How Women Can Improve At Dating


How Women Can Improve At Dating

Although originally this was intended to be short, and started out that way, unfortunately it did end up being ANOTHER long one. I know Gaggers can’t bear long Takes but if I’m gonna talk about a topic, then I’m gonna say what I have to say. If you’re not with me, that’s okay, but some others will see it through.

A while ago I went out to eat with a Filipina I met on the Whisper app, what I anticipated to be a nice next shot after the first woman I also met on there ended up ghosting me the week before. It was not. Last Sunday evening, Gabriela (not her real name) and I decided to meet up at a Korean restaurant because she was “starving.” I actually showed up first and texted her, and she said for me to wait for her (obviously!). When she finally came she was friendly right away, and actually was more attractive in person than in her photo. A short Filippina with a nice body and big breasts. But our evening was a complete drag.

How Women Can Improve At Dating

Not an actual photo of me or my 'date'

Gabriela was in a hurry to order, and didn’t seem to want to talk much, only wanting to eat as soon as she could. I tried to make conversation, mentioning things that some other women would easily engage in, but she hardly did, and didn’t even really ask me a lot of questions either. For most of our short evening she was more interested in watching the dumb K-pop music videos on the restaurant’s TV. She also got full really fast and didn’t want anymore of what we ordered. And THEN she answers a call from one of her girlfriends about a dilemma she was having. And THEN says sorry, she has to get down to Virginia to be there for her.

A total. Drag. One of the worst experiences with a female I’ve ever had. Even though she apologized and said it’ll be better next time, we both knew when we walked out of the Korean place that we wouldn’t be seeing each other again.

How women can improve at dating…

Most times people just want to teach us that it’s guys who are the ones that largely fail at dating and make a bunch of mistakes, when in truth quite a lot of women are and have failed miserably at the game themselves. We know there have been guys who were awful on dates, and people think we’re in desperate need of “coaching” and put little to no emphasis on teaching women what and what not to do, but they could learn some important things of their own in how to be better at it.

How Women Can Improve At Dating

My story with Gabriela is only one case, and I don’t use it to say all women are like her, but it is just one example. And it did prompt me to write this Take out of my own dissatisfaction with the whole dating game. I’m not gonna hit on any cliche surface points like looking good, being clean, etc. We know that’s important, but I’m touching on core issues here. So I’ll start with one of the really big headaches for us guys...

No longer texting…

I’ve heard women talk about how bothersome it is when a guy they like won’t text back anymore, how it gives them anxiety and is frustrating. And while I’m sure there are definitely guys who do this, I think it’s much more common for guys to experience this vice versa, and this is because 95% of the time the guy is usually the one initiating conversation.

Female logic can be a very peculiar thing. In a woman’s mind, it makes sense to just stop talking to a guy they’re no longer interested in. They seem to think slipping away quietly, turning off their notifications, and not responding to his messages anymore is the answer. They don’t have the courage, maturity, or decency to get back to him and say something like: “Hey, I’m sure this will probably come as some bad news, but I don’t really think we’re gonna work out. I don’t really feel like we click. Just felt like I should be honest with you and let you know.” Only a tiny few women I met online have actually done something like this when we talked, and although it can sometimes be sad or disheartening, in the end I still appreciate deep down that she could tell me.

I’m sure some women will try to say, “Yeah, well, I did that once and he still called me a bitch.” Maybe, but it doesn’t mean the next guy will act the same way. And even if he does you’re still doing the right thing.

How Women Can Improve At Dating

No longer texting 2: “I’ve been busy”...

Sometimes it is true that a woman is so busy that she can’t get back to you right away or for hours, but I honestly believe that this is a BS excuse 85% of the time. Why? Because they’re still using any pockets of free time to either talk to another guy they're not telling you about, or their friends, or waste away on their apps. Let’s be real about something here: a mean but true fact is that women are social media retards more often than men. They spend hours on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. putting up selfies and pointless posts about where they ate with their girlfriends last night, pictures of their Corona in a glass, overused cliche quote posts about “moving on” and he’s-the-problem-not-you, etc. And they’re even a doing a lot of this while they’re on their jobs but saying they’re “busy.” I even see it all the time with my female co-workers.

