Enjoying. Something you can learn.

When you aren't able to enjoy, then you'll be unenjoyable, says a proverb.

Enjoying. Something you can learn.

The dutch word for enjoying 'genieten', comes from the verb 'to catch'. So enjoying is ordaining what you have catched. So the meaning is more about the profit then the joy that something gives.

The latin word is 'frui', here the meaning is more the joy it gives.

You are only able to enjoy when you take the time for it.

You can stop to watch the beautiful sunset.

You enjoy the view from the mountain top, after it has cost your a lot of effort to reach the top.

You are enjoying a good wine by letting the taste melt on your tongue.

To enjoy you also have to give your full attention. You are concentrating fully on what you are doing.

When you are gobbling your food, eating like an animal, you are not enjoying. You are just filling your belly. Enjoying is different. Then you are tasting what you are eating or drinking.

People who are abble to enjoy are always sympatic people. Life makes them happy, they make people happy.

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