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Why Kindness is the biggest strenght you can have

Some days ago I was re-reading some old writings and listening to some videos from a Youtuber I particularly admire, and taking inspiration from his teachings of pacifism and non violence I blew some dust off an old article of mine.

In 1998, the World Kindness Movement declared 13th November the World Kindness Day.
Let that sink in for a moment. The 13th of November, not the 25th of December.
Personally, I think that the message at the bottom of this choice is : Every day is good to be kind and caring.

Why Kindness is the biggest strenght you can have

Sounds too idealistic and optimist, right? After all, we hear bad news all the times. Wars, violence, discrimination, political and social tension, especially in the last year with the Covid pandemic and many other events.

Well, then it's not this the best moment to start sharing positivity and good feelings?
In Voltaire's work "Candide ou L' optimisme", one of the main characters, the scholar Pangloss, believes that we live "in the best possible of the worlds". While the rest of the book is bent on discrediting this maxim, in the ending Candide concedes to Pangloss that while ours isn't the best possible of the worlds, it's "the best to do good things".

So, how can we do good of that, and demonstrate that the world in which we live is the best possible to do good things, to improve our lives and those of people around us?
Let's see.

Everyone deserves our respect

Why Kindness is the biggest strenght you can have
Every living creature of this world, be it woman, man, child, animal or plant; as an unalienable right to life, love and respect.

Being kind and considerate doesn't mean being a pushover

Why Kindness is the biggest strenght you can have

This doesn't mean you have to suck it up to people who don't want your help/kindness, or those who would abuse of it for their profit.
This lead us to...

You deserve yours and other's respect!
Yes, YOU.

Why Kindness is the biggest strenght you can have

You who are reading this, whenever you agree or consider this Take bollocks. You have a primary claim to your own love and respect.
If you can't love or respect yourself, you have none for others.

Being kind and caring doesn't always imply great sacrifices...

Why Kindness is the biggest strenght you can have

Just listening to someone who needs to someone to talk to and/or vent, or invite out that friend who's always busy, it's a bit of an introvert or is going through a rough patch. Maybe for you it's a small thing, but for that person it's a very concrete help.

...but when it does, don't be afraid to step up

Why Kindness is the biggest strenght you can have

You are helping a fellow human being. Especially if it's someone you already love and care about, no sacrifice will feel too big to you. But naturally...

Be reasonable

Why Kindness is the biggest strenght you can have

You can't help everyone, and you can't help people who won't help themselves. It's sad, but true. Recognize when you can't doing anything concrete in that situation, and the only thing you can do is finding someone - a loved one, or a professional - who can.

Don't be afraid to smile!

Why Kindness is the biggest strenght you can have

Show your positivity, your emotions! Smile!
Not in the commercial sense of the term, but in the emotional and sincere one.
Don't be afraid to smile!

Kindness can be shared with everyone!

Why Kindness is the biggest strenght you can have

That's the best thing about kindness. It's appreciated by everyone in the world; without distinction of gender, race, age and sexual preferences.

And with animals too!

Why Kindness is the biggest strenght you can have

That dog who always sits behind that fence? Try giving it a caress, if it isn't aggressive and it's owners are okay with that.

That stray cat who always lurks around? Leave some milk to it.
That pigeon that's ogling your hotdog? Give him a little bit!
They won't thank you or show you their gratitude, but the favor is very tangible for them.

That was my little thought on kindness.
What are yours?
Share your opinions and thanks for reading!

Why Kindness is the biggest strenght you can have

An hug from me,

Why Kindness is the biggest strenght you can have
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  • KrakenAttackin
    Yes kindness is important but it cannot be in lieu of strength.

    We all dream of a world of sunshine and rainbows. The problem is half the world wants to live there, the other half wants to pillage it.
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    • Very true, that's why I put the ''Being kind and considerate doesn't mean being a pushover''.
      Never let someone exploit you.

    • Agreed.

  • jerdanro
    I take great pains to be kind. I try to have no expectation of reward, which is go9d because I've never gotten any. :)
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    • That's the right mindset. Keep on the path and make the world a brighter place!

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  • Pasiton5
    I could find no cause to discredit or disagree with what you say you are correct in all you wrote, respect, if that one word was put into more use by everyone the world would be a better place overnight, few months ago I had a split second decision to make, a dog ran out in front of my car got showed and froze in place was either but kill the dog out but a park car no other choice, I couldn't kill any living being and hit a parked car got dropped by my insurance paying triple more than before and everyone I talk with about it says should have hit the dog weather in joking or not that's the response I received and I would do same thing again and again, people see someone asking for some change or just lying on side walk homeless or down for what ever reason, most just turn up their nose in disgust look at with distain, but a simple hi hello, of a feeling of recognition in them just to be acknowledge respected you can see it in their eyes faces with just a hi as you pass by, no one is better than anyone else here, no matter how wealthy materialistically you may be aware all have an obligation towsrds each other night feel superior or look down on with scorn disgust, kindness respect does more for a soul than anything else it gives hope it's the light some need to get up and move forward
  • Thank you for sharing so true Why Kindness is the biggest strenght you can haveWhy Kindness is the biggest strenght you can have
  • GoldenTulip
    Because kindness will win in all cases. Even if someone is meen to you, you can "kill it with kindness". Only If that person has a heart.. ofcourse. haha
  • exitseven
    Good stuff. Voltaire was always a favorite of mine. I think I will go and tend my garden.
  • ChocoBrowny
    Lots of people forget kindness. I've worked in environments where i always demonstrate kindness but those around me were intent on sabotaging and trying to get ahead by way of climbing over others. This is the world we are in, capitalism. I am where i am today by working hard and not by cheating others. I have to deal with those who hold me for contempt, like i cheated or was handed stuff.
    So your take really sends a message home, because it always seems like 1 in 50 actually care and aren't dominated by greed.
  • jasco
    Yea kindness and respect are the best medinices in the world and we need them now more than ever.
  • Grape-Soda
    NO being kid to the wrong person will get you steamrolled.
  • cicadas
    Good job, you have really come a long way.
  • That's niceBeing charming too
  • Itsroxxie
    Good job, keep smiling and looking forward...
  • Well done!
  • Anonymous
    You are too adorable bud, I wanna smooch you 😘
  • Anonymous
    I’m starting to really change my tune too. I’m usually considered a cold hearted bitch, but since spending time with some good friends who excuse happiness and good energy, I’m starting to believe that kindness is rewarding and fulfilling. I’m discovering that side of me too and I love it, but I know it takes continuous practice so I don’t fall back into destructive patterns so yes.
    • That's really good, and I wholeheartedly agree with you that it takes constant effort and dedication to not fall back to the old ways, it's a challenge I too face daily.
      Keep up the good work, I'm rooting for you!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! And same to you as well. Consistency will make it a habit and before you know it the old pattern will become wiped out.

  • Anonymous
    You make a good point saying we have to be kind but not let people exploit us