3 Haikus For You to Enjoy

just thought I'd share some Haikus I wrote with y'all ^^ for those that don't know Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry.

[Haiku 1]

Rain pelts, weathered stones
as fish swim, beneath the storm
unaware, serene

[Haiku 2]

Soft wind whisking, round
the Kyoto crimson blossoms
upon a spring night

[Haiku 3]

The pear blossoms pause
upon the crimson stained ground
of today's red dawn

Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed the Haiku's and the pictures.


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  • I have a few for you. And while you read them, be sure to listen to this music, you know.. for that extra dramatic and emotional effect.


    "Song of the Fallen Angel"

    The fallen angel is chained down.

    Her wings torn off, eroded by prejudice,
    her last breaths full of black despair...
    Do you know her name?

    Will she eventually return to nothing,
    forced into the realm of oblivion?

    Her requiem will become a roar
    And tear away the mask of hypocrisy!

    Do you know her name,
    she who will strike down the cowards and tear down the lies?

    That's right, her name is...

    What is it?

    "You Killed Me"

    You are a murderer

    By your silent smile, by your composed voice,
    By your dark eyes, by your bashful fingers

    I am slain.
    I am a corpse.

    Foolish, wretched, happy.

    Surely, I’ll simply rot away….
    My last words….
    adieu, au revoir…. mon cheri.

    "All You Clowns"

    Hey, you!
    How long are you going to wear that ugly mask?
    You know you ain't got the guts for this task.

    Cover yourself with paint
    You're actin' like you aint'
    Afraid of whatcha got in store for your fate

    You think you got me? Well, that's too bad!
    'Cuz I ain't stupid enough to get had!

    So drop the pathetic act
    I wanna dance and that's a fact
    Now quit your gawkin' and start to react!



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  • Me and Donald Trump,
    we ate Spam with Helen Crump
    at the city dump!

    There is a website devoted to Haiku about Spam (the canned meat product, not unwanted emails.) This is one of my contributions to that site approximately 15 years ago.

    • Lol nice, I bet that poem would be well received in Hawaii, they have a crazy obsession with spam there lol.

  • I love the first one - You have talent - You definitely caught the Japanese feel

    • Thank you, appreciate it.

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    • @redeyemindtricks Asker I will leave the last words to Bob Dylan as the exact opposite of what I noticed.
      Song "I Shall Be Free No. 10"
      Yippee! I’m a poet, and I know it
      Hope I don’t blow it

    • Lol good job, would have almost been a haiku if you had made the middle line have 7 syllables and the poem had a seasonal word in it.

  • Nice poetry :)

  • thanks, i enjoyed them, the pictures too.

  • Your haikus are trash
    Why are you even writing
    Just kidding, good job

    These are actually really good, I'm a huge fan of haikus