The Best Totally Obscene Yet Strangely Catchy Songs

Some songs are so terrible...but if it's catchy it makes up for it.

Even if it mentions "dick" a million times, it's so bad it's good. It'll somewhat offend anyone who's overly religious or conservative - but that can be half the fun of listening to it. Below are my favorite obscene yet catchy songs that never fail to lift my spirits. You won't get any Taylor Swift crap here.

My Dick - Mickey Avalon

If there was to ever be a "greatest dick" contest, this would be the theme song. If you ever get an unsolicited dick pic, please feel free to send them this. Come on, dicks like Jesus!

Boats 'N Hoes - Prestige Worldwide

If you've never heard a "boats 'n hoes" reference before, you must be living under a rock. This song is such a classic in every way. You can't deny how ingenious the lyrics are. (On the side note, you need to watch Step Brothers if you've never seen it.)

XP€N$IV $H1T - Die Antwoord

Yeah, Die Antwoord is probably the most radical and obscene music group out there. Their music videos are freaky and can make anyone uncomfortable. If you've watched the movie Chappie, they're the odd duo living in that raggedy abandoned building. They're nice people in general, though.

Pizza Butt - MC Chris

This is my favorite one. Hopefully one day I find someone to sing this with because this song is truly a masterpiece. Especially these days people greatly emphasize their love for pizza and butts...and there's this song that beautifully puts together the two.

Am I missing any others? Let me know!


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  • Your age is definitely showing. No inappropriate catchy song list are complete unless you have bad touch and miss new booty, at the very least 😂


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