What Women Want: From My Perspective


What Women Want: From My Perspective

I don't have any real relationship experience, but I have liked many guys and were close to dating a few of those guys. Unfortunately, it just never seems to work out. In my own experience there was always some things missing. Which, made me feel like something was wrong. So, here are some of things that are always a cause of worry for me and I imagine other woman as well. A little general look into what women want (from my point of view as a woman).

1) "Is he thinking about me too?"

What Women Want: From My Perspective

For me, when I like someone I have a habit of thinking about them a lot. So, when there's indications that maybe I'm not on there mind, as much as they are on mind. I wonder if maybe they're not as into me, as I'm into them. Because, if you like someone they should cross your mind (at least in my opinion) So.....

What Does She Want? To know that he's thinking about her, as much as she's thinking about him.

What Should He Do? Find a way to let her know that she's on your mind too, not necessarily all the time. But, enough that she'll know she made an impression on you.

2) Mean what you say and say what you mean

What Women Want: From My Perspective

Nothing is more annoying then when a guy say's one thing but his actions indicate that he means another. I have had a lot of pretty words thrown my way, but that's all they were. So....

What Does She Want? To know that he's actually sincere in what he's telling her and not just trying to charm the pants off her.

What Should He Do? Find a way to show her that you actually mean what you're telling her and that you're not just saying what you think she wants to hear. Be a man of action and of words.

3) Don't constantly change your tune about how you feel

What Women Want: From My Perspective

I seem to have a habit of finding all the guys that like me one week and then the next week change their mind. Then the following week they're making all these promises to me and the next week they change their mind again. It's extremely frustrating and makes me feel like something is wrong with me that a man changes how he feels about me every 5 minutes. So...

What Does She Want? Consistency, to know he actually likes her and there's no doubt about it. No reason for her to ever question whether he really likes her or not.

What Should He Do? Just be truthful in how you feel. Dont' say you like her one minute and then say you're not sure the next. The truth of the matter is, you either like someone or you don't. You either want a relationship with them or you don't. it's really just that simple.

4) "Just make your move. 'Cuz, I ain't got all night"

What Women Want: From My Perspective

I know that slow and steady sometimes wins the race. However, for women that want to marry and have kids someday we don't have the luxury of waiting around forever. I myself, am about to be 28 this week and still haven't done half the things most people have by this age. Which means, I can't wait around 10 or 15 or 20 years for a guy to decide if he wants me or not. I'm not ready to settle down yet, but my biological clock doesn't give me the luxury of waiting around forever either. So...

What Does She Want? Commitment, not necessarily a ring or for him to knock her up ten dates from now. But, a sign that it is heading somewhere.

What Should He Do? Find a way to show her that you are committed to making things work or seeing where things could lead. That way she knows ( like I said above), that it is in fact going somewhere and that she's not wasting her time on someone who doesn't really want her.

5) Can You Hear Me Now?

What Women Want: From My Perspective

Nothing is worse then two people not being able to communicate with each other properly, it can cause many problems. To me it feels that I have to pull teeth to get the guys I like (who say they like me), to talk to me. It shouldn't have to be that hard to get someone you like to want to talk to you. If it is, to me that's a problem. Because, it should be something they want to do, not something they avoid like the plague. So....

What Does She Want? Communication, to be able to talk to him and not feel like she's forcing him to do so out of some kind of obligation or something.

What Should He Do? Just talk to her, just find a way to have a decent amount of communication so she knows she means something to you. Find a way to show her you enjoy talking to her, without her always having to initiate the conversation in someway. Let her know it's something you want to do, not feel forced to do. Good communication is key to all good relationships.

6) Sometimes reassurance is needed

What Women Want: From My Perspective

I have been hurt emotionally by many people in many ways, not just potential dates. But, through being bullied in middle school. Through friends and even some family. I've also had a lot of friends leave me like I never existed at all. So, I have a lot of fears and trust issues and worries of being left again or hurt again. Which means, I do need reassurance sometimes. Especially, if I feel that the same patterns that occured before are occuring again and fear starts to set in. Maybe, it's not the most attractive thing but that's how it is now. So.....

