Stop Branding Everyone With the "T" Word! (Troll, of Course)

Stop branding everyone with the

By "T" word, I mean the word "Troll". It's a word that is heavily overused and misused during the last years. I have even heard Troll Metal as a Metal subgenre and I'm like What on earth? That's totally ridiculous. This word isn't funny anymore.

Nowdays being a troll is even considered cool. Cool about being something bad? Since when? There was a time when trolls were rightfully considered Internet Monsters and equivalent with School Bullies, and they were being chased off by each site's Administrators and Moderators. Now we have one thousand memes and one thousand jokes about trolls, and the "T" word has became common even out of the internet realm. Not to mention, someone might be branded as oversensitive if in case he/she gets offended by an actual troll, or you take internet too seriously. No that's wrong. The fact I get annoyed/offended by someone who disturbs my post doesn't mean I'm oversensitive or I take internet too seriously. It means I don't want having my posts cluttered.

No being a Troll isn't cool. It was always bad, and it will be bad forever. Troll is someone who destroys a forum/newsgroup for his (they are males almost always. It's rare to find a female troll.) own entertainment and only, without showing any sign of respect towards each site's Administration Team. And there are NO funny trolls like some people say. Someone who destroys a site is never funny. Imagine you are an Administrator of a big site, like GAG. Would you like having someone destroying what you built all those years?

I should also mention here, I've been branded as a "troll" as well multiple times (especially here) because I was sharing my views about various topics. Exactly. Those views though tended to stick out of the norm, so that's why I was branded like that. It really offends me, because first of all my views are genuine and I don't want to be considered a moron who wants to destroy a site.

In fact I don't think an actual troll would spend so much of his time writing an essay in order to cause mayhem and pick up fights. Trolls posts are usually short and most of the times off-topic.

Here's a typical behavior of an actual troll as an example:

There's a discussion about a Spielberg's movie and most people say how good it was. An actual troll would respond like "Spielberg sucks". His main purpose is to draw attention and start fights with the members of the Message Board. A non-troll instead would point out the reasons why he/she didn't like that certain movie, instead of just saying "Spielberg sucks". If the latter gets branded as a "troll" because he/she disagrees with the most, then it's ridiculously unfair.

The bottom line of this MyTake is to stop branding everyone as a troll if in case they disagree with you or they have views that stick out of the norm. We should never be constantly afraid to express our opinions because someone wants to brand us as "trolls". Please stop using this word when you don't know the actual meaning of it.


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  • Now I realize what my sex buddy was behaving.


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