5ive Random Things That Make Me Feel Good ^_^

Down below are a few random things that make me feel good ;)

It can be the simplest thing ever :)

1. Getting rid of bra

When I'm back home form somewhere the first thing I do is to get rid of my bra and let my "girls" be free. I love that feeling lol (and am sure i ain't the only one ;) )

2. Having a hot drink

It feels amazing to me to have something hot to drink (tea or coffee)...like in the gif, it's like "a hug in a cup" :p

3. Cooking

I dunno why tho...but cooking/preparing meals makes me feel good. I guess it has something to do with chopping veggies or preparing ingredients one after the other...but yeah i like to cook (even tho I recently burned a part of my arm while cooking :'(a few days ago.....)

4. Pampering myself

It can be applying nail polish, plucking my brows, or preparing a face mask...it makes me feel good.

5. Doing groceries

I like doing groceries...especially when it's with my mom/dad or bros..cause then I'm like " :3 Can I get myself this please :3 ? "

Works all the time mwahahahahaha


GAGers what are the simple things that make you feel good?

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  • 1. Like yourself I love taking off my bra when I come in. I like to wear a loose t shirt and let my boobs do their own thing :p

    2. Sleeping in my bed right after changing my sheets!

    3. When I have finished training or working out and my muscles are sore, I like to have a good soak in a nice hot bath. I like to put on some slow music, light a few candles, dim the lights and relax.

    4. Having a cuppa tea in the morning. It's the perfect wake up juice for me.

    5. Being with my family.


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  • I agree with your ideas! Especially number 3
    Simple, random things that make me feel good...
    (1) Studying things I am genuinely interested in :)
    (2) Being appreciated by people
    (3) Doing my nails
    (4) Girl talk

  • OOoooooo I concur with all of those! Love doing them and I don't even mind doing the dishes after cooking... That's how much I love it. =)

  • Haha, yeah, those things make me feel good too :D

  • is that zoella in the 'pampering myself'

  • I like coffee drinks