8 Advantages of Dating Feminist Women

8 Advantages of Dating Feminist Women

1) You don’t have to make the first move

8 Advantages of Dating Feminist Women

Feminist women think of themselves equal to men. You don’t always have to make the first move she’ll do that as well. Who knows she may pay for your drinks and then drive you home because you’re drunk af. She’ll protect you from female rapists on streets in lonely nights.

2) You Don’t Have To Pay For Dates

8 Advantages of Dating Feminist Women

Dating a feminist woman puts full stops for the question “Who pays for the first date?”. She’ll always insist to split the bill. And she won’t judge you if you don’t pay. Maybe if you’re dating a feminazi, you’ll save a lot of money because she’ll pay for you to prove her supremacy.

3) She'll make conversations lively

8 Advantages of Dating Feminist Women

A relationship without lively conversations is not a relationship. If you date a feminist woman, you can always have lively debateful conversations. You can start from “How women are oppressed in the west” to “Wage gap is real and I know how to minimize it”. If you don’t want to talk politics, you can debate on sexual topics like “Is homosexuality part of nature or nurture” “Is gender change good option for transgender people?”. Believe me, there is no other interesting talk than sex talk with your girlfriend.

4) You can become stay at home dad

8 Advantages of Dating Feminist Women

You don’t want to work in the office? It’s okay. Unlike traditional women, feminist women love to work and earn for there family! (Don’t call other ladies because you’re home alone) If you want to be stay at home husband, she won’t complain about it. She’d happily work extra hours on your behalf while you’re cooking food and cleaning dishes at home.

5) You can express your emotions freely

8 Advantages of Dating Feminist Women

Did someone catcall you at work? Or Do you think certain community is oppressed? Or Do you want to fight with someone for no reason? Don’t worry, your feminist SO is always there to help you. You can freely share your emotions without any feeling of oppression. Feminist women are generally empathetic and they understand what you're saying. Even if you tell her you got a boner, she’ll know how it feels exactly.

6) You can be free about your sexuality

8 Advantages of Dating Feminist Women

Even if you’re bisexual, gay, transsexual, sexually fluid, pansexual, animosexual, cybrosexual, moneysexual or asexual. Irrespective of your sexuality she’ll accept you, unlike traditional women who will judge you for your sexuality alone and might break up with you if you confess about it. But being transsexual actually increases your chance of dating a feminist woman

7) You don't have to worry about your weight

8 Advantages of Dating Feminist Women

Irrespective of who heavy you are, she'll always love you. And won't even fat shame you. If you get fat, you won't need to worry about burning calories; She'll increase her weight to attain equality.

8 ) You don’t have to worry about condom fail

8 Advantages of Dating Feminist Women
Last but not the least. Feminist women love consuming birth control pills! In my life, I’ve never seen a feminist woman who wasn’t on birth control (don’t ask how do I know) so even if you forget to bring condom with you or if it breaks due to your extra large size, don’t worry, You’re always safe 😉

8 Advantages of Dating Feminist Women
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  • Hungry_Shark
    Feminism is bullshit.
    When I read so much about feminism , i get more tempted to go MGTOW.

    Promoting feminism in society is like reservation for women and then it puts even stronger basis for discrimination.

    1. Nowdays, men are afraid to help women if they're in trouble.

    2. Men are afraid to talk to women.

    3. Men are drifting towards being MGTOW.

    4. Men developing hate towards women.

    5. Men know its the end of beginning.

    6. Feminism says equal right for women, and then during the date, women still want men to pay for dates?

    7. in the name of Feminism , women have casual sex and after riding the cock carousel she wants to marry the nice guy.

    I'm not against women, in fact women have been oppressed a lot in the past.
    But now its just too much.
    I'm tired of hearing bull shit.

    A time will come when women will tell men that men must drink few drops of their piss otherwise women will make a police complaint.

    Fuck man, who wants to live in a society like this
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    • Growing up I've seen men get treated worse than women because of their gender not the other way around. I've never felt oppressed because of my genitals, so when I heard about feminism and what it was about I just knew it was bullshit. My sympathy usually went towards the males, when I'm in school I see girls get away with way more things just because they're girls and when a guy did the same thing he'd be suspended or in trouble.

Most Helpful Girl

  • MayBlythe
    All of these points combined barley reach 10% compared to the bad points of dating feminist women
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  • Logorithim
    Hahahaha- are you sure you don't have to worry about your weight with a feminist?