What Does She Want? To know that he's going to treat her right and not hurt her like other people (or guys), have in the past. For her to be shown that he's different and in this situation history isn't going to repeat itself.

What Should He Do? Be patient. Be Kind. Be Understanding and show her that you're not like other guys and that you won't hurt her. That you won't just leave when the going gets tough, let her know and show her that you'll actually stick around.

7) Questions aren't drama

What Women Want: From My Perspective

Whenever I ask a guy a question concerning the relationship between us, I always get told "they can't handle that drama". I don't consider questions out of confusion, to be drama. To me they are just simple questions to figure out where things stand or don't. So...

What Does She Want? To be able to ask questions about the relationship without being told it's creating drama or that she's somehow putting pressure on him. Dude, it's just a question.

What Should He Do? Don't read more into it then it is, not all relationship questions are a womans way of attempting to put pressure on you and make you committ. Sometimes, a girl just wants to know where things might be headed or not. Sometimes, just out of pure curiousity of knowing and sometimes out of fear. Just answer her question and don't intrrupt it as "drama" because it's just a simple question.

8 ) Honesty is the best policy

What Women Want: From My Perspective

I feel a lot of problems could have been avoid, had the guys just been honest with me to start with. Instead of leading me on to believe something that wasn't true. So....

What Does She Want? For him to just be honest, not just with her. But, with himself about what he really wants and how he really feels.

What Should He Do? If Something is wrong or you're not into her anymore, just tell her point blank. Don't beat around the bush and keep her hopes alive. If when you first get to know each other you're not sure of how you feel or what you want to happen between the two of you, just tell her right away. Don't lead her on to believe you want something you're not sure you really want. Just be honest from start to finish, but tactfully of course.

9) Reciprocation would be nice

What Women Want: From My Perspective

All I've ever wanted was for someone to feel about me, the way I feel about them. I don't connect to people easily or go all goo goo gaga over every guy I see, so when I find one I actually connect with it's a big deal to me. I'm even more happy when I'm told they feel the same and then heartbroken when change there mind not too long after that. It's sucks. I would like to find love, to know the true feeling of reciprocation without always having to wonder. So....

What Does She Want? To have the guy she likes reciprocate her feelings and not constantly wonder "does he like me too" or "I wonder if he feels the same".

What Should He Do? Tell her how you feel. I know confessing your romantic feelings and intentions towards a girl, can be scary. Especially, with the fear of rejection overhead. However, what do you really have to lose by telling her? By confessing your feelings and verbally expressing how you feel about her (especially if you know she already likes you), you're probably telling her everything she's been waiting to hear from you for so long. If you reciprocate a girls feelings, tell her and make the wondering stop.

10) Lust isn't better, it's sometimes just better than...

What Women Want: From My Perspective

Two things I don't really do, lust and sexting. I find lust to be an unuseful feeling and I find sexting to be really stupid and pointless and little weird. That was until, I found someone I began to lust and then sexted with (no pictures or video, just innuendos in the form instant messaging). I know he just wants me for sex and though that's not my ultimate life goal, it is nice that he's straight forward about what he wants and I never have to guess. Because, he made his intentions with me clear from day one and they have never varied. It's also nice to be wanted and desired by someone, to feel something instead of nothing at all. So....

What Does She Want? To be desired. To feel wanted. To be swept up in a feeling that's extremely over powering and a good distraction to all her troubles. To be able to enjoy the company of a male and get lost in the passion and desire. To be able to mask the feeling of being sad and feeling completely alone.

What Should He Do? There's nothing for a guy to do on this one. Other then, understand that not all women that seek sexual comfort from men our only in it for the sex. For all the women that are just really horny and want a guy to do. There's all the ones that are just trying to fill a void in there life with a feeling that's just as all comsuming as loneliness and that's lust. Doesn't mean they're not looking for love, just means a girl gets lonely but doesn't always want to be alone.

