Things Only Petite Girls Will Understand

Okay, this is my first ever myTake so please if anyone has any suggestions to improve my myTake writing skills, please feel free to share.

I have been a small girl my whole life. I was born 2 months premature, weighing in at 2 pounds, 13 ounces and being able to fit in my dad's shirt pocket. (Yes, he actually fit me into his pocket and I slept very comfortably there for at least ten minutes). In addition to that, I was a bit shorter and slimmer than my classmates growing up, meaning people treated me like a doormat for a while, but then I eventually grew something called a backbone and hardly anyone did that again hehe.

To be honest, I used to be very insecure about my height, but I grew a little and I stopped giving a fuck and decided to make jokes about it. I wish I could say the same thing about my weight but I'm currently working on that (I used to be brutally bullied for my weight). It's really hard, but I know that day may happen.

Also, remember the time when we are at that awkward age of twelve and girls were significantly taller than boys...yeah that was never me, I was always shorter than them.

Things Petite Girls Will Understand.

Anyway, let's talk about a few things here, shall we:

You tend to look younger for your age.

I am currently 16 and looking like a middle schooler. Hell, I see a lot of them looking older than some high schoolers these days...

I'm sitting here, a 5'3", 95 pound 16 year old still getting carded for PG 13 movies, even the car thinks I am younger for my age because the airbag light still goes off whenever I sit in the front seat (we'll talk about cars later), and people still thinking I'm in seventh/eighth grade (ha ha ha). But hey, at least this might be us when we are over 50 (thanks mom):

High shelves or cupboards. High stuff in general.

I have always been climbing counter tops my whole life that I have became an expert at doing so. The following pictures are examples of things my mom and I go through on a daily basis when my dad isn't home to help us:

Don't get me started on mirrors as well. Back at my old house, my dad put the mirror so high that my mom and I have to tip toe just to reach it. My sister grew to 5'5" so she could only see full face. #notfair

Once the mirror fell down and I was happy...but guess who put it up back

What are maxi dresses?

Whenever I go into a store and look at maxi dresses, I can just only IMAGINE drowning in the material while wearing them.

Admit it, a cropped top is a normal sized shirt for you, normal sized shirts go below your hips and dresses that are supposed to be be at your thighs are at your knees or lower. I once tried to wear one of my sister's maxi dresses but I ended up tripping over the material. Now I know why she sometimes wear heels with them (she is 5'5" BTW). When you are short and skinny, yeah the children's department is that way...

Cars, in general.

I feel like cars are somewhat made for a tall person. The visor flaps that are supposed to block sunlight from your face DOES NOT COVER YOUR FACE at all. The driver's seat has to be pulled up and high enough to the steering wheel. Your driver's mirror have to be at a sharp angle for you to properly see the backseat well. I don't drive yet but I am about to, and just watching my mom readjust everything in the car after my dad drives it, taught me a lot.

Also, backseats. Calling shotgun when you are a small person is ridiculous because you are ALWAYS going to end up being the one in the middle of the backseat...always.

Also, as I mentioned before, the airbag signal. Do I need to say more?

Being picked up when hugged and being used as an arm rest.

NO TALL PEOPLE. We are not your arm rest. Please refrain from doing so.

Okay FINE, you can use us as arm rests if you give us free piggy back rides. But only 1 minute max!

Being a small person my whole life, I have gotten used to being picked up so many times while being hugged that it isn't surprising anymore. By the way, shout out to my uncle who always throws me over his shoulder every time I meet him.

Also, can we talk about being used as an arm rest? It is so annoying...and sometimes painful.

By the way, shout out to my 5'10" friend who always has the nerve to use me as one to get me annoyed.

Fitting into smaller places.

Yeah, it's kinda cool to fit into small places, but some people might take it to an extreme. One time my classmates almost decided to push me though a window (that I OBVIOUSLY cannot fit through) to get stuff for them because the door was locked.

