11 Sexy Sets Of Twins From Around The World

1. The Herbert Twins-Australia

Sexy Sets Of Twins From Around The World


Renee and Elisha Herbert. These Aussie beach girls might be the prettiest twins ever! But they are not quite legal, So moving on..................

2. The Kim Triplets – Korea

Occupation: Pop singers

Jin Ah, Sun Ah, and Min Ah. These Seoul sisters love singing soul. All three graduated with honors and got their Masters degrees.

3. The Abu Khadra Twins – Saudi Arabia

Occupation: Glode trotting, high fashion models

Sama and Haya Abu Khadra

4. The Pyfrom Quadruplets – The Bahamas

Occupation: Singers/ College students

Jodi, Catherine, Christina, and Janelle Pyfrom

5. The Bella Twins - USA

Occupation: Pro wrestlers/Entrepreneurs

Nikka and Brie Bella

6. Gisele And Patricia Bundchen - Brazil

Occupation: Supermodel/ Supermodel's sister

Gisele is 5 minutes older.

7. The Partridge Twins - USA

Occupation: Pro Sufers

Hailey & Sierra Partridge

8. The Cheeky Girls - England

Occupation: Pop Group

Gabriela and Monica Irimia

Romanian born, But based in Britain

9. Tegan And Sara -Canada

Occupation: Pop duo

<3 Tegan and Sera :)

10. Malika and Khadijah Haqq - USA

Occupation: Actresses or something, Probably best known for being sexy and friends of Khloe Kardashian.

11. Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen -USA

Occupation: Actresses, Fashion designers,Entrepreneurs

Elizabeth Olsen is still sexier and about a foot taller <3



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  • I have a weird fantasy that my girlfriend cheat on me by having her twin sister to sleep with me.
    I don't have a girlfriend and a girlfriend having a twin sis is extremely rare and they have to be sexy... not possible.
    But this take kept my hopes alive.


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