Change Your Mind and Change the World!

This video explains it well: Meditation.

I prefer Guided Imagery Meditation, though there are various types. Read about it and try it, and learn how to de-stress.

Getting stressed out watching people shot on TV, watching war movies, real war, arguments, movies filled with confrontation, too much stress at work, arguing with the spouse and kids and family...ahhhh!!!!! Take a walk, get some exercise and meditate!

We all take on so much more chaos than we should. Most problems aren't ours to deal with, the war movie we watch was horror and fear for the people who lived it, and if you watch it, you are absorbing it. It isn't here and now, and isn't ours to take but when we watch it, we take it on.

When we watch a person gunned down (what the USA is doing now), we can take on the emotions of the moment. The things that resonate within us start to re-program us (the law of Sympathetic Resonance). Thing is, that isn't us, or our life; it's something else. We can take on a lot of fear and anger from television as that is what is conveyed in so many shows, and news especially is a dump for all terrible things that happened.

Over time, we save up all this stress, fear, anger, and emotions and we carry them in our thoughts and in our responses to others. Escape from that, so much of it isn't true, because there is a lot of good going on around as well. So unload the bad stuff, and take up the good and give that out. Doing so, will change your world, your life, and those around you.

I am not suggesting to put your head into the sand like an ostrich and ignore what is going on around you. But I am saying that if you purge yourself of excessive stress, you will have a better response to others and you will be more effective in life.

7 Billion human beings and we have to learn to cooperate, and that is going to require changing how we think.


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  • Yes we need less stress, and positive meditation on the good Lord and his love for us.

    • Right on! If only Jesus could rule all our lives. Hope you have a great church service tomorrow. Does your hubby go?

    • Thank you, and yes he does

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