What Women Want: From My Perspective
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  • Anonymous
    So Men basically everything that a woman does do the opposite.
    1. Never let a woman know that you're thinking about her she'll think you're too clingy.
    2. Women never say what they mean and never mean what they say, don't do this.
    3. Women constantly are changing how they feel. Don't do this.
    4. Make your move (you know they won't) but don't be too aggressive.
    5. Talk to her but not too much!
    6. Dont tell her to suck it up, but still treat her as an equal.
    7. Dont look to much into the question but don't give a simple (guy) answer.
    8. Be honest with her but call her out if she's not being honest.
    9. Reciprocate but don't look weak. You still need to be the man.
    10. Be good in bed, or have a lot of money.
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    • Kalinda

      This is just really immature you should wait a few years or decade before getting into a relationship. Stereotypes are for the feeble minded who can't think for themselves.

    • ReneDS

      I salute you !
      If you tell a woman you like them, you are clingy.
      if you act indifferent, you are a douche.
      if you ask them what they want, you are wrong, you should know that!
      if you dont ask them what they want, they get pissed for not asking them.
      if they are angry and you try to cheer them up, they get even more pissed.
      if they are angry, they cry and blame it all on you.
      if they are busy there is never a right time to aproach them.
      if you are busy, and dont make them a priority, you are a selfish douche !

      there is no logic in the female brain. i tried, i failed, but im learning. learned a lot. dont show your intentions, be a douchebag, dont initiate to much, and best, if they are trouble stay far , far away for your own safety. because the moment something goes wrong, you are the one who caused it. if they cheat on their husbands, you are the one responsible. going through that right now. lady cheated on her hubby with someone else, blames me , i tell truth, she goes mental.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • TheDevilInside
    Boys and girls play games. Men and women don't do that kind of shit anymore. The hard part is to know whether that seemingly amazing guy/gal a boy/girl is or a man/woman
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  • ReneDS
    As guys we simple dont know what you want because you never speak out your wishes. either way, we do it wrong. as a female discribed on the internet: guys are idiots. and by the way why am i always reading what woman want, go ask us what we want? a relationship is based on 2 individuals and not just a female making demands.
    • I'm not making demands, but I was feeling heart broken and decided to get my feelings out because I was hurt. It was more about me letting everything out that I feel inside and have experienced one too many times. this take is more about me feeling sad and wanting to express that. It wasn't meant it annoy people.

    • ReneDS

      well im not annoyed, but for us trying to understand what you sometimes want is really hard. sometimes i decided not to text my ex girlfriend back straight awya and she would text me more. if i did text her back straight away, she would text me less, or wait longer. im not really into these games. yes sometimes we f. ck things up because we simply dont understand, if you want us to understand you better, then think as we do. sometimes we need a hint or you have to initiate it. if you want to cuddle then start cuddling.

    • kellieg95

      I might be in the minority here, but we're pushing for equal rights... why are we still holding the whole "Guy has to ask the girl out, not girl ask the guy out" thing over their heads? I've told a few guys I've liked them, and had a few dates because of it. Time for us to step up as ladies and stop being the "weaker" sex.

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  • Roostah
  • genuinlysensitive
    Honestly, it sounds like you have a lot of the same worries and hangups I do with relationships. Especially, say what you mean, be honest, and reciprocation. I have always wanted to get married and have children, but it seems to me at least there aren't that many women out there who feel the same.
    • What makes you feel there aren't any women aren't that feel the same (if you don't mind me asking)?

    • My dating track record or for the most part lack of it lol.

    • To clarify, usually when I bring up wanting kids with my exes, they get really silent. They then usually call me clingy and needy. Honestly, I'm not its not like I was pressuring them to do it right then and there. Obviously none of my past relationships worked out.

