Your comfort or their lives!


I don't really know if someone else rise this before, I don't know how your country is handling the pandemic

But I looked around a little, and I see some posts of people saying there is no need for masks, saying that there uncomfortable so better not to wear them, and it push my feelings to want to share my pandemic life currently

I don't know where you are, and to be honest I don't think it matter, this pandemic is just about everywhere, and is about everyone

I wake up each day at are current time worrying, I am worrying for my family members two of them that don't live too far from me are in danger, consent danger, and not from missiles, not from bombs, not even from cars accidents, they are in contest risk of getting sick, a sickness that will most likely kill them, there in the group of people that are in risk, where a simple sneeze can send them off to there death, so they are locked away, locked at home in case someone will not watch out, barely if at all seeing there kids as meeting them while they may seem all good and ok can mean that hug is the end, and death

I hear people around me saying the mask bother them, seeing them walking with in on there chain, standing by there friends talking, giggling, living, while my family is locked away, why I stay away in case they need help, I barely meet friends, I am uncomfortable outside at all times, I train with a mask even that its not in the rules

I just don't want to take the risk, I don't want to kill, not to kill my family, not to kill yours, the mask will not protect me, but if I get it, I don't want to spread it

The mask is not about you, its about us

The pandemic has started not that long ago I can't even say when I was young, I still remember when I heard someone was found in china, I still remember when they said someone in my country had it, I still remember the early jokes

I still remember when it was only 5 sick, I remember when it was 10... I can see now when its over 900 dead, I can see now when there over 2500 new diagnosed with the pandemic

You can say we are safe, you can say its not comfortable to wear a mask, and when it gets bad, then il take care of it, for now my family remain locked away, in consent danger not by mistake, not by intention, but simply by someone that just dose not care

Someone that pick there comfort, over others lives

Beside the numbers nothing here is facts, its feelings, its my view, its mytake, and you take it as you wish to take it, or ignore it, its up to you, even if it effects everyone else

Your comfort or their lives!
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  • Deathraider
    I know that frustration. That frustration is something I have to deal with often. For example, my parents thought it was a good idea to go on vacation to Yellowstone, despite me pointing out the dangers of going, like the fact that ideally we should all be social distancing, not “do whatever you’re comfortable with”. They told me that it would be in the wilderness and nobody would be around (they were wrong, and I showed an article in the NPR, which reported a lot of tourist going to Yellowstone recently). They said they needed leisure and vacation time, and they wanted to go somewhere as it was going to be our last vacation as a family. I told them to consider the morality in their decision, they wanted leisure and vacation, at the risk of themselves, the family, and everyone around them. I told them the hypocrisy in criticizing others for not properly following health guideline like mask wearing and social distance when they themselves are doing the exact same thing. I told them if they wanted to do this, I wished to take no part in this. And their reply is I’m somehow ruining the vacation and being too extreme.
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    • Red-Blaze

      Dam :(
      Well is it not possible to keep social distancing there really? I mean if you got an RV or something and keep masks may be ok really no? If they do take all actions to protect everyone

    • Well I spent the trip in the airbnb rather than going to the tourist attraction, but there were a lot of people there, and many of them weren’t even wearing mask or keeping 6 feet apart.

    • Red-Blaze

      O... I really hope you guys did not get hit by it then, hope all is good even with that

  • Anonymous
    Human life is more important and its not huge discomfort according to me
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    • Red-Blaze

      I find it extremely uncomfortable, but life is more important then comfort

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  • jasco
    Honestly from what I can see there isn't a reason to wear mask cause this virus is affecting younger people and really older people and people who already have problems so it's basically the flu but a bit worse not nearly as spreadable
    • Red-Blaze

      Not all people are showing symptoms but they still spread it
      It effect everyone so far, even if it dose not kill everyone I at least care for the old and once with problems and like them to stay alive
      The mask is not for you not to get a small flu (that may continue effecting you later) but so you don't spread it to who it can kill
      The flu dose not get as many people this % of you getting effected is higher
      You also not showing symptoms first week means you may be walking around spreading this to the young, old, sick and killing them, is that not a reason to wear a mask?
      I am completely lost on how someone else dying and/or being completely stuck at home not a good reason to just wear a mask