10 Reasons Why I Tend To Believe That I Have A Hidden Power Or I'm Being Possessed By A Spiritual Form

I don't believe I'm a Messiah or anything like that. I don't want to sound a narcissist either, because I'm definitely not. But there are some bizarre facts about myself, that are beyond normal.

This is headed towards people who don't believe in supernatural, so I'm curious about their explanations.

(In alphabetical order)

1) Aging in a reversed way/Stopped aging

I still have the picture of my ID card taken around the Christmas of 2005 when I was 14. The weird thing I have noticed, is that I don't look different in my face, now that I'm almost 25. Only the fact that I'm like 40 kilos less now, than then. And no I don't follow a healthy lifestyle in general.

2) Ejaculating by using my mind

I always have found myself able to ejaculate at the right time, even if I'm relaxed down there. I might take my time during a masturbation session, like making it last 30-45 minutes. But if I have for example only 5-10 minutes left (if in case I have something to do), I almost always manage to ejaculate during this small time frame.

3) Extremely strong memory

Not to brag about but I have noticed I can memorize things pretty easily, if I'm interested in them. For example I have memorized more than 1000 LPs' track listing, in the correct order.

4) High endurance

Coming from a naturally lazy person, such thing is actually unnatural. Still I have noticed I can walk 2-3 hours under the sun, without stopping to sit somewhere, without drinking something, and without feeling dizzy at all.

5) Improved Hearing

Even though I'm the type of person who listens to music loudly many hours during the day (as loud as being at a concert!), my hearing hasn't been damaged at all. Instead I can listen slightly better each year passing by.

6) Not bad health (despite not following a "healthy" lifestyle)

If you drink at least one soda or energy drink per day, or consume alcohol more than twice per week, and eating mostly frozen food, it either means you are lucky, or maybe...

Fortunately even if I don't follow the healthiest diet around, I never had any serious health issues nor I went fat during the last years.

7) Not feeling thirsty (when I'm on the sea)

Although I feel thirsty when I'm at home, I don't when I'm on the sea and for many hours as well. Pretty bizarre if we consider I'm under the sun for hours...but I don't drink the sea water or anything like that, obviously.

8. Strength without having any muscle mass

I don't work out at all, I just despise it. So eventually I'm muscleless. But surprisingly, when I happened to lift or carry heavy stuff (like TV sets or multiple shopping bags, filled with various items), I was able to by using concentration to carry on. Is strength a mental thing maybe?

9) Sudden terror during sleep.

This might be a negative among this list, but still this strange terror might mean something more. It occurs after dreamlets. A pre-sleep period, that usually occurs when you have trouble sleeping. When I wake up after those dreamlets end, I find myself really scared, to the point I hide under the blanket, feeling that a ghost might be into my room. Maybe it might not be negative actually, since it might be a friendly presence.

10) Wishes coming true

Those wishes obviously, weren't harmful to others, but the only person that would be affected would be me and only. Not in a negative way obviously, and those wishes weren't greedy either.

PS: Sorry for the wrong category.


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  • No one is muscless - unless you have some sort of a rare disease - but I've never heard of that - I have heard about muslce atrophy...
    So that'd be something like this:

    Yeah, high endurance but being lazy has nothing to do with anything... Willpower is something anyone can turn on or off - depending on what they want.

    Wishes coming true - if it's something like winning the lottery or having a new pair of shoes appearing in front of your doorstep the night you dream them then that's impressive! =)

    Memory - some people have better some worse memory... There is such a thing as eidetic memory...

    No.1and 2 happen to some people, not that strange, but it's rare.

    Hearing and health - I guess you just have good genes.

    Night terrors - yeah, happen due to stress and/or anxiety.

    P. S. What kind of wishes have come true for you? I'm seriously interested to know.

    • Sorry I cannot tell, it's private. But it's not winning the lottery or something like that, because that's really greedy.

      I am not stressful either.

      As for muscles, do you except someone who is thin and doesn't work out, to have any?

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    • Orthodox? Catholic? Personally I'm Orthodox.

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  • Dude, you're 25. If things aren't coming easily to you now, in the absolute prime of your life, they never will.

    Come back when you're 40 and see if you can write the same thing. ;)


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  • Spooky


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  • i to have some powers, if i go without mastrbating for about 5 days i cn ejaculate just by thought