      I've been trying to meet other women, mostly in my social circle friends of friends or friends of co-workers. I flirt with them (which is hard for me I'm quite shy) but it seems like every time I think one is interested in me, out of nowhere she says she never wants kids ever. I mean I actually do, so yea thats kind of a deal breaker.

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  • Strummer
    I sympathize with you completely but I have to say women can't expect men to do everything right while just sitting back critiquing what he does wrong. Do you know what it's like feeling you judge every move we make to see if we're a loser or a phoney. Yes men get it wrong a lot but at least we're stepping up to the plate
    • Kalinda

      She never said she didn't step up or doesn't

  • doireallyneedone
    Nice take. I can see the effort you've put into this. But it also shows how priorities and thinking is so different between men and women. What you've said is all true, but it would not help a guy get a girl. It would only help a guy if the girl is already in love with the guy.
  • Magic-mike93
    This is a nice, detalied but somewhat confusing take and lists important stuff so it makes me sad to se so much ponitless and imature hate.

    1 of the reasons guys dont like this is because it sounds like almost the entire resbonible falls on the man so the wright some opinion like this forgetting that the take is "what a woman want"

    Another reason guys dont like this, saying it is wrong is beacause they dont consider age, this is "what a (28 year old, looking for an exclusive somewhat long term relationship) want. Not "what a 21 yo, partyprinces instagram addicted who cares a lot about status and being with the cool guy until she want to be single agien wants.

    3 reason guys dont like this saying its wrong is because they (as in your staments) are all not right at the same time, its a huge diffrent deppending on where u are. if ur trying to get some1 intrested, alreddy dating, have a new but exclusve relationship. if i meet a girl once and falls head over heels in love couse she is the girl of my dreams. calling her the next day, being honest comunicating how strong i feel, asking where we stands and saying i want to take the next step is not the way to go. unless u want a restraining order.

    And as a guy i can't say "girls/women want this or that", but you as girls can't argue with us when we say "this is what our experince makes us belive u want"
  • Eiffelgirl21
    its funny how most women agree with this take and most men don't. Oh, maybe it is because men are lazy and just don't want to put in the effort? Or they are boys who will never grow up. Which one is it 'boys'?
    • Alicant310

      Or its the princess syndrome.

    • You need to educate yourself on the Princess Syndrome because none of what the Take Owner depicted was anything like that.

      A lot of you guys--and I'm assuming YOU @Alicant310 are immature.

    • Alicant310


      Last time I checked , at least portion of the website is named "Girls ask Guys"
      Any topic posted on this site is open to discussion. Everyone is entitled to an opinion whether you agree with it or not.
      If you have a problem with opinons, you should avoid engaging in topics and questions who's answers and responses you're not ready for. This is growing up.

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  • ShutUpAndSuckMe
    TL;DR.. I'm sure ur take had something to do with women wanting 'the D' & by ''the D'' I mean muh dik~!

    _But on a srs note:

    What women want is subjective an differs girl-to-girl, tho there are similarities & this applies the same to guys as well. The only thing that matters is for me to be me, to know what I do & don't want & what I need to do to get what I want. The same applies to you as well QA~!

    Tho I do agree that there are too many beta men these days. It's either:

    - They can't provide for a gal financially (i. e. - Deadbeats, thugs, lowlifes, convicts, criminals, whtetrash, Blue-Collar_Working_Peasants//#Feelzbadmayne/10.. )://_etc/etc)...

    - Or they can't provide for a gal sexually (i. e. - liberal men, racists, doormats, betas in general rlly)..

    - Or they can't provide for a gal emotionally (i. e. - Douches, jerks, bad boys, Dude/GymBros, Assholez - I've been guilty on this one before, tbh..)..

    - Or they can't provide both sexually & financially, to a gal, hellz sometimes they can't even provide emotionally to u gals as well (i. e. - hipsters, SJWz, metrosexuals, etc/etc)..


