Having a Secret Garden Means I Can Get Away From It All

Having a secret garden!

Having a secret garden is like a hideaway; a way to retreat from other people.....it is a place where memories of our joys/pains and tough times remain...our secret garden remains to ourselves, no matter what...

Even if some people in our surrounding might want to try and explore that secret place...it might stay as a "No entry"' place......it gives to us the opportunity to find ourselves...to find our inner peace

On our lonely days ( like i always have) ..i prefer to stay in my secret garden FAR from everyone...its like...for me its my way to hide from everyone......IN MY THOUGHTS

So.....among you...how many people like to sometimes get lost in their thoughts??

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  • I literally though fore a moment you mentioned a real secret garden I was going to say " you have one to" I made a garden and it's not small at all but I always enjoy going there to block out the world escape to my thoughts good or bad talk with the plants it's the most real peace I can find. Sometimes my mind may not be the safest place to be when I'm angry so I try to go blank and get away to my spot when I'm lost even to myself. There are times though when I can get lost in my head there and the world is so far away as I rest on my hammock even at night the work seems so far and I can just drift in to the night sky for a bit and count the stars. Peace is where we make it muc like home we can find it in our minds, in our hearts, or make one peaceful place.


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  • Oh, I wish I have a secret garden full of baby animals! Hahah

    Stress relief!


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