Hello, I'm A Curious Person, Nice to Meet You!

I'm writing this because people seem to assume that everybody who askes a question on certain hot botton topics, is either for or against said topic. No one stops to think that maybe, just maybe, the person asking is just doing so out of curiosity and that's it.

I'm one of those people. I like asking questions, to seek informantion and to get answers so I can learn about things I want to or didn't know about. All of which falls under the category of being curious. I'm a curious person and often I can just be sitting there and a random question pops into my head, so I decide "this would make a good question for GAG, I'd like to see what people think". Then when people start insulting me or making assumptions about me that aren't true, I often regret asking that question because it caused such an uproar.

I'm not into politics, never have been and never will be. I'm not even registered to vote. So, I literally have no horse in this political race. I know nothing about either candidate, except for what I hear. I know nothing about the issues, except for what I hear they are. And, I never heard either wannabe president speak, except for when they repeat little clips of a speech of there's on the news and I don't even watch the news. My dad does, loudly so lol. So, I hear it when I'm walking down the stairs and such. That's it though.

What I do know is, how to read and what a headline looks like. And, sure the news people hype things up for ratings but they can't fake shootings and the number of people dead and injuried from it.

So, when I asked my question about" if Trump could stop the (what seems to be) almost everyday violence, would it change your mind about him?" It wasn't because of Trump or what he said in his speeches. It's based on all the breaking news stories on a new shooting more frequently than it use to be. Like I said, crazy people have always and always will exist but it was never like this and people can debate me on that but in the years of events that I do remember, there was never this many. At least not three days or three weeks apart, it just never use to be like that. That's why I asked that because it's sad and so many innocent lives have been lost for no reason at all and if all it would take to make things a little safer is better leader such as Trump, who wouldn't want that?

I'm just a curious person by nature, always have been and always will be. I can't control that and wouldn't want to because learning new things and inquiring about things can never be a bad thing. It only seems bad when people resort to name calling because they think they know you when they don't. So, just know there are curious people out there that ask questions for that sole reason. And, they probably ask questions on here more then you think. Just keep that in mind before you jump to a conclusion. Thanks.

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  • Yes young Lady there will always be those that either think they know you based solely on the subject matter or the form in which it was written. Then you have those that just have to show that their IQ and shoe size actuall do match. I did see the post you referred to and saw many of the rude comments that you spoke of and was the bearer of some of it. I personally think your question should have sparked more of a positive feed back but it all but turned into a free for all. It didn't go bad by your doings as you handled your self quite eloquently , it was the raging hormones that turned it into a fiasco.

    • Thanks. You seem wise, not a lot of those people these days huh?

    • I try not to allow emotions to run my show. When rational thought doesn't prevail , the end result looks much like it did on your question. It's pretty annoying when the opinion owners really don't know the subject matter , but it's even worse when they are to stubborn to achknolege when they are incorrect and attempt to learn from it

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  • I have never felt the need to explain myself to any one on here, too much ignorance floating around.
    I agree with everything you said though, people always assume because you're asking this question be involve your outlook.
    Same goes for some takes I write, sometimes I choose a position on a certain topic then people assume I am sharing my personal story although I made no mention of myself in the post.
    You can't get away from ignorance.
    Just keep asking away!
    That's what this site is for.

    • ****because you're asking this question it must involve your outlook.

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    • Yeah, but how far does it get u? You get judged anyway. It's best to just say f*** it and move on.

    • You have a very good point there.

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  • This is a real weird subject; It's just that you will, most of the time, have to say that you are neutral in the matter so people don't misunderstand you for approving of the questions (for example a question about Hitler even though you obviously don't like him or what he did).

    People make first impressions from even text and we have to make the best to avoid that as in introducing yourself in every question.

    I know is a pain, but we can't take people's intelligence for granted nowadays.

    Good take!

  • Good take. I hope more people will read this one. Not only for your sake, but for others as well. I'm sure that other people are like you and are curious and don't want to be called names.

    in my opinion, people just need to remove "the stick."

  • You wasted your time writing that whole speech cause most people on here are stupid and won't read that that's way too long.

  • Didn't the man in the yellow hat die from AIDS? I'm not for or against it, I'm just curious.

  • You got a lot of time on your hands 📖


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