    I've had some feminist girlfriends and they weren't really open for spirited conversation that conflicted with their worldview. I didn't care, though, because for me a woman's politics isn't a criteria for dating or a relationship.
  • Molkabz
    Feminism is higher than you'll ever be. You will never reach full growth if you don't give people of opposite sex the same treatment as yours. And you will never be able to live in a society as mixed as ours without being open to other people's beliefs and opinions.
    • wagsingle

      YOU GO GIRL! The problem is sexist men have totally misrepresented feminist as man haters, or wanting an unfair edge. No true feminist would expect or demand the so called special treatment women have gotten, while fighting for equality. That's just lies sexist pigs like Rush Limbaugh vomit onto the airwaves. I doubt I could date a woman that wasn't a feminist. though I just might have to help her see that she really is or should be. Women who aren't feminist go in the same category as gay republicans. Not suitable dating material.

  • lumos
    These are all mostly true for me, except for 4 and 7 (partially). I wouldn't mind my man being a stay at home dad IF I made enough money to support our own family. And even then, for the sake of stability (what if I suddenly lose my job?) I would urge him to at least try to do something on the side, maybe work with something you can do from home. And as for 7, yes, while I don't think weight is all that important, I do think health is important. I wouldn't mind if my boyfriend put on som extra pudge, however I'd still prefer it if he maintained a somewhat active lifestyle and did his best to eat healthy. So when it comes to looks I don't care a whole lot, but I do care about the possible health issues that could arise from gaining too much weight.
    And 8 is a bit of a weird one, because technically you should ALWAYS care about a condom fail (or not using one), even when she's on the pill. The pill is not always 100% effective, even when it's successfully taken at the right time. Sure, there's no reason to become hysteric, but you should keep it in mind that even the pill might fail (not to mention the potential for STDs, which sometimes go symptom-free).
    • lumos

      Miiinus the heavy satire, that is.

  • Iron_Man
    The values of dating a feminist well here's one when you have a problem at customer service with the manager you don't have to go in there to argue just send the feminist in there and she will do all the work for you. And 9 times out of 10 She'll when your case for you
    • 👌👌😂😂😂

    • Iron_Man


    • lol basically.
      They're stubborn. They're the kind of people that you can't have a logical argument with, because they like to ignore logic that they don't like. (Along with Flat Earthers, who just ignore all logic)

  • cherryphi82
    Hm. Yeah, I definitely think you're mocking feminists here. Although I don't identify as a feminist, I've been called one (and feminazi, too) on these site more than I can count. I don't pay for dates, I don't take birth control pills, and I don't drive drunk dates home. I also don't always make the first move or think my husband has to be a stay-at-home dad. And how would I know what it feels like to have a boner? Much of these are just stereotypes.
    • Tbh it wasn't my basic motto. When I thought of writing this take, I was going to keep it real. You can see the basic points (Expect 8) are actually true and description is sarcastic. I don't know why i turned it into satire

    • I don't think they are. According to your view, feminists seem to be overbearing butches who swallow birth control pills and accept everything about you as long as it fits into some skewed, pseudo-enlightened perspective.

    • Alright. You're free to judge :) (but feminist actually swallow birth control pills)

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  • SirRexington
    Why is Beyonce on the strong woman poster? I hardly count her as a respectable feminist.

    1: feminists still want the man to approach her. They have admitted that. Whether it's to cry rape or not I'm unsure.

    2: most women regardless of political alignment tend to either understand that both should pay or have no problem paying.

    3: conversation is great, if the person you are conversing with actually has valid arguments and doesn't call you a misogynistic sexist when you disagree with her.

    4: what if I don't want to be a stay at home dad? And if I do I don't need to meet a feminist woman to do so. Women can be career driven regardless of their ideology.

    5: I already express my emotions freely. Never had a problem doing so.

    6: 90% of those things don't even exist.

    7: feminists are some of the most judgmental people on the planet. My weight will definitely affect her judgement of me as many are vegan or whatever. Those that aren't and are fat still want a hunk for a boyfriend.

    8: don't most young women take birth control?

    In the end this was a fun article and I enjoyed responding to it! Have a lovely day/night.
  • englisc
    I can't tell whether this is even serious or trolling, either way it's funny.
    • It's called satire dude.. it was supposed to be funny

  • Red-Blaze
    I can't tell if its a joe or not, the end makes it look like its a joke, the rest looks pretty real.. i.. i.. i... i dont know XD
    • It's a satire depending on your taste. :) If you read only points, they'll make sense but if you read description then you'll understand the humor

    • Red-Blaze

      Well played then, well played XD

  • Gadas
    You're title is incomplete. It should have ben
    "8 advantages of dating feminist women if you're a pussy"
    • 2opaz


    • Lol thats why feminism is bullshit... you can talk about "equality" all day long but the bottom line is no woman will actually legitimately respect a man that is ok with being a stay at home dad.. All the "equality" is one sided.