And if you confront them about it, they'll get mad and try to tell you they don't have time to be online all day and actually "have a life," but you as a guy know better and know what's going on.

If you can waste away on all this then you’re not that busy, and you can still drop a guy a note letting him know you two are still good. Or, you can be honest and tell guys that you two aren’t gonna make it, instead of lying about being busy hoping he’ll give up eventually.

How Women Can Improve At Dating

Too often women have an arrogant, pointed-nose attitude that “I don’t have to explain myself for why I do what I do/why I don’t do what I don’t do” yet will hate it if some guy comes along and treats them the same way. Actually, sweetheart, yes. There are times where it is better to humble yourself and explain regardless of whether you think so or not. Don’t see yourself as justified in your own eyes for everything.

Almost every guy is “boring”…

Women also often treat dating as an entertainment arena just for them. They have a one-way lens perspective where they feel that it all depends on how the guy will intrigue her and "keep her interested." If he doesn’t say all the things she likes to hear or all the things that will “make her laugh” or be her kind of conversation, then he’s “boring.” Not many women really think about if they might be boring to a guy or how they can intrigue him. For women, it tends to be a let’s-sit-back-and-see-how-you-thrill-me kind of affair. They want fast satisfaction, and if a conversation or moment isn’t picking up how they want right away, they’ve lost interest and aren’t willing to carry on a little further and see how it pans out. Thus, the guy is automatically given a “Boring” stamp and passed down the belt.

How Women Can Improve At Dating

Men are different from women. We often like to see how things can go with a female even if it does seem a little shaky or bland at first. Unless we can see that she’s really not someone we want to try with, we generally are more open-minded and have more patience in giving something a chance. Women, however, are prone to changing quickly and have short attention spans in dating. Their logic tells them to readily become disinterested in a guy fast just because nothing is clicking yet in the way she wants, and they like to talk about all the guys they aren’t/weren’t interested in; a way of bragging to the world that there are guys who like her that she doesn’t like back. Females actually spend more time talking about not being into some guy than when she is into one, because subconsciously it gives her a sense of power and control in who she thinks can and can’t have her.

How Women Can Improve At Dating

My advice to women would be to come to the table being aware of how you yourself can appear to a guy. Don’t view yourself as so interesting in your own eyes that guys will or should think so too, because by seeing every guy as boring you’re basically saying you think all your own ideas, topics, and character are MORE appealing than they are, and you don’t really want to get engaged in their world or see what it’s about. Learn to see things differently in understanding that some guy isn’t automatically boring just because he doesn’t talk about what you’re expecting.

“You come off as…”

Women also have an overthought tendency of viewing everything a guy does, is, or says as coming off as something. And this in itself can ruin the fun in getting together, so women really have to change this. If a guy is texting every morning or evening after work, or wants to hear from you regularly, it means he’s “clingy” or “desperate.” If he really, really likes you and keeps suggesting you two go out together, it means he’s “desperate”(again) or “pushy.” If he says something out of the ordinary or even a little bit fresh and flirtatious, it’s “random” or “creepy.” Well, I’ll be damned. When I really like a woman I want her to know it, and I do want her to recognize it as a serious thing, not as a string of actions she can try to label and determine is this or that.

How Women Can Improve At Dating

Females view almost any behavior from a guy as something negative or a turn off just because he’s interested, yet she wouldn’t see it that way in a guy she thought was super good-looking or had a bad boy personality she thinks is sexy. So is it that a guy is really “coming off” as something? Or it’s just your own perception based on how you pick and choose? Also other times, women tell a guy that he comes off as something less desirable as a lie for the fact that she doesn’t really like him and can’t say it, so she uses that as an excuse and hopes he’ll go away.

It really isn’t necessary to read so deep into a guy’s behavior or interest in you as being worse than it is. A lot of times females choose to let themselves be scared away from a guy because they want to let their mental fears and apprehensions decide for them that this or that guy is coming off as weird, needy, desperate, creepy, etc. even if he really is not. Often times, women have actually robbed themselves of opportunities to know a really great guy but missed out because of her preconceptions.

Actually bring something to the table…

Another dating problem - if not the the biggest - is that it largely is very one-sided. Meaning that 99% of the time it is the guy putting in most of the effort, putting his best foot forward, and trying to make the best impression. I’m not saying a woman has to necessarily make the first move or approach a guy, but when the guy makes the move, women can get involved.