    It's like you girlz r pretty much doomed to pick the kind of unsatisfactory relationship u want to settle for based on the pros & cons of said male... :/

    Lol Sucks to be you QA~! xD!!! (Hey I said I was an asshole~!)
  • Alicant310
    You're preaching keys to a successful relationship when..

    1) You admit to never being in one

    2) You've based your ideologies on two things:

    -what you want.
    -what you think men need to be doing.

    I'm keeping my response short. You're twisted.
  • xHoneyxBeex
    This is an excellent myTake :)

    I do agree with what someone else here said though, all of these points could apply to men too, not just women. Most of these are basic things that anyone would want in a relationship. :)
  • noboobsbonnie
    YES! The DRAMA part!!!
    Men... You ask them a question and they duck their heads back into their shells and retreat until they're sure you're not going to ask them anymore questions. Like turtles. Men are turtles.
    "Babe, what do you think of these shoes. Do you like the red ones better on me, or the bl-"
    • Poppykate

      Because it is a trap! I have seen this done to some poor guys, and OMG! I just feel so sorry for them! All they are wanting to do is watch TV and their girlfriend comes along and starts asking questions- 'what do you think about this, or that'.. And you know what? 9 times out of 10 he will just say whatever to get you out of the way so he can get back to relaxing and watching TV. Did you know that like 20% of men are colourblind? And to most men a dress is just a dress, and a shoe is just another shoe. They really can't tell much of a difference. A woman should have a high enough self esteem that she can choose her own wardrobe without relying on her boyfriend. ( unless she was dating Alex McQueen, or Oscar de la renta if they were still alive)

    • It's NOT a trap all the time. If I'm asking, it's for a genuine opinion.

    • ReneDS

      true we simply dont care. as long as you like it and it looks good on you, were are fine with it. we rather look at our ladies when they aren't wearing anything. anyway, sometimes i dont get woman. they go spend 50 euros to get their toe nails painted. jesus christ 50 euros, put all that many in a box and have a nice holidya or diner somewhere. im not saying we guys waste a lot of money on stupid shit but at least we can do something with it. what the hell am i going to use painted fails for. yet we can't live without woman either. I miss a loyal fun girl by my side. who sometimes gets angry with me for being a guy , but is reasonable enough to talk things through. my ex girlfriend was incapable of that. i bought her a drink for her when she was working, didn't know a girl with the same name worked there, who looked the same. wrong girl gets it, she calls me all upset, cussing at me, that was just mean. i really put some effort in it, she could have told me, that was nice but the wrong moment

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  • Krillanr
    Questions can cause drama in the sense that when a guy is relaxed about the relationship, then the questions, complaints, requests come, there is usually a right and a wrong answer, and knowing that the wrong one could cause a lot of stress, withheld sex, arguing, drama ensues.
    • Kalinda

      You're creating drama by labeling questions. Jumping the gun. Question is just a question deal with what you know and answer the question don't over think it. If your relaxation is fragile it can broken with a question then you're re not relaxed you're just deluded.

    • hahaa you guys create the drama. a question is a question. you jumping to conclusions that it will lead to something is making the drama.

    • Krillanr

      Fair enough, I think it's when the couple isn't rational enough to handle things in that way, many times I've been asked what I though was a off the cuff question just to answer honestly and get my head bit off for it, so call me a bit gun shy if ya want. The classic one is "Do these pants make me look fat?" crap like that. I'm honest, and if people want someone to tell them only what they want to hear, they shouldn't ask me.

  • micheal727jovanie
    Your take was so long and confusing its making me hungry...3:
    What does he want

    A cheese burger with fries and a sprite.
  • RationalLioness
    Great Take!! I think only mature guys will understand the truth of you've said.
    • I think you are so right. lol aka not many on here.

    • Alicant310

      That's the point. one day you'll realize no one has to. We only have a responsibility to ourselves.

    • @Alicant310 When did I say anyone HAD to realize what she said? I simply said that immature guys usually don't understand.

