Importance of Helping Others


In truth the secret of success lies in helping others. Each time we help others, there are two types of rewards that comes to us. These rewards could be physical or spiritual. Spiritual blessing comes from the Almighty and also part of the physical blessing also comes from Him. But let us look at a typical example of a physical reward to solving human problem. Before now communication was made by letter writing, and landline phone, but some persons sat down and came up with the idea on how to solve the problem of humanity by communication faster and cheaper and to today we have facebook, twitter, etc. And in truth this discovery has really rewarded the founders. Help others and heaven will open the door of blessings.

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  • As an atheist the way I see it is our lives are limited so we might as well make the best of it.
    Every time you do something good for someone else you make the world a little better and seeing the state of the world today we could use a lot of good.
    The feeling you get when someone is grateful is also a blessing. No other feeling compares to seeing myself making someone else happy.


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  • Saw "almighty" instantly stopped caring


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  • I'm an atheist who helps people but fuck me right?