On the bright side, it is awesome! I actually get to hide in places that people can't find me so I can get some alone time...and more legroom in an airplane or tiny car.

One word: Crowds.

I don't even need words to explain how much of a struggle this is. This gif will explain everything for you:

Sometimes not being taken seriously.

Remember when I told you I was once used as a doormat? Yep, and even though I am quite assertive now, people still think I am not being serious when I actually am. When I am mad, I am ACTUALLY mad and I would like you to acknowledge that, not smile and say, "you are so cute and adorable when you are mad."

Also, when people talk to you like a two year old. I'm short, not a toddler.

Always being in the front while taking pictures.

This is a certified perk because you are up front and centre, so everyone can see you. This also doesn't apply for pictures only. You are also up front and centre while performing on stages as well!

In conclusion:

Yes, we have our problems, and yes we have our perks, but remember, we're fun sized! :)

Also, as I said before, this is my first ever myTake so please leave me suggestions on what you think. Thank you!


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  • I'm 5'1" and this hits me right in the feels. I can relate so much except for with the size 0 part because I haven't been a size 0 since I was maybe 17 or so. You also forgot weight gain and how 10 pounds heavier on us looks different than 10 pounds heavier does on an average height or tall person.


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  • Fun-sized girls have always been my favorite.

  • I need a lot of leg room for cars and my head hits the ceiling.
    All my clothes need to be custom made because I'm so huge.
    I have to stand in the back for pics.
    I don't get taken seriously either even though I'm 6'9".
    I look older for my age
    However I would never use your head as an armrest and I would never lift you up as a joke. I wouldn't shove you until small places just because of your height.
    Embrace your advantages, we all have disadvantages.

  • My wife would have loved this take.

    I think she would have really loved your cover photo on your profile page.

    • Thank you! I hope she gets to read it as well!

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    • My wife played piano, violin, and cello. She dabbled in the flute.

      I play piano. What music do you enjoy playing? What do you enjoy listening to?

    • Nice! I have always wanted to play the cello as well.
      Well, I enjoy playing traditional songs, popular songs today and a little bit of classical. I enjoy listening to rock, reggae, oldies, pop, R&B, rap... well pretty much everything. My family introduced me to different genres of music from a very young age and my first ever band I have ever listened to were The Beatles lol.

  • Damn but hey short girls are badass because the ones I know are super cool and funny

  • I'm 5'3" and I'm a guy. Does that mean my life is more fucked? If someone hasn't read your myTake they would've thought you are under five feet.

    • It doesn't necessarily mean that. As for the under five feet thing, I was born and raised in a country where my height was considered somewhat average (but it was on the first measurement of 'average') but I moved to America and I found myself shopping at petite stores more than regular clothing stores and my classmates were taller and looked a lot more mature than me. I still looked young for my age in the Caribbean but here, I looked much younger and people thought I was a seventh grader instead of a tenth grader.

  • Imagine being a short skinny man 😞

    • I know... it must be hard for you, but don't let that stop you from doing what you want to do. Try to build your self confidence and you will feel better about yourself. How tall are you?

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    • Still you feel so short? Grow up lol

    • I didn't say I was THAT short. I'm still on the short side.
      Plus I'm little compared to A LOT of people.

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  • My daughter was born premature. She is very small. Everyone thinks she is about 16... but she is really 26.

  • Yes yes yes ! But you learn to love your height there are so many pros as well as the cons ! 4'8 here !

    • Really? That's sexy height!! No pun

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    • How tall is your brother and parents?

    • My moms 5 feel exact my dads I think 5'6 my brother is like 5'4 or so lol I mean it runs in my family because my grandma in my dads size ir a little shorter than me and so was my great grandma too. you should love yourself no matter what :D

  • i am 5'3 too and am 21... errr i know dem struggles :(

  • Great mytake! I really enjoyed reading this and it feels very relatable being a short girl myself lol😋

  • Hmm... Being 4"10 this is SO TRUE!! Lol!

  • 😂😂😂👍🏻

  • this is so true lol