    • UnaKaizen


  • ADFSDF1996
    A woman doesn’t have to be a feminist to have all those benefits. I know plenty women that aren’t feminists who have those benefits. That being said, I prefer to date a woman that isn’t a feminist who has all those benefits. In regards to number 6, I have to make it clear that I’m straight.
  • torken
    I dont think this applies to feminists, i think it applies to low-maintenance girls.

    Especially your last point, strictly speaking, feminists are against having the sole burden of birth control. its not very equal.
  • tek555_pessimist
    Great take. I love sarcasm and satire, thus I greatly enjoyed reading this, hope to see more soon.
  • samhradh_leannan
    Birth control pills, IUDs, etc. do not protect against STDs. Condoms are always important.
  • jakeforfun
    Most of the "advantages" listed are bullshit! A feminist woman is ok with a guy having been gay/bi, whatever? And no condoms? Was this question posed as comedy?
  • martyfellow
    I’ve never known a femnist who wasn’t trying to playit both ways so usually it’s still up to you to make the first move and pay for dates most of the time...

    Not only feminists are generally using birth control these days actually.

    I don’t agree with most of the Take. The only advatage I can see is that your expectations are going to SO low that any sort of relationshp that develops will be such a surprise that you’ll feel wonderful!!
  • MrNameless
    Sorry, but most women that call themselves feminists won't do these for guys. They just pick and choose what suits them most and take advantage of old sexist traditions
  • Halucinator
    After reading this, Feminazis be like😂😂
  • Max_winner1
    I would never date one. I don't want my kids turning into the opposite sex because society says it's ok. Teaching my boys to be girls with no phucking balls and teaching my girls that it's ok be a boy.
  • ovoxo_
    1) No. This isn't an advantage since they're loud and obnoxious and approach you like a man. big turn off.

    2) No. This is a complete lie. Feminist are complete hypocrites when it comes to dating and topics that don't benefit them (ex: entering the draft)

    3) No. What man honestly wants to sit there and gossip about these topics like a woman? Tbh if I'm involved with a feminist hearing her talk is the LAST thing I want.

    4) No. If men had a problem with working we would have complained about it like feminists do a long time ago. Being a stay at home dad is for white knights.

    5) No. Again I have no interest in gossiping about drama like a female. Plus, unless we're talking about how "oppressed" she is I don't think she cares what a man has to say.

    6) (I'm straight so I'll just skip through this point)

    7) No. Normal women don't fat shame either. It's women who are usually subject to fat-shaming, not men. So this isn't a valid point.

    8) No. Feminists abort babies they don't use birth control. So you're not any more safer with her than with a normal girl.

    There are no advantages to dating a feminist. If you want, I could start naming disadvantages though.
  • Douma
    Good question. I think we should go back to nature , the good old days with less money because all problems are from the rich including woman who want and expensive femenism life style with expensive comandments since they are from the rich and political aware of benefits from being rich in our society and profit of it and use and abuse man for that purpose. It is time woman remember they have periods and become normaly pregnant without the use of condom what is horrible that man must use plastic to insult them to pleasure a woman.
    • This isn't a question!

    • Douma

      Yeah , to me it is a question , like how advantage would it be dating an feminist.

  • That was some awesome stuff! Would you consider making a non-satire, serious version of this post as well?
    • Sure :) but I'm afraid GaGers don't understand the difference between feminist and feminazi

    • Blah who cares. You do you.

  • Stiglg
    Believing in equality has nothing to do with competence and how sexual you are. People are not equal in every way. There are sissy men and there are very strong women.
    My girlfriend is most certainly a feminist and I still:
    1) have to make the first move
    2) there is no way I'm going to be a stay at home dad

    I guess the rest is true but i was never worried about condom fails... get on the pill people. 99.9 is pretty damn good.
  • BuchitaBuchys
    I fit most of these though I'm not a feminist.
    Even though this is satire :(

    Just don't get fat. I'm not attracted to obesity and I won't get fat for "equality" sake.
  • Browneye57
    And you can be a weak and supplicating make that she will eventually disrespect completely and come to loathe. Then cheat, bail, or shut down sexually, or any combination.
    Sure fire winning combination. Yeah!
  • wagsingle
    Total bullshit. I would never date a woman who ISN'T a feminist. Problem is, lots of women are feminist, but assholes like Rush falsely portray feminists. 4th wave feminist LIKE ME simply accept the reality that serious inequalities still exist, and are upset by them and work to change that. Feminist are NOT man haters. We, hate the patriarchy.
  • ThatPersonOverThere
    The best satire is the one that makes you question if it's real. Well done you had me going for a while.
  • FakeName123
    Did being a male supporter of feminism ever got you laid?

