Gender roles. Let's spread awareness and destroy them!


I think that even if things are getting better these days, society still has lots of gender role issues.

For example, we still think that guys should ask girls out and guys have to be strong, and girls weak and feminine.

We still think that blue is associated to guys and pink to girls. That's okay, as a symbolism, but it becomes negative when a guy wears pink. Why? We are in 2017, why is this still happening?

There are lots of examples. I would like to spread awareness and EVERYONE THAT HATES GENDER ROLES, PLEASE REPOST THE FOLLOWING IMAGE AND TAG ME (so i can go like your post :) )

Thank you!

Gender roles. Let's spread awareness and destroy them!

Gender roles. Let's spread awareness and destroy them!
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  • Blitzkrieger
    Sometimes people want to follow them willingly without judging others about not following them. So why do they need to be destroyed? You are taking away these things while people live by them with no harm done.
    • toteslol

      Well, many of us are becoming targets of discrimination, harrassment, lack of opportunities, and maybe you can't see, but harm is being done.

    • So we should just abolish them and fuck the freedom of the people who want to follow them without negative consequences? I can't agree with that.

    • toteslol

      No what i'm saying is that yes we should abolish gender roles, but the people who do follow gender roles can go their way, people who don't can go the other way. I'm sorry if you dont understand me

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  • Anonymous
    What I'm sick of is women being all for abolishing gender roles EXCEPT the ones that benefit them. I would like to see women get rid of the biggest gender role of all...'female hypocrisy'.
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    • toteslol

      Um no, im not saying we should keep any gender roles. And, which gender role would benefit us anyway, huh? and which gender roles would benefit guys, huh? You are just abusing women like this. Please stop, we have done nothing to harm you.

  • Anonymous
    I totally agree, I never cared about gender roles, fantastic mytake.
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