What Do Women Want? What Do Men Want? Problem Solved!

I´m going to tell you what we both want! I´ve been answering a lot of questions on some other forums, as well as in real life. I wasn't very active here for a long time, but this I have to share.

What do both sexes want?!? It´s so simple that it´s ridiculous, and you are going to fight it, because it can´t be that simple, it has to be more complicated than that. I mean, isn't the other sex so frustratingly complex and wtf are they thinking sometimes??

What do women want? What do men want? Problem solved!

Well the thing we all want is.... to be happy! Yes that's it. To be happy and this is where it all goes so so wrong. Because we don´t know how to be happy. Society has it all wrong, and we ARE the society! Everything we do is about getting that feeling of happiness. Think about how many times you entered a relationship thinking this is going to solve all your problems and you will be happy or how many times you would happily dream about being in love, but actually being in love with a thought of being in love!

Men want to be accepted, loved, and respected! Society is hard on us - try to be a 20 something virgin in this world... oh boy.... Women are tough on men, so men are tough on women!

What Do Women Want? What Do Men Want? Problem Solved!

Women want to be be accepted, loved, and respected! Society is hard on women, just try to be a single mother... yeah one mistake, one bad call, labeled for life! Men are tough on women, so women are tough on men!

What Do Women Want? What Do Men Want? Problem Solved!

You are getting into relationship to not be alone. You are running into them, not building them! You are looking what you could get, not what you could give! You are listening to her/him to answer and get your turn to speak, not to understand her/him!

What Do Women Want? What Do Men Want? Problem Solved!

Happiness is IN you. Life is simple, we are the one´s making it complicated! We can´t change other people, but we can change ourselves. So give women and men what they deserve, what they want. Give them love, respect, and accept them. Help them build and you will help yourself. Give them a chance to be happy, to recognize their own worth! We all are enough insecure, no need to spread it even more.

And for goodness sake, stop being so hard on each other! Yes there are some differences, and this take does not answer them all. I will never know what it means to be a woman, I´m not meant to, but I can get a glimpse of that life through women in my life. We need to learn from each others, and isn't this variety beautiful?

So this is me giving some support to you.

What Do Women Want? What Do Men Want? Problem Solved!

You are awesome, I know you are.

And give, always give. It's so simple and beautiful to give :D!

What Do Women Want? What Do Men Want? Problem Solved!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • godfatherfan

    Nice take. it is difficult to find that right person. Men will never ever ever understand women. I was thrust back to dating after 25 years with my ex wife. I didn't want the divorce, but one persons love cannot keep a family together. It was really frustrating. I made a lot of mistakes. but I learned from every woman I went out with and adjusted. The biggest thing I learned was not to take any of it personal. Ultimately we want to find that one person. So if you find the person your with is not it, don't fight it. talk to each other, then move on. sure emotions can get involved but I never want to be with someone that I know is not the right person. I was about to give up and I found that perfect woman. she is amazing. we are so alike it is scarry. happiness is out there, you just have to keep going and don't be afraid to cut loose on any relationship that makes you unhappy.

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    • Sorry to read abut you divorce , but sometimes you love someone so much that you don´t want to stand in their happiness , so you let go. You handle it mature and here is you reward. She is making you happy , make her happy. I think that is the answer , you take care of her and she of you , you both give and in the end you both get.

    • FatherJack

      " don't be afraid to cut loose on any relationship that makes you unhappy." Very wise words indeed !! I'm a single dad as a result of my divorcing my ex.

Most Helpful Girl

  • IcyBastet

    It's refreshing to see some positivity, nice take. :) I'm a little bit fed up of seeing "battle of the sexes" type things. Men and women hating each other in takes and then in the comments too. This was a good read indeed, you talk sense. Stay awesome.

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    • Yes , there is that "battle" going on here , thats way I wrote this , because that is not a battle which sex is better , but which sex sucks less and we both are losing.

      Anyway , thank you for reading and commenting and no worries! I was born awesome ;)

What Girls & Guys Said

  • You are right: ultimately, it is about making ourselves happy in our interactions with our social environment. The difficulty lies in the fact that what it takes to make men happy is quite different from what it takes to make women happy, and neither gender is capable of understanding the other because. . . surprise: men and women are different, men don't know what it's like to be a woman, and women don't know what it's like to be a man. I think it all started in the Garden of Eden.

    • I don´t think we are THAT different , sure we are , but in the end we both act the same way when someone is kind to us , we both appreciate it

  • JudgmentDay

    I'm not surprised at all of this when I read this.

    Well I think that if you think you are happy, believe that you are happy and feel that you are happy wholesomely then you ARE Happy.

    If you are Unhappy at all for any reason in your life then relationships, dating, sex, and/or even money can NOT really ever make you Happy. Well, maybe only temporarily anyway, but definitely NOT happy permanently or long-term.

    I think this reminds me of some psychology about the truth of human desires and needs. Think it had to do with Maslow's Pyramid Hierarchy or something, forgot exactly what the name of it was called.

    Anyways, for someone to feel happy and fulfilled they would feel and think that they want to

    feel special
    be understood
    have control
    reach their potential

    It's something like that, I don't exactly remember every single word for word or every single tiny little syllable, but basically those are some of the internally desired and psychological things and needs that when they are met would make a person feel happy.

  • CancerianMan81

    look I'm going to say something that will make people understand if you want to be accepted you first have make them feel like they are in order to that you can't have it one sided you have to make them feel like that they are a good person so that the other person can come through to make the other person feel like they are a good person too

    • Azara

      good point. the other good thing about kindness is that you know if a person responds cruelly thats it. you move on. when people play games they give themselves unlimited excuses to hold on because its not clear why the other person is not responding well. bc they didn't treat them well.

    • @Azara well i've been down that road and I know what to expect and being independent isn't healthy at all cause I was thinking from the independent living was going to do me any good and it wasn't doing me any good cause every mistake I was making was making it even harder

    • being independent is pure ego

  • SunsetRose

    This is a great myTake. Sometimes we over complicate things. Thank you for not fueling the gender war!

  • guynextodoor

    this dude will be a famous writer someday

    • Thank you , this made my day , since that is exactly what I want to become. Well not famous , don´t care about that , but successful since I love writing and if I do become successful I guess I would be famous. But anyways , thank you.

    • you're welcome :)


    Thank you!!

  • DaniaMQ

    This is a great MyTake! 😄

  • doodlecake

    Thank you for this great MyTake :-)