "bitter" and "real man" needs to GO. No matter how much you use these words and try to coerce others into complying... the awakening will not stop... men are waking up to the nature of women, which has been hidden by feminism.

      You are nothing but a trained dog. Wake up!!

    • . I do find your emotional reaction to this take quite interesting and your need to go full attack. I know your kind I was born and raised in Croatia during the war and do have a shaddy criminal history filled with tough guys that aren´t that tough as they thought and pointing a gun in my face. Now those days , thank fully are behind me and I do know I want to be a father one day , but I don´t want anybody to live in this world in it´s current state. So I changed to show there is a way.

      Instead of hiding behind text , why don´t you put your foot where your mouth is. Now I´m no idiot to put my real name here for everybody to see , but come on , send a message I would love to see what went wrong with you , I´m in a helping people business and you do seem to really need it.
      Otherwise... fuck off. This are your two options from this point on and any answer here instead of my PM is going to be ignored ,

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