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  • LittleSally
    Yep... agree. =)

    But those rules are for the people that have grown out of puberty - i. e., almost no man. xD

  • PhiOmega
    Cool, it's just looks a little like it comes from a younger perspective in some areas,

    U can't work on a relationship or getting into one from one side

    Ur saying u want a guy to show u that ur in a relationship that has a possibility of moving forward, but if he's got the same doubts and ur both think "what [he/she] should do" that's how u get failed potential relationships
    • Kalinda

      She never said she wasn't talking a out a soak a ready in love. And it doesn't show how diff anyone is it shows how diff people are when they are in love vs just attracted

    • Kalinda

      Nope I agreed wth you lol this response was meant for #doirrallyneedone

    • PhiOmega

      Oh... ok tnx @kalinda

  • confusedone14
    The communication thing was a bit of a joke to me considering the absolutely pointless drama I have had lately with a Girl at work that would just not talk to me to resolve some misunderstandings... so no not every Girl wants a Man to communicate with her.

    I have never met anyone that just doesn't know how to communicate and would rather gossip about me, try and get people offside with me and eventually go and see our Boss over some innocent emails I sent her (which she replied too) than sit down and talk things out like an Adult, I have nothing to do with her anymore, we used to be quite good Friends but she just can't communicate properly and in the end I just stopped wasting my precious energy on her.
  • Setsu
    Funny... I might have said many of the exact same things as a man... to women. The question crossed my mind:

    "Where were the women like you when *I* was 28?"

    Then I remembered: "Oh yeah... they were too busy playing around. 'Not ready to settle down yet' and all that rot."

    A few lines from a song I used to. sing under my breath as a teenager, as I agonized over the sorry state of American womanhood...

    One's educated, one has been to school
    Who is the genius and who is the fool

    Well, it's hard to tell one from the other... they both have the answer

    One gives a promise and the other his word
    One is a teacher and the other is heard
    They're both calling your name and the offer's the same, yeah... but only one delivers

    You nurse and immerse your pain, but you still can't seem to break it down
    I said, how long... how long will you suffer, caught between the pleasure and the grief

    How long... how long...'til you recognize a lover from a thief?
    • you're right the current state of American womanhood is just not attractive by any means at all.
      this is why American men go out of country to find their mates.

  • Roycaryn
    I like to think I have a better understanding of what women need rather than what they want at any given moment. Or maybe I'm wrong.
  • therussianconcussion
    can you imagine if guys wrote out these shit?
    i can't even count how many times I've seen women write about what they want.
    we dont care.
  • Sippy27
    absolute nonsense

    if any man followed your advice they would be immediately friend-zoned. why do you demand things that you dont even want? women are attracted to the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what you've just described (a caring, weak and emotional guy) you are not attracted to this, you want to be, but you're not.

    if i told a girl i think about her all the time, and declared my loyalty and absolute admiration for her, she would run for the hills. sorry i know you've put a lot of time and effort into this, but it's so clueless and delusional i didn't know whether to laugh or cry at it.
    • it isn't nonsense. girls friend zone guys who aren't attractive. if she is attracted to you, you won't be friendzoned. it is a nice way of using that as an excuse though

    • If you're UGLY/UNATTRACTIVE with those above traits, you're more than likely NOT going to get a woman. Let's get that brain working.

      I would immediately take a guy as you stated... IF HE WAS ATTRACTIVE.

    • ReneDS

      i agree with you dude. few months ago, i was dating a very beautifull girl. things went fine, out of nowhere i didn't excisted to her anymore. at work she would keep flirting with me etc. but every time i responded she got upset with me responding. till 1 day i had enough. i went to her place after work, told her, i know you still like me so cut this BULL ! well i had sex with her that night, and 3 more times the following days. yeah i thought , that it meant something to her. especially because we had unprotected sex. i trusted her. i shared this trust with her because i really liked her. so i later asked her to be my girlfriend, inbetween she got pregnant, because she didn't told me she stopped taking bc pills. she was only my girlfriend for a week or so. i thought this is what she wanted but it was my downfall. she miscarried our child, became very hostile. i tried to figure out what i did wrong, and how to fix this and thinking back, i just made a fool out of myself. beginng her to talk to me

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  • MrCharismatic
    "I don't have any real relationship experience, but..."