I know for me, a lot of the time when I’ve talk to a woman I’m interested in, whether it’s real life or online, I’m the one doing most of the talking while they just want to sit back and see where it goes, see if I’ll eventually suit her fancy, though this has largely been the case with younger women. They don’t offer back much about themselves or ask many questions to know where I’m coming from either. They really just want to see if I’ll be interesting enough for her without her really getting involved back. And I know this is also a headache for a lot of other guys.

How Women Can Improve At Dating

It’s also even a really big problem with online dating. Probably the worst. Things are set up to be too one-sided. The women have their profiles up with all their details or “expectations” in men, and basically just sit back and wait for guys to come and message them, yet don’t really care to get involved with them or see where anything could go, rather preferring to just see them as bugs. They want you to care about them and think they’re great, but don’t care about you.

Most feel that they’re way too above ever messaging a guy first, because (1) they think as a female they shouldn’t have to, and (2) think doing so makes them look “desperate”(again), or shows weakness to let a guy know they’re interested. Very few women have ever messaged me first on dating sites in the past. And you can message them based on how they ask for you to, by relating to their interests, and they still may not respond because of other factors about you that still don’t suit them like your looks, race, profession, or salary.

You have to look at yourself…

Are there guys who’ve failed at dating and done all the wrong things? Certainly. I've made my own mistakes. But women also need to recognize that they actually are not as better about dating like they do tend to think. Their focus is often on how the guy should act or things he shouldn’t do, and they have to humble themselves and realize that there are things they themselves must improve on. Guys are noticing all your behaviors too. We can see how you’re messing up where you think you’re really acing at it.

How Women Can Improve At Dating
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Most Helpful Guy

  • OlderAndWiser
    This was a thoughtful and well written myTake. My experience with dating is a bit different and I will attribute that to the age difference. Yes, many girls learn to be little divas when they are teens and they think they deserve a Prince Charming. When women get older, they become more realistic in their expectations and they learn to try harder. That is no consolation to you now, but they do improve with age!

    by the way, that Filipino chick must be the queen of the users! There is a special place in dating Hell reserved for her kind!
    Is this still revelant?
    • ManOnFire

      Which is why I only ever pursue older women, but I tried Gabriela because I thought she had unusual potential. Turned out wrong.

    • Experience is a cruel teacher!

Most Helpful Girl

  • Tiffany27
    Both genders need to learn to be honest with each other. I rather a guy tell me that I have no chance than to get my hopes up. Some women need to stop thinking they are a princess and everyone needs to take care of them. I don't mind making the first move but let me know when I have no chance. Also some women use guys as a meal ticket.
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    • 10dsw

      I wish there were more women who thought objectively the way you are. As to your point - I swipe right on everyone on Tinder and occasionally get women that I'm not really interested in reach out - and while I hate doing it, I always let them know that I don't feel we would be a good match. Any girl that reaches out like that deserves an honest explanation imho. Also yes, some women definitely use guys for free food. I'm pretty much I even read advice online how to use guys for free food one time lol. Anyways, keep up the good work!

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  • AlphaGhost
    Well a great mytake but I am not going to assume that any lady is going to read and actually change her behavior cuz of this and majority will think,
    I am way above him to even "consider" thinking about his ideas as something helpful.
    • ManOnFire

      Also a true point I was thinking about myself, lol. The female ego is very lofty.

    • Entity81

      The proof of your comment is in the female comments above...

    • AlphaGhost

      @Entity81 but you live to your standard of mytakes.

  • CollieWinters
    This is a very fair take. Women could do with a little more of the blame for failed dates. The big thing I'd add is that women likely have always been told that dating would be easy for them. Gender stereotypes, social media, TV and movies, etc. all reinforce the idea that women don't do anything wrong when on dates.
    • ManOnFire

      Right. I even witnessed a lot of this when I was looking for photos to include in this Take. Most of the Google pictures for 'awful date' or 'bad date' that I typed in gave me photos of a woman being miserable on the date, none showing a guy feeling the same way about his.

