The importance of kindness according to God

The importance of kindness according to God

The bible says those who help the less fortunate will prosper but those who close their eyes to them receive curses

My uncle made $360 an hour at a medical career and another $360 at an art creation career and instead of helping the poor, he supported Donald Trump because he wanted lower taxes so he could go on more vacations

Noe he has a health condition that makes him very vulnerable to issues later on and everyone tells him he is too skinny

I know other people who donated money to the poor and became filthy rich later on

God rewards generosity and He punishes stinginess

So if your happy and successful, you should share your good fortune with a hospital or a humanitarian group or a welfare group or a teaching group or a religious group

The importance of kindness according to God
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  • Xrynx

    I think its important like you said, kindness can seem rare in the world and its a important things regardless, selfishness can cut us from Gods blessing.

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  • Whatever2929292


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  • TommyMountainFigure

    I don't need a book (Despite the significance of that book) to have to show me. I help because I know in my heart it is the right thing to do. and that being the case, the question I have for you Jennifer is:-

    Are you kind to others in accordance to what the Bible says, or do you those things because you inherently know it is the right thing to do AND the Bible merely confirms what you already know?

  • ALewis30

    Sadly a lot of I've seen and meet the last few month has been rude, selfish, spreading gossip and lies.

  • collie22

    helping others that need a helping hand doesn't have to be a money thing :)