    ... ?

    "How to be a mom in my perspective. Sure I've no children and only babysat once but..."

    The fuck?
    • You don't have to have experience in that particular area to knowledgeable about it. It HELPS, but it's not always necessary.

      What she said is true.

    • @rationallioness

      I'm going to paraphrase this whole thing in 10 sentences:

      1. If you like me, tell me. ( Effective Communication: Redundant )
      2. If you tell me you like me, mean it. ( Honesty: Redundant )
      3. If you meant what you said, stick to it. ( Honesty: Redundant )
      4. If you're sticking to it show enthusiasm for it. ( Effective Communication: Redundant )
      5. If you're enthusiastic about it wouldn't you already be talking? Redundant.
      6. If you're already effectively communicating is this a thing? Redundant.
      7. ( Effective Communication: Redundant )
      8. Ironically this falls under Effective Communication, but sure, Honesty. (Given)
      9. If you're showing enthusiasm as cited wouldn't this be... a given? Redundant.
      10. ( Effective Communication: Redundant as per "Reassurance" > Listening )

      So what women want apparently is 3 things:
      1. An effective communication channel with her partner.
      2. Some honesty.
      3. An enthusiastic partner.

      Huh. Surprise!

    • And here I was completely worried about real-life adult issues like say "Ambition" and "Vision" and showing signs of viability or a sense of responsibility, a willingness to endure, etc. Guess not. Not that those are things you'd learn super quick when you're actually in a relationship or ( eharmony. com/dating-advice/about-you/what-women-find-sexy-about-men-the-top-ten-list/#. VVFt3vlVhBc ) what eHarmony, or even a general newspaper ( torontosun. com/2014/08/28/10-unexpected-things-women-find-attractive-in-men ) would show for. Because these are things that adults do.

      If you're a teenager sure this shit makes sense.

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  • thatkaruguy
    Basically she doesn't know what she wants she just wants to know you want her
    • Basically wrong. Are a lot of you guys incapable of grasping basic sense?

    • Actually no this take pretty much said nothing worth mentioning or helpful.

    • Alicant310

      She had a problem with opinion. Almost any male opinion. I'm almost certain there's daddy issues involved

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  • Kalinda
    It's good except I don't know if the fact you just talk about the guy making a move is bc you're talpine about what you want from guys or if it's bc you're saying the guy should do all the work. I think you both should. Plus if you're having sexual relations not just bc you're horny but bc you're lonely that's your responsabikity not his. I think it goes the other extreme wher guys are always assuming women want more than what they say. You already said don't read into something just deal with what' she's saying which is good. Then it's kind of like you're telling them to read into " some" situations, which is unhealthy. If she's vulnerable bc she's lonely that's on her she shouldn't use a guy to fill that void lie to him then except him to do the right thing
    • I'm not sleeping with anyone, that guy is just someone I talk to online. I have never meant him nor have I ever lied to him, were both on the same page about things. It's like friends with benefits, online. Also, I don't want the guy to do all the work and I never said I did. I put in A LOT of effort to make him feel special and give him someone to talk to. I've told every guy that I've every really been interested in, that I liked them point blank (since guys don't like games and neither do I) but I get nothing in return. I have to fight to have conversation. They tell me one week "you're so special to me, I have feelings for you and I want to date you" the next week it's "You're really good friend, but that's all it is and ever was. Sorry you thought over wise". If I ask a question to see if things are headed somewhere (because I can't live my life on promises), it's "this is too much drama, I can't take all this drama" It just goes on and on, I wrote this because I was hurt.