  • Nyx_85
    Funny I'm actually the opposite of this... My problem is that I second guess myself a lot and I assume someone I'm interested in wouldn't be into me anyway. Also I'm extremely awkward at talking to people I don't know.
    • Nyx_85

      I also don't know how to smile at people. Seriously. If I try I look deranged and people ask if I'm feeling ill. I try thinking about stuff like puppies or kittens... Or something funny. Then I often start laughing to myself and people avoid me. *sigh*

    • ManOnFire

      At least you can admit it.

    • Nyx_85

      A lot of people aren't very self reflective. I've had no choice than to be. Or I would be a total and utter recluse.

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  • TMarissaWL
    A lot of guys I have talked to said the same thing: that a lot of girls don't really bring anything to the table
  • Cosytoasty
    I'm going to guess it didn't go anywhere with that other girl? Unlucky buddy, re-bait the hook and go again 👍.

    You make some good points here. But remember, few if any women using dating sites are actually girlfriend material. You've picked up one of the traits required for a good wife already... one who isn't spineless. Imagine the potential mother of your children not being able to stand up for them 😒.
  • WalterRadio
    Your first date with the Filipina was successful.

    The goal of the first date is to find out if there will be a second (or sex on the first). You obviously discovered the answer, and therefore, it was a success.

    The purpose first dates is not to form a relationship, but merely to find out if you like each other. It doesn't matter if you don't, just end it as soon as either of you decide there isn't a match.
  • anewgirl
    A "boring" guy would be perfect for me. I'm a boring girl. 😂
  • MikkiM
    I'm also a Filipina, but I hate that Filipina girl did to you
    • ManOnFire

      Yeah, it was sickening. I'm black.

  • Bonnie12I27I12
    what you had with "Gabriela" wasn't a date. it's so obvious that she just wanted to grab something to eat and decided that she wouldn't mind having someone to sit with
    • ManOnFire

      Whether or not it was, she made no effort to be social or engage in company. She might as well have just eaten alone.

    • Crapulux

      Why didn't you just leave?

    • ManOnFire

      @Crapulux We weren't even there an hour so it kinda fell apart before I had to decide to.

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  • Heartcrusher
    Dude, I feel bad about date. Is sad that she finds her little screen more interesting then the guy in front of her. That's why they say leave your phone at home when on a date, or at least in the car. Women can be arrogant and moody but it's part of nature. Some girls are not honest b/c it starts drama. Personally the like something to flatter their fragile egos, so they assume everyone else is the same. They aren't honest about their feelings b/c it doesn't work out in there favor. The issue with wanting to be entertained on a date has the same roots. They want their fragile egos to be fed. Showers in compliments is part of what they like. It's rare but there are some women who aren't like that, it will just take decades to find one. Most of the ones who date are the drama queens.
    P. S. no one wants a real man they all want fantasy men
    • ManOnFire

      WOW. This might be the best comment on this entire Take. I mean... wow.

  • Elliot_Rogers
    Well... by putting some effort like at least once? You tell me what women bring to table in dating? Men have to bring the money, time and work/energy. All women do is check their inboxes and complain that they're not enough good men out there even when she gets thousands of messages daily.

    The truth is most men are good for relationships or to date, its just that modern day women are greedy entilted whores that demand a superstar athlete making 6 figures. An whats even more ironic is that most American women are fat.
    • ManOnFire

      Much of what you say IS true. Many guys actually are good enough to date.

    • Well said. That is why many men are either going mgtow or dating foreign women instead.

    • @AntiFeminismAU Yeah same here! I have dated Eastern European women and few foreign women before in past, the difference between West, East and South America is that feminism is very dominant and vast is west. I have to say though that it was one of the best expereinces and encounters I have had with the opposite sex, I learnt a lot about female nature from dating women overseas. The benefits that I love is how traditional, feminine, higher class and obediant they're around the man they're with. A few aspects I also learned was how much they appreciated and respected good caring loyal nice guys.

