My Views On Being Different

Dude, I LOVE being different.

I mean, I had BRIGHT red hair for a while, now my hair is Sapphire Black (so it shines blue in bright light) and everyone @ my school have regular hair colors (except maybe for like 3 people).

My Views On Being Different

In my entire school, everyone's either very country-ish or preppy as fuck! Then there's the occasional metal head like me. I get glared @ whenever I wear certain band t-shirts but I don't care! The other day I dressed up in cat ears, w/ cat make up and a tail (as in my profile pic shows) and I got so many judgmental looks, it was amazing! I stared @ them until they gave up and looked away.

I live in an old farm house that's plain blue, and our house is the only one on a farm when we live on the edge of a complex FULL of super fancy houses.

I'll go to school one day dressed up to the 9's with my make up great and heels and everything, just because I want to.

Not many people would have the balls to for no reason or to do the cat thing.

I just don't care, because it makes me different.

There's so much good+bad being said about being different. Just like the saying "stuck out like a sore thumb", I don't see how that's bad. If I stick out in a crowd then great, there's the opportunity for me to make friends with people as weird as me! It also allows me to see who's judgmental and who to stay away from.

So I'm gonna rock my random days of dress up, I'm gonna go to the store with fairy wings+a wand IDGAF. It's FUN and I LOVE it.

So if anyone gives you SHIT for doing something you enjoy (as long as it doesn't hurt yourself/others) then hit them with a brick!

Don't really do that, but don't let them talk shit for you being you.

Honey, you're fabulous. You do you!

"We're all just humans telling humans to stop being human."

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  • Yeah good take - I was very lucky in life - Where I went to school (I am not sure of American school system but my last school was from12 to 18), it had just being built so I was in senior year all the way through and I don't think the normal crap associated with High schools happened in my school, I have since heard it has now but at the time I didn't notice but the vast majority seemed to be let do their own thing socially whether it is different or mainstream plus another big thing about 99% of Irish schools are uniform so that seemed to take the sting out of clothes differentiation.
    That seemed to mean by the time I got to college and work I so used to doing my own thing I didn't know any different. At my age now I am a bit outside youth culture but as far as I can see from what I read on net I think Ireland is a lot more easy going on being different than the US as far as I can see,


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  • I feel like everyone actually is different, but not many want to break out of their shell.


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  • There's a difference between being different in positive was and in negative way. You have different hair, that makes you "unique". You like becoming a cat, that makes you "abnormal".

    Being unique is good, being abnormal isn't.

    I'm not telling you to don't do such things because it's very hard to find happiness these days and if this makes you happy, do it. But when you'll grow up, you'll feel that pressure from the society and hell lot of responsibilities.

    • I think being abnormal then, is fun.

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    • @redeyemindtricks celebs are different. Admit that. World gives fucks about her (Rihanna), but not about you, no matter what you are or think you are. You are not that important as much as she is. If you want to be like her, do the struggle (or other weird shortcuts you'd think about).

      I didn't erase my value. Just because I don't want to be a cat and pretend that I'm cool, it doesn't deride my values. Everyone has one's own guilty pleasures.
      And you are judging my life that how much fucks I give about strangers and then concluding that I feel like 3 persons in one is an futile attempt to make a point. We are strangers, you don't know what I do nor do I, about you.

    • Look at yourself. What are you doing? What are your ambitions. The topic was "I think only celebs can do that while you think regular peeps can do that too" & see what it's turned into, unnecessarily.

      So going to the main topic. You say normal people can do these things without criticism? Sure. I call them "insane".

  • Not to ruin the fun but I will say again that no one is special. Not you, not me, not anyone.

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    • "but not all the time"
      -Sorry but either all the time or never. If I start making exceptions then sooner or later I will find myself walking on egg shells.
      And I don't intend to do that. If I have something to say, I feel mentally obligated to say it.

    • I understand, I wasn't telling you to change your ways or anything.

  • i wish i had your self confidence

  • handle it.


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