Mirror, Mirror On the Wall...

Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all?

I ask this every day for my mirror.

But, it never answered.

Am I pretty? Am I beautiful? Why I am ugly?

No answer.

No, you aren't. - I hear myself.- You'll be always ugly. It doesn't matter how much makeup you wear.

I walk on the street, everyone is staring at me. But why? Is my belly too big? Is my face pretty?

No. Your face is looks like a fluffy pillow. - I hear myself again.

I ask my mirror: Why everyone staring at me?

But, this time it's answers.

I look at it and I see the truth. I have massive legs. I'm short like an UFO. My arm is big. My ab is stick out. My face is fat and not oval. I try to smile, but I can't. I run to the scale to ask the truth. It tell me the truth. My mirror didn't lied to me.

1 year ago we were best friends with the mirror. I was always happy when I saw it and I always smiled at it. It never lied to me.

And I was happy about it. I remember. I don't know what's happened with our relationship.

I started to lose weight, but not too much. I reached my ideal weight. But, I'm still fat. The mirror says that I'm still fat. I hate it. It always break my heart, but I can't break it.

You are pretty!- I hear my mom.

You're skinny!- I hear my dad.

I'm jealous for you! - I hear my friends.

You're stunning! - I hear him.

I'm tired of hearing these lies.

Why everyone lies to me? Why?

I ask the mirror. Because it never lied to me.

I take a better look at myself. And I realise that I was always lying to myself.


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  • Nice take - I say many teen girls go on that journey hopefully with time you will realise how beautiful you are and become friends with the mirror again.


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  • This is very unique :) Great myTake.
    This is the real world. The mirror will never talk to you verbally but it would help you see yourself in your own point of view through its capability to reflect. The mirror, I think, is a channel for you to see yourself visually from your own sense of sight and not from anybody else's sight. Technically, it does not lie to you and never will be. You determine the "lies" about appearance since you see through the mirror.


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  • Sweet <3

  • You're beautiful, accept it.

  • Aww I think you shouldn't be so focused on your appearance!!!

    • Yes, but if I walk on the street other people don't know my real personality. :)

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    • Thank you, again! I'm happy. And I gave up to be someone else. :)

    • As long as you're happy :)

  • A 16 year old needs something more productive to do than be an editor.

  • Awesome

  • *Magic Mirror


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