      They see nice guys as potential partners unlike the women over in west that are either gold digging or committing children to numerous bad boys, players and douchbags that nice guys have to pay for or the tax man/state benefit. Its the reason for the single mother epidemic, like why should we allow women child benefits/support/allowence when it was her fault for opening her legs in first place

  • Z-Spark
    its simple :
    women know men are visual and like sex, they show up looking good and sit back waiting to be treated like queens, on one hand they claim they do no want to be viewed as sexual tools but on the other hand they are putting themselves in that place, they are treating themselves like toys and are going to offer their body to the highest bidder... in short they say they dont want men to like them for their body, but they use their body to get stuff.
  • howzit2015
    I think one of the biggest problems with women is they have a laundry list of things that a guy must meet in order to date him. Then to top it all off they say things like: "I also want things just to click, and have that feeling with him, right away." Heard girls say this one a lot.
  • ATuairiscean
    That is a fair enough critique of dating but I think it is individuals rather than genders - Gay/Straight/Bi will probably have a bad move check list - It sounds corny but you just have to keep plugging away till you connect and have a good date. A person you don't connect with will still feel like a bad date whatever they do I think
  • Margillard
    Dating is a hassle, and not worth the effort. Most guys aren't even bothering anymore, unless they are players. The Sexodus is gaining momentum like the "Grasseaters" of Japan.
  • MasterSirMaster
    Holy shit... it's not them it's all you pal.

    1. WRONG MOVE: I decided to meet up at a Korean restaurant because she was “starving.”
    2. WRONG MOVE: I actually showed up first
    3. WRONG MOVE: she said for me to wait for her (obviously!). you waited? wtf!
    4. DUH, SHE SCAMMED YOU FOR A FREE MEAL!!! Gabriela was in a hurry to order, and didn’t seem to want to talk much, only wanting to eat as soon as she could.
    5. OMFG!!! HOW GD CLUELESS ARE YOU? And THEN she answers a call from one of her girlfriends about a dilemma she was having. And THEN says sorry, she has to get down to Virginia to be there for her.

    That wasn't a date! you were a mark for her con.

    Seriously pal, you need to go take a red pill. You are totally clueless and have no idea what you are doing. It genuinely hurts to read what happened to you, but as long as you believe that "they" need to change it will keep happening to you. You need to change and accept that women DO NOT love like we do. You'll never find the same kind of respect, logic, maturity etc. that men have from women.

    I'm really and sincerely sorry.

    Stop listening to women and learn from men who know. I really hope you'll go grab a red pill, and start listening to tom leykis!
    • ManOnFire

      I partly would agree with you. After it was all done I did feel pretty stupid.

    • Don't feel stupid... seriously bro, it's really not your fault. Society, teachers, feminism, the movies, etc. have been spoon feeding you BS your entire life. I have to go, but seriously, go check out some tom leykis videos on youtube. He's funny, entertaining, and you'll learn a shit ton. you may not agree with everything he has to say and that's ok.

      Be good to yourself, I'll post some more later. :) bro's before hoes!

  • FatherJack
    The simple fact is , on average , women are desired by men , whereas the average man is NOT desired by women , Bateman's Principle at work , the female , having the much greater reproductive role & risk , is invariably the chooser. Also men outnumber women , greatly so in the younger age groups , as considerably more boys are born than girls , an often overlooked fact & therefore have more options than males. Women also have the advantages of much closer inter-female friendships , which meet their emotional needs & another key factor , again on average , a much lower desire for sex , than a man. Most women can be happily single & celibate.

    In summary , women generally do not need to improve at dating , men are ten a penny , she will only need to put in serious effort with a man that already has many options , which is less than 5% of the male population.
    • ManOnFire

      @FatherJack I don't think options has anything to do with it. Even if they really did have more options, putting in effort is necessary, because while you might think all you need to do is just sit through every guy, you create more of a lazy personality that guys are going to notice and stop caring. No guy is interested in dating a woman who treats it as a string of "options" or next-guy-next-guy-next. This is why women are failing at it as it is and still being single, regardless of how many "options" or male-female ratios you or she thinks she has. They're not losing out any less than guys are.

      What a joke.

    • FatherJack

      " what a joke " ... agreed there !! It is because they are used to having tons of options at an early age , it is the reverse for men & dating is hard work for a man. These attitudes become ingrained , and yes you are right... in the long run they will lose out. The " media " reinforces these attitudes by always portraying men as moronic sex obsessed simps & too many men underpin this in real life !!

    • ManOnFire

      @FatherJack I never could subscribe to the 'options' idea. Because I've seen a lot of men get a lot of dates, even ones who aren't attractive. And it could be because in the real world most men don't actually try to size themselves up to women in comparison to their options.

