Check In With Your Fellow Humans: They Might Need a Hug

Check in with the people around you...

As I'm sitting here I am so close to crying, so close it hurts! But I can't, I won't, not because I am one of those who believe it makes you weak, no, anything but, after crying you get this sense of calm, this sense of everything's going to be fine but what I have a problem with is what if it doesn't, what if that hope turns into more disappointment and leaves even more broken?! I haven't cried in forever but I don't how much longer I can hold on, the point of this take is to let people know to just ask people what's wrong.

I don't know who to turn to because I am always the support system so much so that no one asks me how I am but I'm not complaining because I love being there for them but honestly I just sometimes want someone to ask and to be honest again I'll probably again just tell them I'm fine. I'm making this so personal but it's my turmoil that's fueling me right now! I should tell them! My friends that is but how can I when possibly me breaking down and showing them the shards that make me up ends in turning their lives upside down?!

So no, I accept my burden but just spread kindness and smile at a stranger once in a while, spread joy and love! In whatever way we can, just do one good thing that makes even you feel good, pick up litter, help someone up, compliment strangers and ask the people who are always there for you how they are ... I feel better already, whoa, I really hope I got through ...


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  • Amen! Well said, CuteVenus. I know it's not the same as a real life hug, but here's a big virtual hug for you! *(insert big virtual hug here)* :-)

    You seem like you've got a good head on your shoulders and just from reading your post I'm confident you'll get through this tough time. Remember, it's not going to last forever. Just take it one step at a time, one day at a time, and never give up.

    It's so true though, sometimes you find things out about people and you never would have expected they were going through it. I stopped by my old workplace a few days ago to say hi to some of the people I used to work with, and about half an hour into visiting with them, I asked about this one guys family, how they were doing... He said they buried his daughter last month, right before his birthday... I couldn't believe it, never would have guessed that he had gone through that so recently.

    I forget who the quote is originally credited to, but it's one that I try to always keep in mind: "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

    Anyway, give yourself a few minutes in privacy to cry your eyes out, let it go, don't hold it in. Set a time limit, 5 minutes or whatever, and then get back to living life, smiling, and being good to other people!

    Hang in there!

    • Thank u so much for the hug! :D And I do feel better now, it's amazing what we can learn about people and what they're going through by just asking, it's unfortunate though that sometimes we're to scared to ask. It's really cool that you went by though

    • Glad you're feeling better!
      And yeah it is amazing what we can learn about other people once we start talking... But as I think we both understand, it's best to assume that EVERYONE is dealing with something difficult, and treat them with kindness and respect... Even if they happen to be at a great moment in their life where everything is going great, they've certainly been through tough times and certainly will have things in the future.

      Anyway, keep up the good perspective you have and I wish you lots and lots of happiness and good times! Keep on making the world a better place :-)

    • Thank you so much! 😆 And thanks so much for the wisdom!!!

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  • I'm the same way. All my friends come to me for help and I'm trying to help while really I'm breaking down inside. My best guy friend was really good at making me smile and he gave the best hugs but he's not here now...

    • Hey and I know it's been a while 😂 but I got busy with school
      So yes u understand we always there for our squad and all that but when it's our turn to break down its not easy cause they don't know how to handle that and we don't want then to see their support structure crumble either!!
      So this guy friend of yours is he still gone?
      How are you now tho? Like honestly tell me

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    • Exactly! U r the support system but when it's your turn to feel down they don't know how to deal with it! But we love then so we're there for them anyways! Lol so u said u made things awkward but if he's as understanding as u say he is then I'm sure u guys can go back to the way u were, just text him 😊

    • Yeah i don't think he'd be mad but I just feel weird in social situations like that. Like I always think what if he doesn't wanna see me or what if I was just in love with him and he didn't really care and was just being polite but was actually annoyed by me? But I guess you never know unless you try