    • Kalinda

      I actually really liked it and I esp get the last kart it's really obnoxious. You're supposed to just not say anything and wait for the guy to make his royal decree... Some guys feel so entitled to be waited upon asking a question is like treason.

      Not all guys are this way but a lot are. Thing is the guys who are would just make super shitty bus so it's like dodging a billet when they get pusses and you know what they are really like... Not much consolation in the moment I know. But overall it's kinda lucky some guys are just honestly prices.

      Anyhow I liked the article I agree with it and sorry I jumped to conclusions s. its one of the only takes I really just like there's no dressing it's just straight forward and totally rational. :-)

    • Thanks.

  • pavlove
    Never take advice on women from women. People, in general, don't know what they want.
  • rAiNbOwTeRdZ
    Awesome take. You've put a lot of effort and thought into it. =)
  • notverycreativeguy
    Cool story, sis.
    Sounds like something that should be obvious to everyone using common sense.
    Too bad most people don't rely on it.
  • Nik1hil
    👍 never been in a relationship before, so nice take.
  • Terrell456
    What do women want? In the words of Chris Rock... Everything. 😂
  • MuhammadSaqib91
    Yes all of the above But Respect should be on both sides.
  • hypno-trip
    This is all really insightful and as someone close to your age I understand where you're coming from with the emotions on longing and frustration. I especially need to he'd the advice about not waiting forever because women out here aren't going to wait forever for me to change and be the it thy want me to be for them. All in all I really appreciate this post and I will frequent it again. Unlike other guys out there undone think all of these apply to guys many of these strictly apply to women and it's nice to hear from a woman's point of view hat they new and desire. Please receive my regards for your fruitful romantic life in the near future. Thanks and my blessings...
  • whydontwomenh
    One more thing
    He ha to pay for everything and do everything for you nothing for him
  • ThePetSquirrel
    You should rename this, "What Everyone Wants."
    • Probably, I was thinking about that before I wrote this. That I imagine guys can relate to this too.

  • muspelhem_5
    Good take :)
  • phanindra554plus
    Nice takes😊
    But this works for everyone lol😃
  • fashionismydope
    This is so true.. Awesome take
  • Anonymous
    tall, handsome, killer confidence, big dick and money. thats what women need.
    • That's not what I need.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, thats what you'll go for though. concious mind goes like "me? a shallow materialistic gold digger that loves dard triad sociopath playboys? i like only nice guys!". "subconcious mind goes like, johhny dep gurl! lets get these pats wet!"

    • I'm nothing like that.

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  • Anonymous
    This made me realize how glad I am that I'm a guy. I don't have to worry about "running out of time" to start a family. Worst case is that I never find anyone, but the more worst case scenario is that I'm a slightly older dad. Glad I don't have a clock ticking.
    • Kalinda

      No one runs out of time you can always adopt

  • Anonymous
    Some of this is bullshit and I haven't been in a relationship either. Some girls I've had throw themselves at me but the moment I show interest back even if it's subtle or just a little bit then they back off and act like I'm the one being clingy and needy.
    • ReneDS

      yes. familair with this. bottemline is, act like an inddiferent son of a gun, thats what they like these days, douchebags.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah that's usually how it goes. The ones I've shown less interest in have more interest.

    • Kalinda

      That doesn't work with people whoa, ctually want a relationship -- for obvious reasons. It might work for a one but not anything with depth. So if you can get sat digging relationship with that behavior that says more about you than anyone else.

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  • Anonymous
    out of all this ur missing choice cause thats the main thing choice
  • Anonymous
    This is all in an ideal world, find a way to show her x y and z but how are you supposed to do it? We know what to do just not how. Anyways girls have always been keener when I haven't bothered with any of this, if you show you care then they go off you. Besides, if you believe the television women mainly just want snacks that are only 99 calories and and mascara that really does give you fuller lashes or your money back. lol
  • Anonymous
    Also don't be ugly, no women wants an ugly guy lol
  • Anonymous
    women want my 12 incher ;)