      Furthermore, the average woman doesn't even see herself as having options, but instead laments about there being no decent enough men and worrying so much about being single. So if the average woman really cared that much about options they'd be accepting lots of guys because they would figure they can always get the next. They don't. Instead they end up single more often because of their own problems, and very much in the here and now way before the long run.

  • levantine99
    this gabriella dinner must have been a real hit to your confidence. damn what a behavior lol.
    • just the picture is irritating. when one talks and the other is over the phone for a long time i find it very rude. where is your manners man/woman.

  • armando20
    Whether or not girls have interest in a guy or a guy have interest in a girl.. I have learned through the few years of dating that if both gender have few or more things in common then usually relationship works out and having few opposites and come to compromise then relationship can be worked as well as honesty, respectfulness and communication
  • Richareens
    I'm guilty of making my boyfriend initiate convos most of the time. On one of our first few dates, I remember I was using my phone a lot during breakfast. I got full really fast as well. He wasn't talking much either and I felt like he didn't wanna talk so I pulled up my phone and continued tapping away. Also I kinda had like an ego, he wasn't saying much so why should I? But now I realise I should have put it a balanced effort as well. Maybe he was testing me. I remember clearly later, I could sense he was pretty much aannoyed with me and blatantly stated that he's been waiting for me all this while. It was so awkward Lol. Another case is of me flat out ignoring guys I'm not interested in, guilty of that. Thanks for calling me out on my bullshit xD lmao, that "texting eleven other guys" meme tho😂 Overall, your article was fantastic! Thanks so much!
  • Intraluminal
    I read this take, and I'm not really in your position, since as an older guy I'm not dating your age group, but one thing struck me.

    She doesn't bring "more to the table" for a very simple reason... she doesn't have to. It'd be nice for you and me and a thousand other guys if women brought more to the table, but the truth is they don't need to.

    Your date used you for a free lunch. Morally reprehensible, but there's not a damn thing you or anyone else can do about it except not date her. And, since there's always another sucker, she loses nothing except *perhaps* a bit of self-respect.

    • ManOnFire

      Why wouldn't a woman have to bring anything to the table?

    • Do I have to spell it out for you?

    • ManOnFire

      Seeing as you didn't exactly explain it, it would be necessary, though I think I might know what you'll say but tell it anyway.

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  • Barrabus_the_Free
    You're right, but you're still going to catch hell for going against the narrative.
    it's about looks.
    you have to find a girl who is attracted to you.
    lots of western men get cosmetic surgery too.
    check out realself. com
    • ManOnFire

      Lol. Get off the plastic surgery already. I'm not doin' it. It's shallow and disgusting.

  • JustJules
    I would never say I have not made mistakes when dating because I have. However as someone who is doing long distance now texting and IM is a key factor. My boyfriend is nervous to talk on the phone and has stated that before. I also have some Anxiety about it and always have. Texting is how we communicate and it's what makes us comfortable. If I asked to call him he might get nervous.

    I do not think I am the clingy type really I could be wrong but I do not text 24/7 because I am usually at work. I let him have all the room he wants also and I trust him.
  • Warmapplecrumble
    I've been rejected many times by many guys lOl... I think its more to do with my looks than personality
    • ManOnFire

      Nothing about you looks bad. Unless you mean they didn't like you because of your race.

    • I don't think it was race, some were Indian.

      I think looks are very important to men, especially the first date.

    • ManOnFire

      I think women aren't being honest when they say looks don't matter in men but they do. For me it's not quite as big a deal as when I was younger.

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  • AntiFeminismAU
    Wow awesome article, too took the words right out of my mouth!

    Men have it significantly harder when it comes to dating. Despite women wanting equality, they still refuse to approach a man or make any effort. It seems feminists conveniently forgot this one when they were fighting for equality.

    Many women will play the "tradition" card to in an attempt to justify this. Does this mean I can also say I want a woman who will cook me meals, clean the house, and give me sex whenever I want due to "tradition"? It goes both ways ladies!

