Arm Yourself With Knowledge Against the World's Most Dangerous Predator: The Psychopath

Arm yourself with knowledge against the worlds most dangerous predator: The Psychopath

Psychopaths hide in plain sight, but spotting them can be difficult. Their actual personalities never changes,their true, evil self remains unchanged, but they can easily construct different masks to different people and situations.

Their persona may change significantly depending on where they are, and who they are with. They portray themselves very differently to each of us, depending on our utility. They are able to “become” what they think we want them to be, morphing into the “person” we are looking for.They pretend to be what they are not.

Psychopaths are not usually serial killers. They are people who wreak havoc in their personal relationships because they have no empathy or regard for others, have no guilt and no conscience, and do not fear repercussions like others do.

Research findings suggesting biologically-based brain anomalies for the kind of emotional disconnect and lack of empathy common in psychopaths. CAT scans reveal that with psychopaths areas of the brain typically associated with emotion, especially the integration of emotion with other mental constructs, do not operate in the same manner as they do with normal individuals. The area of the brain typically associated with an emotional response appears dormant.Therefore,they are incapable of feeling guilt,remorse ,empathy and compassion.

Although they feel no empathy,remorse or compassion, they do have the ability to feign emotions by mimicking ours .

Psychopathy is an incurable personality disorder. Their personality disorders are character deficiencies that are so deeply ingrained in their personality that they are, for all practical purposes, unchangeable. Psychopaths can't be reformed or reasoned with.

A psychopaths victims are usually more compassionate than the average human. Empathetic people are targeted by psychopaths ,and they will often test other people's empathy .

Never pity them, feel sorry for them, or sympathize with them. All these approaches will fail since psychopaths can never understand nor can they care about these concepts.

You can't find the goodness inside them,you can’t show them the way to god , and you can’t teach them about love. It’s extremely vital to understand that empathy can’t defeat the psychopath.Instead,they will use your compassion and empathy to their advantage.

The best Defence against a psychopath

1) Acknowledge Psychopaths exist and acknowledge how dangerous they are : By doing so, you develop a psychological advantage. Forewarned is forearmed. Accept psychopaths live amongst us,and never underestimate their power.Victims of psychopaths usually do not know they are until it is too late

2) Know their behaviour and nature: Because of their abilities at camouflage and deception, psychopaths are difficult to spot. They can fool even mental health professionals.Study psychopathic traits so you are very aware of their behaviour.Then , you can spot the predator before he can spot you.They are secretly calculating how best to cause you the most pain & suffering,

Dr. Hare is a renowned psychologist within his field . He created a checklist of psychopathic traits. Not everyone displaying these traits is a potential psychopath,but it would still be wise and safer to avoid them any all costs

3) Know yourself – Knowing yourself means empowering yourself. Psychopaths are highly perceptive,and masters of manipulation . They will zero in on your weaknesses. Learn to know yourself, your own weaknesses, vulnerabilities and insecurities. Be very wary and guard yourself against anyone who starts to target your weaknesses.

4) Groundwork: Most psychopaths leave a long trail of destruction and heartbreak behind them, and will try to cover their tracks. Where possible do background checks and/or speak with the suspected psychopath’s family ,colleagues ,acquaintances and friends.Gain as much background knowledge as possible

5) Take Flight: Once you have identified someone who displays any psychopathic traits and tendencies ,you must cut him/her off and out of your life completely. Sever all contact .....then evade.

Safest strategy for escaping a psychopath

Psychopaths need to feel in control at all times.They are empowered when pulling the strings that elicit our emotions.When you leave a psychopath they are determined to punish you even more severely for thinking you could be autonomous.S/he feels rage at being discarded. It is important to allow her/ him believe he is still in control ,until you can finally escape

1) A psychopaths power is acquired by gaining access to our emotions ,it is exhilarating to the psychopath when s/he gets his/her supply of emotional responses .Any kind of emotions will do, as long as it is a response to their actions. - Become totally unemotional; don’t react to anything they say. S/He will lose interest if s/he doesn't meet with any emotional reaction.

2) Cease to react to those things or people that are most important to you. Your reaction shows him what matters to you most, and you’re encouraging him to attack that very thing.

3) To make a psychopath even less harmful, you should start emotionally reacting to things that aren't important to you, so that his attention would be focused to destroy things that don’t matter to you.

4) Develop a cold exterior to things of importance ,and view them from a distance

5) Lose your resources: Psychopaths feed off your resources,be it money, sex, your beauty or your emotional dramas. If you withdraw these things, a psychopath will lose interest in you.They are addicted to drama and they can’t stand to be bored. He or she needs constant stimulation to ward off boredom. The psychopath will view you as an unsatisfying pursuit and start preying on a more vulnerable and resourceful victim

it’s so crucial to trust your gut over your heart or even your head. And when your gut tells you you’re in the presence of a predator, run! by Becker


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