The Perfect Person For Me

I did "My dream man" and "my dream woman" takes.

Well here is just my idea on the perfect person (as a family member, friend or more)


They'll tell me how it is. They'll let me know what makes my butt look good and what makes me look like a whore.


They'll be nice to me when I need them to be, they'll know where to draw the limits at.


They can't judge me unless I ask them to because I do some of the stupidest, childish shit sometimes. (I watch the 80s-90s cartoons, I play with stuffed animals, I make blanket forts etc)


I like to have a good time and I am a very humorous person. If they can't make me laugh or I them then we won't be able to get along too well.


They'll understand I am who I am but they'll understand I wish to improve myself so they'll help me with it. They will understand I have mental illnesses and that I'm not perfect.

All in all, I have low standards.

I don't care what they look like but I'll love them if they can meet these standards.

If they have low self-esteem, then I'll help them with that.

If they have a mental illness, I'll put up with it (unless they begin taking advantage of me-that's a big no-no)

If they are someone like this, which a lot of my friends are, I'll love them completely <3

This is the perfect person to me, and all of my friends are beautiful people because of it.


The Perfect Person For Me

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  • That's totally the guy I'm dating now empath on humar


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  • NIce take - Nothing extra to add

  • Asking to not bieng judged when you don't want to is too much. So what you're saying is that someone has to live with you doing stupid shit? And they can't say anything?

    • Yea, being my friend means putting up with my shitty puns or dealing with coloring in a coloring book.

      If it's stupid shit such as taking back an ex who cheated on me, thats what I wanna be judged on, not the little stuff i do

    • Oh, ok then.

  • This sounds familiar...

  • I confess a longing to make blanket forts.

  • You made a my take about me🙈


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