Here Is My Answer to What I Want in a Woman!

Often we hear questions like so what kind of girl do you like? Are you a boob or ass man? Do you like her cause she is pretty? What do you want in a woman?

Here is my answers to what I want and what I want from a girl that I want to date.Here is my answer to what I want in a woman!

First I'd love to meet a girl who knows how to wear lovely long skirts and who can keep up with me. Take that how ever you want but I'm a skirt guy and personality guy. Most of the time I can't even like a girl without knowing her. My mates go wow look at that hot babe. I just say yeah she looks alright. I don't see woman as hot or top league. I just wonder are they any fun to be around?
Can she keep up with me? Is a big question in so many respects. Is she as committed to her faith as I am? Is she able to relax have fun and try in sports? Will she be able to mentally keep up with me. Which is not that hard but still it is not much fun always catering to a girl and giving her answers. Can she wocially keep up when we are with our friends? I don't have a huge social group and I am shy but I find it a big turn off if a girl has to go charge her introvert batteries thirty minutes into an event or get together.
Interestingly enough finding a girl that can keep up and I get along well with is pretty hard to find. Most women just loose it after 22. I went on a hike with a girl who was the track and field start in highschool. She was 21 and she could not make cut it on the hike so we had to turn back half way through. Another girl I was thinking about dating was always bumbling around with notes and struggling to remember the weekly memory verse for our Bible study. She also usually had to have things explained a few times for her to remember. I'm not great at learning but being next to a girl that can't remember is like being in a bad algebra class room. Your always hearing everything repeated. Big turn off for an intelligent person.
Now for the question some of you are wondering. Which is body type do I have a preference. Tbh sure who does not prefer one body type over another. However it is just a preference and not a requirement. Just like eye color and hair color every one has preferred preferences. Though if I was not attracted to her. Even after she measured up and she wanted to date. I would talk to her and let her know that I don't want to date her but I'd be ecstatic to keep her as a good female friend that I could trust.


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