    This list is beyond ridiculous.
  • charlotte5
    Seriously I am not feminist but this all fit for me.
  • snowangle
    #7 is bull, but I see you're just trying to be funny there. The rest of the points are more or less valid. I'm a feminist woman and I've made the first move, paid for dates, am always an engaged conversationalist, and don't judge men for opening up. Also I'm usually on birth control lol. But yeah, I don't really see why men are against dating feminists, unless they don't feel that women are equal to men. And I wouldn't date a guy who didn't agree with feminism anyway. I will raise my future children equally, regardless of sex.
    • I would definitely date a feminist like Christina Hoff Sommers.
      A feminist like Anita Sarkeesian, Emma Watson, Kat Blaque? I'd rather date a 90-yearold.

  • Rbryers
    I've been checking your mytakes out for a while now. For a guy you're extremely pro girl. To say the least.
  • AD240pCharlie
    I'm sorry but this is such obvious satire! Great job, though! Poe's law at work!
  • disgustingweebtrash
    This isn't feminist women, this is normal women who aren't hypocrites.

    Feminists are hypocrites
  • Ms_Meaghan
    Interesting. The things you learn from the internet.
  • vishna
    lolol at 4, I keep telling my men this XD pink shirts are optional though.
  • RedRobin
    I hate it when people hate on feminists SOMETIMES. There are some things that I think are a complete waste of time for frminists to be pushing because they make women look stupid and really bad. These are good points though.

    I agree with all except the last 3. Most people care about sexuality, whether or not they're a femanist. As long as you're dating someone who has the same values regarding weight, it should be ok, i. e. if you don't care about your weight don't expect to date a gym buff. Not all women are willing to get an abortion
  • Kiran04
    The only advantage of dating a feminist women is now you know for sure that you hate yourself. Other than that, there is no advantage. Feminism is cancer.
  • Swedgirl
    9) Feminists have better sex
    10) Guys don't feel like can't talk about feelings
    • The most liberal feminist girl I ever dated also happened to be the least accepting. She would dismiss any feelings i shared with her and or use it against me as a weapon. Feminism has never really been about equality.. its about giving women even more rights than they already have and snuffing out masculinity.

    • @Redrocket69 I love it when a man asks for consent every step of the way. https://youtu.be/k5SGHoiH8H8 so hot...

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  • Gordo1970
    Why the FUCK would any man date a fucking feminist?
  • CoffeeWC
    You have no idea how much this pissed me off. The things you listed do not apply to all feminists. These can apply to all women.
  • anastar
    I would split the check. When I told this to my friends they gave me a nasty look. What the heck?
  • OnAColdWinterNight
    I date feminists. I fuck them, then we start talking about politics.
    Then they're not feminists anymore.
  • DANGO88
    Depends on what kind of feminism they promote, but I agree. Those are advantages.
  • Tasos96
    The truth is that most girls are fake feminist and not real feminist. That is obvious by number 1 which is something most girls never do
    • #1 is actually a pretty tricky subject though. Girls are always being told that men "like the chase" and won't be as interested in a girl if she makes the first move.

    • Tasos96

      @samhradh_leannan That is bullshit that probably has been told to you by other women who just can't be arsed to approach.

    • Tasos96

      It seems that at the moment 3 girls can't handle the truth LOL

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  • lord_chilled
    You know its good when the title alone has you laughing
  • Skinny_Guy
    Haha, so funny. In the reality "feminist women" want a guy to do everything for them while they themselves do nothing.
  • Juxtapose
    The part of her getting fat along with you to obtain equality was hilarious. I thought you were dead serious for a while because of Poe's Law.
  • Dargil
    Exactly nothing I need. And the disadvantages are so numerous I'd run out of electronic ink.
  • quinton_pack
    "" You don’t have to worry about condom fail"" interesting advantage
  • Anpu23
    Nope, nope, nope, nope nope. I don't need that kind of guilt in my life... thank you very much.
  • Redrocket69
    Lol... these are pluses? So essentially you can be the female you always wanted to be? Yeah no thanks to the stay ay home dad...