Quit Using the Term "Coonass"

Quit using the term 'Coonass'

It's offensive and if you refer to a Cajun as. A Coonass 2/3 of them will be offended. Get it right that no Cajun will be embarrassed to be Cajun. The Cajun people are very proud as they should be if their heritage. But often times they feel misunderstood.

Espcially outside of their region. Two thinks to remember- don't calla Cajun a Coonass and don't mistake them for creole.

Why does America have such a love/ hate with Cajuns?

I'm Cajun and Irish. What I know about both sides of my ancestry is that the dumb die and the smart prevail.

The idea that Cajuns are dumb is ridiculous.

Finally I'd like to see an end to people profiling Cajuns. Oh and those duck whatever show people aren't Cajun.

A true Cajun has the cadence of a Frenchman even when speaking English, only the French they speak is over 300 years old.

Its an amazing language to hear. They are an amazing people to know. But to hear Cajun French is a special thing. It's a dead language hear it while you can.

Quit Using the Term "Coonass"
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  • redeyemindtricks

    I have a friend who was a professor at UL Lafayette for a while (until she accepted a tenured position elsewhere). I remember encountering this term when I went to visit her, esp when we lived in Houston and she was only a short drive away.

    The way she explained it to me was, it's sort of like the N word.
    I. e., it's been reappropriated -- and even used as a badge of pride/defiance/brotherhood -- by some Cajuns, mostly in the working class (exactly like "nigga")... but, at the same time, it's still a thorn in the side of others, especially more upwardly mobile Cajuns.
    ... and it would be just as stupid and foolhardy -- and possibly dangerous -- for an outsider to throw around "coonass" as it would be for an outsider to throw around "nigga".
    Does that all square with yr experience?

    Still... It must be more socially acceptable *in general* than "nigga". Because any truck stop off I-10 or I-49 around there will DEFINITELY sell bumper stickers with "coonass" in various contexts... and I still have yet to see a bumper sticker with "nigga" on it. (:
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  • oldanddecrepid
    It is sad when a language dies... a lot of the native Canadian languages are slowly dying off. Too bad it is part of our heritage!

    Cajun French sounds interesting, I did not realize that the US had such a french component to it?

    That is cool... the diversity in languages makes it interesting though!
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  • Cccgala
    It would be nice if we are informed what "coonass" means in the first place so we can understand the points you have presented above.
  • jacquesvol
    I met Cajuns. I don't understand their English. I don't understand their French either, despite being fluent in both languages.
    • sjoes006

      If they speak slower in French they are understandable. I'd like the French you guys speak in Belgium. I have a hard time understanding it. I can understand anyone from Africa though and Hatti.

    • jacquesvol

      Belgian school French is much closer to Parisian French than Cajun or even Quebecois.
      Walloon is difficult, I don't understand half of it.

      Créole is nearly another language.

  • 99percentangel
    I've never heard anybody in my life use that term. Lol just lol.
  • zombiebabe
    i am a mauritian creole and this take is confusing :/
  • funny_strange_man
    Never in my life have I heard of Cajuns being called coonass. In fact never heard of the word coonass but I live in the north
    • Kylesar

      I live in the south, the deep south at that, and this is my first time hearing that word

  • Dred1614
    I've never heard that term. I'm sure it's popular in Louisiana, but I can say with certainty that I've never heard of it.
  • OrangeBoy
    "Coonass" in portuguese means Vaaginass, but in slang.
  • NatashaJ
    I never heard that term being used.
  • kstout6
    The only Cajun I know is Gambit. Does that count?
  • akadatank44
    No one even says that lmao😂
  • ButteredToast
    Is that a raccoons asshole?
  • Pilulu
    The fuck? No one says that.
  • Anonymous
    *gasping because Papyrus cussed* O_o