10 Ways Guys and Girls Can Wake Up Looking Good Every Day

Some people make it look effortless and can wake up looking good. I'm going to tell you how to do it. These steps will make anybody more attractive than they already are, because honestly, we all are in some way even if we don't always show our true potential. The following suggestions will help you look better and live up to your natural potential, with minimal effort and expense.

1- Hair

Keeping your hair looking good doesn't require too much effort once it is healthy. Simply try not to damage your hair, get split ends trimmed on longer hair (if you're brave or skilled you can DIY it), don't leave it looking greasy or dry, and wash often. Many people don't like to wash their hair every day as they like to let natural oils do their thing, but they should still do it as often as it is needed and not leave it for too long. There is no exact time frame because everybody's hair is different. It could be twice a week for some and 4 times a week for others.

2- Eyebrows

Neither men nor women look good with very messy eyebrows or a uni-brow. Of course, these are things that can be overlooked, but to add to your overall image it is good to keep them neat.

You don't need to get them shaped, you can just trim away stray hairs or a uni brow and keep them the shape they are or you can even just use an eyebrow brush to keep them looking neater. Or you can go for a more defined look, it is entirely up to you.

3- Teeth

This isn't about having perfect teeth. I believe, and I know others agree with me when I point it out, that sometimes a chipped or crooked tooth can really add character to a face and actually enhance their good looks. This is just about having very clean looking teeth.

While I am aware some people naturally have brighter teeth and others aren't so lucky, we can still do things to help. Brushing teeth daily is a must. Aside from looking better, you will also not have bad breath to put people off.

There are many extremely cheap home teeth whitening methods <- clicky link

These are three of the most common. I can vouch for their reliability as a smoker and coffee addict who regularly gets compliments on her teeth.

4- Washing

I know lots of people shower every other day and many people shower at night instead of the morning. A morning shower really makes a difference. You just somehow have a fresher look to start the day, plus you will smell better all day too. At night we do sweat, and it's just nicer to not start the day with all that night sweat on us.

People who shower often but not daily, although they won't look dirty, they still won't look fresh. Looking fresh adds to beauty for everybody.

5- Hands and feet

Now, I know lots of men think this is girly, but trust me, you'll thank me if you do it.

Nobody needs to go out and pay for manicures and pedicures, all you need to do is keep your nails neat and clean. It's shocking how many people actually walk around with bits of visible dirt under their nails. Keep nails trimmed to a neat length and keep a nail brush by the sink to use often. If you're growing your nails, keep them uniform in length and shape and clean them regularly.

6- Posture

Okay, for this one sorry I had to add extra images just to show you the stark contrast between people with good and bad posture.

It's such a simple and easy way to make every single person, regardless of body type, look instantly better and look much more confident which again makes you look better. So it's a 2 for 1. It's such a huge difference for such a small thing. Plus, it's better for us long term too in terms of our body health and bones.

7- Clothes

Always wear what you're comfortable in, but always dress your best. Wear clothes according to your personal body shape and what suits it, not what is fashionable. You will look a trillion times better in a no name brand shirt that fits you very well than in a high end shirt that does nothing for you. For girls, that's clothes that are fitted in the right places for you, not just what your friend said emphasized her killer waist and wearing clothes that fit us correctly ie no muffin top and no lycra type material that clings to our worst bits. For guys that's clothes that fit right, too baggy and you could look bigger and too small and it emphasizes any beer belly or fat you have. Jeans and tops have different cuts, so find out what goes best on your body and start wearing that type.

8- Scent

Okay not a look exactly, but it will add to your overall image. Get yourself a signature scent. Anything you like that is casual enough for daily use. Use it every single day, and once you've used it enough it starts getting into all your clothes and clings. If you forget to put it on one day you'll still smell of it because it's clung to your clothes and hair and even your bed. It only takes a few weeks to start smelling it everywhere. You may not notice it because you have it every day, but trust me others will.

9- Keeping active

You don't need to start running marathons but just be more active if you aren't. A brisk walk to work or school, or riding your bike in, can help tremendously. Not only will you begin to get a very attractive natural glow which will increase your attractiveness, but you'll also notice benefits to your health, stamina and your body. It will help bring nice colour to your face, give you a lovely glow and you'll give off a nice energy to people around you.

10- Gender specific

Girls- Wear a bra that fits you well. An ill fitting bra can honestly make us look like a potato sack! Some people are really surprised by the difference in their look just by choosing a new bra. Too big and it won't support you and can just make you look messy, too small and you will get that 4 boob thing and will make everything else look ill fitting. If it fits you right, you'll just look neater and more put together. Especially combined with the good posture mentioned above.

Guys- Keep facial hair neat. Whatever style of beard and stash you go for, just keep it neat. When it's messy it can take away from your overall look and make you look messier all round or like you just can't be bothered. Stubble can look good, but that is a groomed stubble, there are even clippers just for that look, it is not an accidental look and when done right still looks neat.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I always look good waking up every morning and from naps lol, unless I got restless sleep, which I always have restless sleep and barely sleep. Yes I know that's a oxymoron 😁 in all seriousness though, I usually wake up looking OK unless I'm dead tired then it looks like I got ran over by a semi, also my hair is flat on one side from my pillow so it looks like a wild mini Beethoven hair cut flat on one side point sticking up on the other


Most Helpful Girl

  • I find that showering at night makes me smell less at the end of the day, actually. If you shower and put on deodorant, moisterise and then go to sleep your skin will not only be hydrated, but your deodorant will have time to dry and keep your armpits fresh. (I'm talking about rollers, spray type deodorant just doesn't keep the sweat away, it just masks the smell) then when you wake up you won't have the hassle of showering, or getting in jeans when your legs are all oily from a body lotion, your armpits won't be wet and leave marks on your tee because you will actually have time to let thwm dry in the morning.

    • I always found showering at night, by morning I still feel a bit greasy/oily and absolutely need a fresh wash! But sometimes I'll get by because I work a sport job, and go to gym, and live in Australia with crazy hot summers so multiple showers a day feels like a chore sometimes haha

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  • Lots of good tips in there - Well done

  • Very helpful and nice tips. I appreciate your effort.


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  • Excellent tips! Do u happen to know where i can create a well fitting bra? I have those boobs that just.. Don't want to conform to any holder! >:/ They're like me in a dentist office just GET IN THE DAMN BRA. AND DAMMIT BRA FIT THE GODDAMN BOOB.

  • Good posty

  • Psh, my eyebrows are already perfect.