    Is it any surprise that more and more men are giving up on dating all together and going MGTOW? It just isn't worth so much effort for such little return.
  • John_Doesnt
    My only rule is this: if I'm paying for it we're gonna go to whatever restaurant I want, if she pays for it than we can go to whatever boring snooty restaurant she wants.
  • Tasos96
    Best post I've ever seen ! These things are 100% true unfortunately :/
  • burpzzzzz
    FYI don't do online dating. These women are dating a lot of men sometimes several men at the same time. The men that are dating women are usually looked as a free meal. While they go on dates they also have another dude or dudes that have sex with them.
    Not only women aren't bringing anything to the table dating, it's a diaster when you get into relationship with one. Be prepare to spoil her while she doesn't little to no effort.
    If you're serious about dating go to Asia. In China women actually cook and clean for their boyfriends. Within a few dates China women want a relationship and want marriage after 1 year of dating. The Western women aren't doing even doing that.
  • IHateBeingaMan
    it seems the primary skills women need in dating are how to screen and filter guys out, that's it.
  • Harry_Richard
    Women suck at dating.
  • demonics
    Simply excellent.
  • disgustingweebtrash
    Thank you
  • CT_CD
    Thank you
  • Alleriya
    There is a hot discussions:)
  • Tohru
    Thank you
  • blackpantherbig
    start to drink more :)
  • Anonymous
    good take
  • Anonymous
    I agree with the texting thing, very off putting in my opinion
  • Anonymous
    This is terrifying. I'm never dating lol.
  • Anonymous
    Goes both ways in my opinion.
  • Anonymous
    Dating is a big old long screening process. Most people in life have to wade through the muck to hopefully get to the good stuff. You can suggest women work on themselves, just as I can suggest men work on themselves, but are these (above) women or if I had written this post about men, hearing you? Do they want to change? Do they know they are also flawed. No, they really don't just as I can write a take that says, hey racists, stop being racist, it's not working for you. Doesn't work either.

    The thing is you're still dating these women, and if not you, then someone else, and unless they are committed to finding their eternal one and only, they don't have the same investment level or care about what would make them a better dater.. again, same goes for men. That's the way it is out there. This is why the world created that oft quoted phrase, "there are plenty of fish in the sea," because if one sucks and is a horrible person, you move on to hopefully someone less sucky then the last, or that diamond in the rough who makes you forget having to deal with all that came before. And I get it, I do, you not only want the best for yourself in a dating situation, but you want them to want to improve themselves to make themselves the best of the best fish in the sea, but I also want people to stop running red lights and putting everyone around them in danger. Hasn't happened yet, so don't hold your breath.
    • ManOnFire

      I didn't bother to finish reading, sorry. You kinda babbling on and on to try to make sense about something that I talked about that you must not like. I highly doubt this would be your response to any Take someone would write about how guys need to improve at dating.

    • Anonymous

      I love these responses in the comments because they are so hypocritical. You write a long take and you 'expect' people to read and understand every word of it and side with you and your opinion, but then when people respond, you choose to.. according to you, not finish reading their comments. You are writing about how "women" can improve dating, and trust YOU and other men have responded to takes I've written about men :) so don't now turn your nose up. :)

    • ManOnFire

      I don't expect people to side with me, in fact the opposite, especially from females. Many would give an answer like yours because they don't like what it says.

      Fair enough that I would want someone to read what I wrote but not want to read all the comments. For the most part I do listen and read what people say, but there are a few times where I actually won't read a really long comment if (1) it's just a really long babble that doesn't make a lot of relevant sense to what I wrote, or (2) if it's trying to long-windedly justify why that person doesn't want to change their state of mind. That's basically a waste of time.

      Maybe if you didn't go Anon I might recognize you and know what Takes you're talking about that I read :-)

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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Except there aren't really any practical tips here except maybe "be interesting" and "give guys a chance." You're basically just saying "women suck because they aren't showing enough interest in me." I'm sure it's frustrating but you can't force interest when it's not there. I'd suggest not continuing to persue women who don't text back or don't show any real interest in getting to know you. You'll reduce your dating pool but save a lot of time and misery.

    And "Gabriella" completely lacked basic manners. It's actually good you saw that on the first date rather than her being on her best behavior and having it come out later after you wasted more time.
    • ManOnFire

      "You're basically just saying "women suck because they aren't showing enough interest in me." "
      - What I'm saying is that women focus too much on how a guy has to be super interesting and women aren't concerned about how uninteresting they themselves might be.

