And Yet Our Souls Entwined <3

Walking along the gold gritty sand.
Feeling the wind, water, and land.
Traveling along the shoreline as planned.
A glimpse of you in the distance, there you stand.
It is dark as dark could ever be.
I cannot see you, yet you are here with me.
I do not know you, but here we are.
But somehow your presence feels miles afar.
Being so dark, I can barely see your face.
And we are in a very strange place.
But then you whisper something sweet,
breaking the ice, we begin to meet.
We talk like people, like humans, for awhile.
Although I see little of you, your soul made me smile.
Seeing you did not matter, you were nothing but kind.
It was dark as dark, neither of us could see the race we were, and yet our souls entwined.

And Yet Our Souls Entwined <3

I came up with this poem in like 15 minutes for the GaG Writing Contest. :)



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  • I liked it! It is really quite remarkable how you were able to write that in 15 minutes. It had nice flow and messahe too. I write songs and struggle with song lyrics but you did in 15 minutes what I can't do with an hour. I'm slightly jealous haha

    • Thanks!!! I suppose you could try and write all of your thoughts down first, then rearrange them afterwards the way you'd like them to be.
      I was able to write this pretty quickly because I just love to rhyme. I may not always make sense to others, but at least what I write makes sense to me.

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    • Basically!!

    • I'll have to try that. Thanks :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • How do you create original content like this? This was beautiful. I can't seem to write poetry... Most of my stuff is stupid Buzzfeed articles or stuff I find online I wanted to share. I do occasionally write my own stuff but it's super hard to do.

    • Thanks! I just use my imagination! I like to make things rhyme and also try and make it make sense.
      Anybody can rhyme things together but it can be difficult to make it actually make sense.

    • I want to write one about my depression but I can't think of anything.

    • I have done that before in the past when I was 13-16 years old. It really does help a lot to be honest. Your poetry doesn't have to rhyme, the best poetry out there doesn't even rhyme. Just write all of your feelings out that you have, then worry about how you want to structure and word everything. :)

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