Why Being Different Can be a Good Thing

Certain people seem to have a hard time fitting in and feel like no one understands them and can't relate to others so thought i'd do a take on why being different isn't always bad.

It makes you stand out from the crowd.

Being different makes you stand out from the crowd..if you're someone like me who is drawn to people who have something a little different about them then you will understand this.. being like everyone else can be a little plain and boring.. you hear everyone is unique but some people just seem a little "too the same" and nothing is more refreshing when you meet someone who puts all the stereotypes out the window.

It can lead you to success.

I guess in some ways this can sound a little strange and confusing but being different and thinking like no one else can be a big advantage to becoming successful.. for example going to a job interview you need to stand out to get the job right? unless you and only a few others are applying of course. apart from whats written on your CV you do the convincing and the talking you're the one who decides whether you get the job or not you're the one who needs to sell yourself.

The world needs more authenticity.

In a world full of sheep.. trying to "fit in" being someone who is not just trying to get people to like them and be popular, wearing the latest fashion, doing what is considered "cool".. being different can give a more genuine approach because you are being more yourself.. and being you is fun because there is less pressure who cares if some people don't like you for who you are? because i can tell you anyone decent and worth your time will respect you for who you're and appreciate that you can go against what society tells us to be like.

Being different often means you're creative.

Sure this isn't always the case but many people who are considered not the norm.. tend to be very creative.. how many times have you heard about a artist being called eccentric? for one example i'd say Vincent van Gogh who is a very well known artist who was pretty much crackers and cut of his own ear sure this isn't a good thing but shows you that you being different often means you are creative because you don't think like everyone else so can come up with interesting ideas and share your creativity.. another Is Salvador Dali .

Some famous people who are considered Different.

1: Johnny Depp.

2: Lady GaGa.

3: Megan Fox.

4: Tim Burton

5: Miley Cyrus.

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  • It can be good, but more often than not it has pluses and minuses with more minuses. I've had a lot of problems on account of being different, and I'm probably going to die alone and unsuccessful because of it, but I'd still rather be different just for the "being like everyone else is boring and plain" point alone. I do also enjoy being authentic given that most people don't seem to be.

    Even though I agree that not being boring/plain is great, I'd still disagree with your first two points overall on a personal basis. I don't want to stand out, and standing out has created many problems for me. I'd much rather be one of those different people who is like wallpaper or invisible to everyone else, but it seems like only white guys and Asian guys can be that... and, ironically, a lot of them hate being that. I would LOVE to be that, lol. I don't want people drawn to me, and I don't want people offended because I don't act like they expect everyone to act in a social sense. Just leave me alone and be okay with leaving me alone, lol.

    Your success point, it's not so much disagreement as... I mean, it just depends, again, on what you want. I think a lot of "different" people who end up famous/successful view your first point in the same sense you do, i. e. they think attention is good or they crave attention. Every time I think of becoming big-time famous, like a famous musician or a famous software engineer, it completely freaks me out. That's one of the reasons I quit pursuing a professional music career and why I've never written and published a book yet. I want success only in the form of money, and I'd be the type of celeb that curses the paparazzi out and talks about how horrible the spotlight is, lol.

    But it seems like being different only helps in more non-traditional careers (and I don't consider stuff like coming up with FaceBook and Apple "traditional," which is the type of stuff I'd like to do but without the fame). If you're trying to work a standard job, it is very much held against you to not "fit in" or not have a certain type of personality, mainly to not be outgoing and fake with stereotypical social skills (i. e. the plain and boring stuff).


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  • Unfortunately a lot of young people have been told all their life how 'special' they are and how they deserve anything and everything they can dream of, and have had everything handed to them, they never had to work for anything or earn anything. You couple this with a constant barrage of movie star and celebrity news, and this produces young adults that actually think they are something special, unique, different from everyone else. Sorry toots, you're just not - you're just like everybody else!

  • Being different can also be unattractive like it has been for me. Depends on what different things do.

    • It can but this is a positive take on it :)
      didn't want to put a downer on it.

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    • I also want to be different, but i'm shy about because I don't know how people with perceive me.

    • It's definitely more unattractive to younger people, so being a teen in high school, yes. That doesn't mean it will always be that way for you, and hopefully it won't be.

  • beats me i never went along with the group

  • Being noticeably different is hard, the people you listed have quirky personalities, standing out too much can be very annoying. Especially amongst the kind who prey on differences as a stepping stone. Your right it can be good the problem is not enough people in society think like you and are too quick to question anything that doesn't fit the mold. We need more people like you.

  • You actually pointed out bad people so it's good to be a weird

  • Absolutely

  • It's not a good thing when you're not being noticed when you don't fit in.


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  • I agree but we live in a society that grows less and less tolerant every day so being different is something I avoid. The more rednecks I see the more afraid I am to express myself or deviate from the norm in any way

  • Loved this