Bring More Kindness Into Your Life

Bring More Kindness Into Your Life Sometimes it seems we have forgotten what kindness is.

I believe that when we are kinder to each other, both the giver and receiver of kindness want to do it.

Below there are some ways to help you to bring more kindness into your life.


Smile as often as possible. Smile at the people you meet but also at your self.

Do things that make you laugh.


You can try to sell your old stuff but you never get as much as it has cost you. Just give it away. Bigger things like white goods and cars can be passed around to family, friends and neighbors.

I have heared on the radio about an old men who wanted to give his sailboat away because he weren’t able anymore to sail it. He could have tried to sell the boat but instead he wanted to give it away to a young person who couldn’t afford otherwise to sail. A great example of giving away.

Choose a charity and give a donation every month or year. Not everyone is as rich (as this 23-year old guy who already got retired), so the most can’t give to every charity but when you pick one or two it will contribute to those feelings of connection that enhance our propensity to give.

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. -Lao Tau


If someone wants to help you accept it. When someone give you an advice accept it. Being a good receiver is good for you and the giver. Learn to say just thank you, instead of wanting to do something in return.


Sometimes we have usefull information, share it! It can help the people around you.

Starting a conversation doesn’t have to be hard, just being friendly is a good start. Let your greeting be more real. The effort will be worth it.

Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters.

Dau Voire


Except talking being quiet and listen is just as important. Just being quiet till the moment is there for you to talk again isn’t really listening.

When you really listen you’ll be able to read between the lines. You learn to understand what keeps unspoken.


Often we are too focused on our own needs that we fail in caring for others. Know what is going on in your city, country and globally.

You can give kindness all around the world, to the animals and to our planet.

Let kindness be your way of life. That doesn’t mean, that you should deny your negative emotions or let people use you as a doormat. It means that you always have positive intentions.

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  • agreed totally to what you wrote but sometimes too much caring makes you miserable and stressed and sometimes the smile is very hard to wear.

    • i understand it isn't always easy

    • these things above aren't rules but more guidelines to more kindness

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