      Not finding someone interesting happens, and I've been both the reciprocator and unlucky one. The issue is that women are basically ADHD about dating and who's interesting, when a lot of guys are actually good enough as one guy here said, but women are looking for men who will make up for what they themselves are lacking.

      "I'd suggest not continuing to persue women who don't text back or don't show any real interest in getting to know you."
      - Lol. You think somebody actually needed to be told that? Or you're just pretending to be stupid?

    • Anonymous

      Some people will send 20 texts in a row with no response. So yeah, some people do need to be told that.

    • ManOnFire

      I've gotten the same shit from women before, and I'm sure some other guys have too. You would just prefer to see the guys as lousy, like this Take talks about. And your answer already tells us exactly the type of woman you are, as you must also know it or you wouldn't be Anon.

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  • Anonymous
    informative thanks
  • Anonymous
    The second photo is of you and your date 😂
    • ManOnFire

      Lol. I said it ISN'T me. How did you even miss that? Lol.

    • Isn't it a picture promoting 'Woucher'?

    • Anonymous

      I meant the third photo :)

  • Anonymous
    This is why you need to spend more time communicating with these women before you decide to meet them. After talking to them for about 2 weeks, you should have an idea of whether they're into you or not based on their patterns of communication. I hate it when people pressure me to meet up with them right away. There was this one guy who kept insisting on meeting up even though I cancelled and never offered to reschedule. I was trying to give him the hint that I wasn't interested, but I agreed to go out with him after he asked again. I thought that my interest level would increase after the date, but I became even less interested. After the date, he kept texting me and I ignored his messages. And he continued texting me until I finally said that I wasn't sure I wanted to meet up again.

    The bottom line is that sometimes you can't really expect a woman to verbally tell you that she's not interested because most of us won't. You have to figure that out through her actions.
    • Entity81

      So men need to read all your non-verbal cues so you can avoid doing the right thing?

      So you read the article and completely missed the point? Or feel you're the exception to the rule?

    • Anonymous

      @Entity81 All I'm saying is that you have no control over women's behavior and the dating game is never going to change. So this article was really just a tantrum rant. This article is persuading women to "improve" the dating game by not doing certain things the asker is annoyed with such as meeting up with guys they are not interested in. Asker is dwelling on the fact that he went a date with a woman who wasn't into him at all. Chances are she probably showed him signs of disinterest early on. He just chose to ignore them and probably insisted for her to go on this date. The chick, like most of us are, didn't feel like verbally telling him she was not interested. This is mainly because we just want to avoid angry confrontations. So she did it to get it over with. If he chose to ignore the nonverbal cues, that's his problem. At the end of the day, actions speak louder than words. If you choose to believe words alone, you're going to be in for a lifelong set of disappointments.

    • ManOnFire

      We actually talked for about a week lol.

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  • Anonymous
    whenever I've acted like "Gabriela" was because I wasn't really interested and probably just wanted to get out without being rude.. I'd rather have the guy find me boring and discourage himself from seeing me again than putting him down and have him ask me why :/ whatever I say will come off as mean or would be a lie
    • ManOnFire

      Orrrrr, you could just be a mature adult from the beginning and let him know you're not feeling like a date right now. It makes no good sense at all to just sit there and put yourself through the motions, just so you can talk about how you weren't interested in him.

    • I bet you never or rarely ask guys out either. If a guy makes the effort to ask you out, the least you can do is give him and honest answer as to why you weren't interested.

    • Anonymous

      I'm not gonna argue with you two, I'm not saying what I do is "right" it's just the easy way for me because when I tried to do things differently I got questions like "why?" "why'd go out with me then?" "but you do like something about me or you wouldn't be here" "how do you know it won't work/we don't click if you don't give it a chance?" "I don't wanna be friends" and stuff like that and some even got upset
      I just don't want to deal with that, I'd rather have him find me boring so the blame would be solely on me and I'll be just another Gabriela

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  • Anonymous
    Lots of good points...
  • Anonymous
    The best way women can be better at dating isn't to be shallow.
    • Entity81

      The eternal struggle of finding a woman deeper than a puddle...